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1. That's it! "U Don't Know Me". Sweet beat! Thanks rightous!

2. Sorry don't know Tina Moore. Will keep an eye out.

3. Liked "Rhythm Is A Dancer" but not real crazy over all about Snap. Wasn't there a version of "The Power" by a different group out at the same time as Snap's version? Speaking of that time, KLF (uh huh, uh huh) anybody?

4. 2 Step is being used here in the US but the term "2 Step" is NOT widely known (only club music fans would know it)

5. Agreed. Don't think Dawn will succeed on her own. She dissed Raphael Saadiq, Lucy Pearl's founder, for being a user (They did a lot of gigs for free to promote the album) Rightous if you like LUcy Pearl then you may like Koffee Brown (not sure of spelling, something like that) -- they have the same retro sound as LP.

6. The Neptunes: Nice addition to the topic! They are literally everywhere. Britney, BSB, NSYNC and many many others. Can't pinpoint their sound but that's actually a good sign. Don't know about you guys but I am SICK and TIRED of the Timbaland "syncopated beat" associated most famously with Destiny's Child. Let's move on hip hoppers and come up with some new beats!

7. Last comment: how's Michael Jackson's new album being received in your part of the world? It's so-so here. "Butterflies" remix with Eve is sweet.

Peace out!
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Agh KLF what happened to them, have u heard of Rosie gaines 'Closer than Close' was a big hit. Was it KLF that did a song with a Tammy Wynette.

Yeah I think Timaland best work is done with Aaliyah and Missy, We Need a Reslution is so moody and dark and Get Ur Freak On is the party song of the 2001. I think he is moving on but the Neptunes are on every new album, Usher, Mary J to name a few but they produced all of Kelis two albums and thats where their real sound id, they have released their own album under N.E.R.D I love their song Lap Dance, very groovy and funky and a bit X-Rated!!!!lol

Jacko's album really bombed over here, his last single got to like number 17 I think and then disappeared into the sunset. His album went into #1 but then dropped pretty quickly there wasn't too much hype about it, I think people are finding him all round wierd, and saying his best years are well and truly behind him.
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Hey Guys. Glad you are keeping this thread alive.

Beige, I like your format, so I'll steal it!

1. Jocelyn Brown. Incredible vocalist. I think her best work was when she fronted Incognito for "Always there". She's also recorded some lulus. She's done a couple of terrible records with Kym Mazelle (They did a horrendous cover of Enough is Enough)

2. India- LOVE her. She has done some incredible work on Masters at work records. I think she released an album in 88/89(?) mainly produced by Jelly Bean. Shawn Christopher made three fantastic records: Don't lose the magic, Another Sleepless night (another Knuckles classic production) , and Make my love. Make my love was rereleased last year with a terrific 20/20 vision mix. Do you remeber Dajae, and the stuff she did with Cajmere on Cajual records in the mid-90's. Now that is Chicage house at its finest.!

3. Lisa Stansfield did People Hold On with Coldcut

4.My favorite Inner City records are Whatcha gonna do with my lovin' (another Knuckles masterpiece), Pennies from heaven, and Hallelujah (but they are all good)

5. OMG Beige, you met Caron Wheeler!!! I would havc paased out! I am so glad you told her that her music made a lot of people happy. KUDOS to you!

6. MJ Cole. His best work is remixing others. Check out his mix of Gettin in the way by Jill Scott, and All Good by De la Soul feat. Chaka Khan

7. I LOVE Chaka Khan. She is so underrated, and deserves to be even more successful.

8. There are a lot of great vocalists searching for good material. I would put Deborah Cox in that category.

9. Do you like Joi Cardwell. I think she was good, but again is struggling to find good material.

10. OK I am going to vent here. WHY OH WHY OH WHY do record companies find it necessary to commission awful mixes of great soul/r&B records. I am talking Hex Hector, Victor Calderone, Thunder puss mixes. YUCK YUCK YUCK. Yes Janet Jackson, I am looking at YOU!

11. Rightous Snap reminds me of the early rave days, probably more popluar in the UK and Australia. The big sounds of records like that were popular from the summer of love and into the early 90s. The prodigy and Chemical Brothers are also UK and Aust. suited more than the states (is that right Beige?)

