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Have you or do you plan on de-clawing your cat?

I have 2 month old kittens. They're grabbers with their claws and like to climb up clothes, but I don't think I can let them go through the de-clawing process after all I've read about it. My parents' four cats have been de-clawed. Honestly, the thing I'm most afraid of is if they become like Duff, who doesn't seem to know that she's de-clawed and picks fights with every stray cat she can find.
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We used to have an old lounge-suite, Not a very good mix with energetic kittens clawing the sides of them and absolutley wrecking them.

Have you ever thought of getting a Cat scratcher pole? They didn't work well for our two but it did provide a alternative as to suposing clothes and the lounge-suite.

I geuss this is like a herbal mixture, but if your Kittens claw un-mobile objects such as the table, furniture, try putting pepper around, it doesn't smell and Kittens/Cats usually don't go near it.
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I have one of those scratching posts with the levels and the toy hanging off it. It's fun to watch them play on it, but I don't really know how to train them to use it. The best I've come up with is moving them to it when they start scratching. I figure my furniture is all used anyways so its not like it's priceless and before I got them I was resigned to the idea that my satin sheets were going to get shredded. Actually, they're a lot better than I thought they were going to be.

I'm thinking about getting those nail cap things, but those still concern me because they still won't be able to defend themselves if they get out somehow.

Also, I've read several bad things about the de-clawing thing, but this is probably what sealed the deal for me:

(I didn't realize that the complication risks were so high)

50 percent had one or more complications immediately after surgery, such as pain, hemorrhage, lameness, swelling, and non-weight bearing. Of the 121 cats whose progress was followed after surgery, 20 percent had continued complications, such as infection, regrowth, bone protrusion into the pad of the paw and prolonged intermittent lameness and palmagrade stance (abnormal standing posture).


Also, from Dr. Nicholas Dodman:
The inhumanity of the procedure is clearly demonstrated by the nature of cats' recovery from anesthesia following the surgery. Unlike routine recoveries, including recovery from neutering surgeries, which are fairly peaceful, declawing surgery results in cats bouncing off the walls of the recovery cage because of excruciating pain. -- Declawing fits the dictionary definition of mutilation to a tee. Words such as deform, disfigure, disjoint, and dismember all apply to this surgery. Partial digital amputation is so horrible that it has been employed for torture of prisoners of war

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I haven't declawed my cat and don't plan to.

I think maybe just trim it a little so it can grow back?

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Our cat has never been declawed. Just make them do it on a scratching post or on a tree outside. It's a natural process which is programmed into the cat from birth.
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De-clawing a cat? OMG, how barbaric; I've never heard of anyone doing a cruel thing like that! It's like removing all the teeth from a dog in case it bites you!
Once they're big enough to go outside, they usually stop clawing stuff in your house.

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No way - we would never do that to our cats (Even though they ignore the scratching post and use our couch instead ).

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both my cats are de-clawed...but we never let them go outside..they are house cats...my only advice is if you are gonna do...do it while the cats are young..we de-clawed one of my cats when she was like 6 months old and now she has this problem with people touching her paws...i think we put her throw some traumatic experince...but my other cat is fine..she had her claws taken out at like 1 month old
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Our cat at Russian Roulette has been declawed long time ago...
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I adopted a declawed cat and it was very sad. If she had an itch, she couldn't scratch it. She wouldn't let me touch her paws. She was deaf which added to her trauma. I felt bad for her because it's very instinctual for cats to use their claws just like we use our nails. She'd do the motions of sharpening her claws but there were none.

I have two 3 year old cats, now, and they do like to sharpen their claws on this one particular rug I have but luckily not on the furniture. Scratches are a pain and clipping nails can be a chore but they're together in the head, most of the time.

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My cat is not declawed. I don't think it's
that important. Besides it looks kind of painful.
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I would never do it. Poor kitties...........I couldnt imagine, lets say they accidentley get outside or whatever, they wouldnt be able to defend themselves.... My brother has 2 cats, one has claws and one doent. He says the poor declawed cat plays with the other cat and get his ass whopped because he cant use claws or anything so he cant scare the other cat.... Just not cool, your cats should be more important to you than any material things, if not then maybe those people shouldnt be cat/pet owners.

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no, that's so mean.

i may hate getting scratched every once in a while, but it's no reason to get them de-clawed.
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I have 3 cats. 2 of them are really good and don't wreck things but the other one she likes to claw everything. She's ruined most of the furniture. She's a nightmare but I'd never have her declawed. It's cruel.
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