12. Check out the smooth sounds of D'Influence if you can. They are a uk outfit who have been around since the mid 90s. Their are soo smmoth, sort of like Drizabone,and Soul II Soul with an acid jazz edge. they record a fab cover of Rock with You (Michael Jackson) in 1998

13. Michael Jackson's latest has bombed here as well, though I think that it is a good album. I loved Rock My World, and I also love unbreakable. I think that they should commission mixes, but it won't happen. The record cos in the States are winding back releasing singles to encourage people to buy albums instead. I think that this is a BIG mistake.

14. Rosie Gaines was the Queen of speed Garage when it was big in 97/98. Closer than Closer is an amazing record. So is its follow up I Surrender. Rosie Gaines came from Prince's stable of talent. She once again has struggled to find quality material

15. KLF is the the same caterogy as SNAP etc, with the big warehouse sound of oldskool rave. Rightous, in the early days of raving there were also a spate of rock rave anthems. Do you remember Fool's Gold, and All Together now by the farm, and Stawberry field forever by CandyFlip etc?

16. Beige, do you remember WSill Downing, and A Love Supreme? I Love Will Downing.

17. Beige, tahnsk for the link. I have been tehre and its great. Another site to check out is It also has a message board (I think it's down at the moment), and Kamirlounge (i think that is the name of the site). I will confirm later. Try a Melbourne site called which lists Melb's quality DJ's. My boyfriend Simon Morris is featured in the DJ section, and you can download one of his mixes. My friend Jim K who is also a DJ set up the site.

18. Where is G-Ha?
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BTW. I forgot to address the Roger S issue. he is another one that I would class a a former good producer who has gone "pearshaped" (ie SHIT!). In the early days he did a lot of great mixes for BNH and Incognito, but he has gone down that really horrible NY House ( read van Helden et al). He is a DJ for the masses now. I never thought that he was a great DJ (he is an awful mixer).

I fear that Sandy rivera from Knigs of Tomorrow is going down this path. His track "Finally" is one of the best vocal house records I have heard in 10 years. At least the album cut is. He prosituted the record, and I countrat least 12 releases of this record on various labels with hideous mixes ranging from trance to progressive. The track is entirely overexposed. Sandy' DJing has also gotten progressively worse, harder darker, and more trancey. This is the way the world is going unfortunately......
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1. Rightous I love me some Kelis!! Her debut cd was awesome and distinctly her--she wasn't an Erykah/Lauryn clone; she wasn't Ghetto Fab a la Mary J. (KLF/Tammy Wynnette, was it "Justified"? Something like that)

2. BCP, Kym Mazelle! OMG! Impressed, you're up on the scene. Kym and Jocelyn B and company are all well known studio back-up singers in addition to doing great solo work. (Love how they work with everybody from Bryan Ferry to Luther Vandross)

3. In NYC we expect an annual first-rate dance remix from India. (Sorry, BCP, I'm out of the loop--never heard of Dajae;
that's my loss, hehe)

4. Coldcut! That's it. Thanks. (I was thinking Coldplay but it didn't sound right)

5. Loved "Gettin in the Way" remix!

6. Chaka Khan is a diva in the R&B world. She hasn't been able to sell records in the past 10 years but she is respected. If you haven't already, check out her 70's classic with Rufus. "Tell Me Something Good" and Sweet Thing" are priceless!

7. Yep, Deb Cox and throw in there Tamia and Kelly Price, are always paired with producers who don't do their talent justice.

8. Joi Cardwell, I believe, replaced Dawn Robinson in Lucy Pearl. (Joi was subsequently let go and the group has folded)

9. "Commission awful mixes "--BCP, can you give us examples? I'm not sure if you're referring to samples of old school R&B or not. Also, which Janet songs? She uses a late 70's classic "Glow of Love" as the rhythm base on her hit from last year, "All For You".

10. I like both The Prodigy and Chem Brothers. Your (everyone's)thoughts on Drum and Bass? As much as I liked it circa '96, it's passe in my book.

11. D'Influence will do! Love UK soul sound a la Soul II Soul, Loose Ends, Mica Paris and Working Week. Also loved housey joints from The Chimes.

12. If it wasn't for Rosie Gaines, I wouldn't even bothered with The Artist and his NPG era! Rosie's a treasure!

13. Not really into Will Downing though it's no secret that the man can sing and can sing circles around the younger crooners.
(I know he's not "old" old) I'll put it this way, BCP: eventhough I don't follow his music, I do know that Will has a very good reputation in the R&B world. I'm trying to think of an R&B male vocalist that I really like. I'll get back to you... Haha

14. BCP, Thanks for your link! I'll check it out. Cool.

15. Last take: what do you guys think of Air? Saw them in concert last spring and it was a great show. I know now what to expect if I was to ever see the Chem Bros or Portishead live.

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1. Kelis- Love her. She did a terrific track called SupaLove on the guru Jazamatazz album Street Soul released last year.

2. Poor old Joi Cardwell. She is a lipstick lesbian with a voice sent from heaven who has not really found great material

3. Chaka khan- love her stuff with Rufus

4. Awful mixes- ie Janet had a foul Thunderpuss mix of All for you on the single. Mariah, Whitney and J-Lo (not that I am a huge fan of any of them)all have a penchant for using Hex Hector, etc. I normally don't buy anything with those mixes on, evenm if I like the original cut,

5. I'm not really into Prodigy or Chemical Bros, though I hear that chemical bros put on amazing live shows. I really was never into bigbeat.

6. D'Influence are excellent. Also try to get the Conspiracy album by Drizabone. They shortened their name to Driza last year, and released another excellent album (BTW I LOVE Loose ends, and Mica Paris - though her last album was very ordinary). Are you into Incognito?

7. Drum & Bass. I think that jazzy ambient d&B is good. For example Inner City Life by Goldie is a classic, and Star Chasers by 4 Hero. There is an incredible album called Coming Down (?) by D Note which is also amazing. However, I'm not really into jungle (which is also called D&B sometimes). It is too fast (150-170bpm), and is really like heavy metal. I have never been into Roni Size, though he is well respected.

8. Air- I'm not really into the french sound. i don't like Daft Punk, Bob Sinclair or Dimitri from Paris, but I think that Air is the best of all of them.

9. Beige, when I get a chance, i'll put together some UK soul stuff and vocal house stuff that I am into and send it to you if you like. I'll remember to include some Dajae!

10.I was so pleased yesterday to find a rare copy of De La Soul's Ring Ring Ring with CJ Mackintosh mixes on it. It made my day

11. this is not an exclusive chat between beige and I. If anyone else wants to contribute to the converstaion, please feel free!
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I'm here! I've been away for a few days and I see I've already missed a lot. So where do I begin? As long as we're all numbering now...

1. I absolutely LOVE Chaka Khan! She is my all-time favorite vocalist. Her voice is so powerful, yet really smooth at the same time. Every note just seems so effortless for her. I couldn't agree more ball change pls, that she is totally underrated -- I'm always telling that to anyone and everyone that will listen.

2. Beige, I can't believe I've found someone that loves Jocelyn as much as I do! Another amazing voice that's underrated. I didn't realize "Somebody Else's Guy" is known -- everyone I talk to has no idea who she or that song is.

3. D'Influence! Thanks for reminding me about them. "Good for We" is a great tune (which I need to get my hands on again -- I lost it in the divorce ) Another group that barely registered here, right Beige? I saw the video for "Good for We" once on BET (Black Entertainment Television) and somehow found the single. They didn't even play the song on the radio in LA if I remember correctly. I don't think any other songs by them were even released here. What other songs by them should I check out?

4. Kym Mazelle. Was she the one that did a song or two with Rapination? If so, love her too. Didn't she also do some stuff on her own?

5. Rosie Gaines. I was so happy when she broke out of the NPG (also thought she was the best part of the NPG -- but that her talent was wasted there). "Closer than Close" will always and forever remind me of my summer in London in '97. I drove all of my friends crazy with that song. Jocelyn also had a couple songs out with Todd Terry during that time, so that was a great summer for me!

6. Deborah Cox. She has a nice voice, but her boring ballads didn't do anything for me until they were remixed. "Things Just Ain't the Same" is my favorite by her. I think it was remixed by Hex Hector though -- please forgive me, ball change pls...

I guess that's it for now...just had to make sure to catch up with you guys.
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Hey G-Ha Welcome back!

When I get round to doing it, i burn a copy of the disks that I am doing for Beige as well for you if you want. You guys will have to let me know which artists you have plenty of so that I will leave them off the disk, and put stuff that you haven't heard before on the discs.

Didn't Ce Ce Pensiton also do a version of Somebody else's guy as well? She is in Melb at the moment. She's done some good stuff with Steve Silk Hurley at the helm.

Jocelyn Brown had a greatest hits album out recently with all the stuff that she has done with various people over the years.

G-Ha, did you mention that you are from San Diego? All the good house is coming from the west Coast at the moment. Have you checked out that naked music stuff? You'll love it. Soulful vocals, and deep baselines. It comes from San Fran. Check out Nude Dimensions 1 and 2 from the label (you can get them on CD).

G-Ha, more about the divorce please! If you heard Big Fun at 13, you can only be 23 or 24! j/k you don't have to dish if you don't want to

BTW did anyone see the recent michael Jackson anniversary concerts. His performance is amazing. When I see stuff like that I think about what a complex person Michael is. He looks like he was born for perdofrming, and Michael just "makes sense" on styage, but off stage, he is sooo painfully shy awkward, and insecure. i hope that one day he writes his autobiography (though I doubt it very much)
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1. I like Incognito's remake of Stevie Wonder's "Don't You Worry About A Thing". Their sound is cool and kind of retro. BCP, what is Driza's sound?

2. BCP, ditto on jungle and Roni Size. Leaves me cold despite the fact that I own some Roni mixes. D&B was popular for a minute and then then NYC lounges phased it out, returned to trip hop and rap.

3. Daft Punk I do like and a guilty pleasure from that camp was their off-shoot Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You". That song started off quietly in the US clubs and then became very mainstream to where kids in the 'burbs were blasting it from their cars.

4. I love De La Soul's old stuff including "Ring Ring Ring". I'm not a hip hop expert though I do listen to a lot of it but De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest appeal to me more than hardcore rap. Those guys are just more inventive lyrically and musically. My opinion though.

5. BCP and G-Ha, "amen" to Chaka Khan. She can do no wrong and is so freaking versatile it's amazing!

6. G-Ha, maybe it's just in the major cities, but when you play the first strains of "Somebody Else's Guy"-- "I can't get off my horse..."-- the club crowd is already screaming and waiting in anticipation for that infectious beat to be unleashed and
they're singing right along with Jocelyn.

7. G-Ha, sorry it was BCP that recommended D'Influence but since I like that sound I will look for any cds, singles.

8. BCP, yup, Cece did a version of "Somebody Else's Guy" that made no impact. I love Cece circa '91-'94.

9. Steve Silk Hurley! Wow. Another blast from the house past.
Is he still mixing full time? I'm out of the loop but I dont; recall seeing his names labelled on remixes in the past 5 years.

10. The MJ concerts were great when it was just MJ and his brothers (didn't care to see today's teen stars up there--I look some of them but still - lol). They still put on a good show and I love hearing the old Jackson Five songs.

11. When I moved here in '88, a singer named Joyce Sims was big in the clubs with hits like "All In All" and "Come Into My Life".
Ring any bells for anyone??? Nothing earth-shattering but just brought it up because this thread has made me think of the last days of great clubbing in nYC ('88-'89) and Joyce Sims and people like Sybil ("Don't Make Me Over") were part of that time along with many people we've already discussed.
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1. ball change pls, a CD would be great! That's really nice of you to offer. I'm more than willing to do the same for you, but I have a feeling you already have everything that I have and then some!

2. ball change pls, I grew up in LA and moved to San Diego about 5 years ago. I didn't realize some of the lastest and greatest house is coming from the West Coast because I hear very little of it in SD. LA used to have a radio station that played nothing but house/acid jazz/dance music, but for some reason it folded a couple of years ago. I always looked forward to visiting LA for that station alone, but it's no more.

3. the divorce. Well, we weren't actually married...I just used the word "divorce" because she got custody of "Good for We". We had almost the exact same taste in music, so we obviously shared CDs and once we broke up I ended up without copies of a lot of good music. Where did it all go wrong? Hmmm...I can't say for sure, but realizing that not only did we have the same taste in music, but also in men might have had something to do with it

4. I'm gonna have to check out Incognito. The name sounds familiar, but I can't think of any of their songs.

5. Beige, glad to hear there are those that appreciate Jocelyn Brown. I'm thinking it might actually be an East Coast thing rather than a big city thing, because I lived in LA for years and never heard "Somebody Else's Guy" on the radio or in clubs (I'm obviously going to the wrong clubs then). San Diego isn't exactly a small town either and I only heard it on the radio a couple of times on an old school station. Guess I'll just have to go clubbing with you from now on...

6. Beige, check out "Good for We" by D'Influence. I was actually hoping ball change pls could recommend some others by them (hint, hint) because that's the only one that was ever released in the States.

7. I have to admit, I too, enjoy the occasional Daft Punk. Like the one that was in the recent Gap ads.

8. ball change pls, I think I might have heard a new Lisa Stansfield song at the gym last night. It was kind of loud in there so I couldn't hear it that well, but what I did hear sounded really good. I don't think her new album is being released here though, so I'll have to download it.
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I really like the French/Euro disco thing, Daft Punk, Air, Casissus, Stardust, I think it has really influenced alot of artists recent albums, Kylie Minogue and Madonna to name a few.

Guys you are making me feel so young, i haven't heard of some of thses artists/producers but I must take a look at some of them.

Kym Mazelle, Sybill are a bit like Ce Ce (Finally one of the best tunes ever!!!) and Ultra Nate they have had a few big hits but never really broken through to the mainstream to make a really big impact.

Kelis totally rocks, her debut was very cool, what did u guys think of her Wanderland album, I bought it (although not alot did!!!lol), I do like it, but I don't know if she has progressed forward.
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Hey Great thread ! I only discovered it this afternoon.

Craig David was the last CD I bought. He gets plenty airplay here in Los Angeles with his song "Seven Days" and he'll be appearing in concert here in about 3 weeks.

I've always liked Lisa Stansfield. Her CDs are released here in the States. I have her self-titled CD that came out in '97 or '98. A track I can remember getting airplay was her remake of Barry White's "Never Never Gonna Give You Up" Her next CD didn't do that well. It wasn't very commercial as it was a soundtrack to a British film that contained mainly jazz and swing standards.

I used to like Everything But the Girl, especially their CD that had "Miss You," but their last 2 CDs were just too techno for me.

Brand New Heavies are great ! Does Siedah Garrett still sing with them ? I wish they would come out with some new stuff.

It sounds like there would be some Jamiroquai fans in here.
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Cashman, you're right...most of her CDs are released here but not all of them. I think it was her third (?) CD that was released sometime in the mid-90s only in the UK and Europe and was never released in the US. I'm not positive on this, but I think her label, Arista, didn't think it would be a commercial success here. I have her self-titled album as well. I really liked the video for "Never Never Gonna Give You Up" with her walking around the streets naked. My favs off that album though are "Real Thing" and "You Know How to Love Me".

Yeah, I like Jamiroquai. I really liked their last 2 songs, but I've only heard them a couple of times and can't remember the names. I keep meaning to try to get their new stuff, but haven't gotten around to it.

I first heard Everything But the Girl back in '91 with the song "Driving". I really liked that song, but it never seemed to catch on. I think most people in the States became familiar with them a few years later through "Missing" which was a massive hit, unlike "Driving" which I heard a total of twice on the radio.
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1. Hey Beige, All's cool . I sent you a PM, but didn't get any confirmation that it was sent (I'm a bit of a computer veg). Let me know if you don't get it.

2. Driza sounds like D'influence the most, as well as BNH and Soul II Soul- that whole early 90's UK soul sound. They are top notch (I like them better than D'Influence). Very worth the price of a CD

3. I like Music sounds better with you, but I think the two Daft Punk albums are awful , and One More Time sounds like Cher.

4. De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Jungle Bros are dope. They made hip hop fun (and clever). I find a lot of modern day hip hop aggressive, homophobibc, and sexist (and I'm not even polictically correct!), or really horribly trite like foul Afroman.

5. I like a lot of Steve Silk Hurley. He's done some great stuff. He is the force behind Cece. Steve is doing the rounds still (he can to Melb last year). I think though that the best producer evr is Mr Qunicy Jones. Do you own album "The Dude". That is one of my favourite albums ever!

6.OMG! Joyce Sims- remeber Kim Syms "Too Blind to see it" That was a Steve Silk Hurley production

7. Do you guys like Jody Watley? what out for new stuff from her, and also a new vocalist called Donnie. they are both signed to Giant Step, and will be produced by ron trent. Beige, I am sure they will be doing the rounds again at the Giant Step club in downtown Manhattan. Both have incredible voices live.

8.G-Ha- I'll get right on it

9. G-ha re: the divorce. I thought so! Btw, you didn't have to dish. I was only kidding!

10.Dance stations always fold because there aren't enough people interested in the music, and advertisers are usually small independent business with not much money. In Melb, we had a station called Kiss FM, which ran for 10 years and was looking for a permanent licence from the government. It folded.

11. G-Ha, check out www.the It is a melb website. My boydfriend Simon Morris is featured on the site under the DJs section, and you can download one of his mixes.

12.D' Influence. LOVE Good for we. D'Influence have released 3 albums. Their latest album was released in 1998 or 99. I can't recall all the names of the album, but I'll post them atb a lter date

13.Hey Rightous The french sound is certainly big and come into its own. It is everywhere here in Aust, but I don't warm to it unfort.

14. Hey Cashman . The latest Lisa Stansfield album is a real return to form (though it will bomb). It is called Face Up, and should be available at Virgin or HMV in the States.

15. I Love the last 2 EBTG albums. Walking Wounded was a great drum and bass influenced album, and the latest one has a fantastic track called Lullaby of Clubland. It's funny how EBTG has changed their sound over the years from folk eventually arriving at house. Ben watt is now a deep house DJ, and he did a remix of Sade's record last year which was superb , as well as a mix for Sunshine Anderson.

16. I like Jamiroqui, but i think their sound is the same same. the first album was the best, and my fav 2 tracks of theirs are Too Young to die, and Little L

17.BNH- Sidieah Garrett got sacked after the last album bombed (I thought that they unfairly used her as a scapegoat, and I thought that the album was great anyway!). They then recorded a track with Carleen Anderson formerly of Young Disciples called Saturday night for the greatest hits album. It was rumoured that they recorded a whole album with her, but it was never released. It is rumoured that N'dea has returned to the group, and that they are recording a new album. WE ONLY HOPE!

18. Beige, looks like this numbering thin g has really caught on!

19. BTW G-Ha. Incognito have a greeatest hits CD out as well as a brand new ablum. BOTH are definitely worth checking out....

20. apologies once again about my bad typing!
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1. It's all good, BCP. LOL@Daft Punk sounding like Cher. Blame that freakin' vocoder!

2. I never owned "The Dude" but I liked songs from it. (I believe there's an instrumental called "The Dude") Quincy Jones and his cohorts like James Ingram and the underrated Patti Austin did some fine work on that cd.

3. I hear ya on hip hop and its negativity. Afroman? LOL but I may regret that because Afroman is up for a Grammy. (Baha Men won last year! And the Grammys wonder why people laugh at them)

4. BCP, when I think of early house, I think of Steve Hurley. It was the first time (or one of the first) where the artist fro a song was a deejay/arranger as opposed to an actual "performer". Good to hear that Silk is still alive and kicking. Kim Syms. the name rings a bell but the song does not. (I've been out of the loop for a bit)

5. I like Jody Watley. Loved her image and sound in the late 80's/early 90's. Her videos were better than every female artist but Madonna. Fave cuts: "Friends" with Eric B & Rakim and "Still A Thrill".

6. Saw EBTG live in '94 I think. Tracy Thorn sounds exactly the same live. Sweet. G-Ha "Driving" is one of my faves. EBTG reminds me of Swing Out Sister? Any fans?

7. Sorry guys, I just can't get into Jamiroquai and a lot of has to do with my own prejudice. Jay Kay was being compared to Stevie Wonder in a couple of publications before I heard them in the early 90's and so I had high expectations. I feel bad holding them to that standard but I can't help it. "Virtual Insanity" was cool.

8. Siedah Garrett has been around for awhile and BCP unfortunately I never heard her work with The Heavies. Siedah sang on a Michael Jackson ballad from "Bad" (Sheryl Crow would take over for her on that tour) and had a hit club song in the mid 80's called "Do You Want It Right Now".

9. Cashman I saw Craig David live last summer and he puts on a really good show. A better singer than Usher and good showman to boot. (FYI: He does Usher's "Nice And Slow" in concert) He's coming to NYC next month, too.

10. Any thoughts on Crystal Waters (Cece's rival)? "Makin Happy" and "Gypsy Woman" were early 90's club faves.
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