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Thumbs down Anti-War Leftists Exploit Children to Advance Cause

Anti-War Leftists Exploit Children to Advance Cause
By Joseph J. Sabia | November 14, 2002

Unable to win the substantive arguments against President Bush’s War on Terrorism, the Left has set its sights on exploiting our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, the children. In America’s two most liberal cities—Ithaca, New York and Berkeley, California—liberals are force-feeding their anti-American propaganda to young children and insisting that they regurgitate these views to the local press.

The Ithaca Catholic Worker, a communist offshoot of Ithaca’s local Catholic Church, put a shy pre-teen girl named Leah Grady Sayvets in front of a local television camera and began asking her questions about the war on terrorism. The exchange between a middle-aged female reporter and the little girl went as follows:

Reporterette: "Let me make it easy. If someone does something violent to you, should you strike back at them?"

Leah: "No. I think you should talk to them and see what they think is wrong. What they have—what’s wrong..."

Reporterette: "So you think it's better to talk out problems?"

Leah: "Yeah."

Reporterette: "Do you think George Bush is acting like a bully on the playground."

Leah: [Giggles] "Yeah."

The Ithaca City School District has decided to enforce their moral relativist worldview on young children by giving first and second grade students grades on how well they "respect others of varying cultures." According to Cornell Review’s Ryan Horn, the grade for cultural tolerance appears before reading, writing, social studies, and science on students’ report cards. Through their new policy, Ithaca schoolteachers can penalize six-year-olds who express the view that President Bush is "good" and Saddam Hussein is "bad." Criticism of America will raise students’ grades because such criticism serves as a means of debunking the "myth" that Western culture is superior to Islamic fundamentalism.

Six-year-old girls are apparently too old for Berkeley anti-war activists.

According to a report by The California Patriot, leftists are using pre-schoolers to gain sympathy for their agenda. Congressman Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Berkeley Mayor Shirley Dean led several hundred demonstrators, including many local-area pre-school children, on a protest against the war in Iraq.

Many children spoke at this rally, yelling slogans like "No War on Children" and "Stop Fighting!" A member of the Berkeley College Republicans who was present at the event asked a six-year-old "demonstrator" named Celia whether she could name the leader of Iraq. According to the Patriot:

"Celia, stumped, turned to a friend and asked, ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ Her friend, equally puzzled, responded, ‘I think it’s a boy.’"

Another little boy parroted his teacher’s earlier words, saying that the upcoming war in Iraq is about oil and "Bush wanting more land."

Similar exploitation occurred at Ramsey Clark’s anti-war rally in Washington, D.C., held a few weeks ago. During that event, several event organizers carried their children to the podium and instructed them to scream slogans like "No Blood for Oil." Other parents forced their kids to bang on drums while singing communist-era anti-war songs. Many of these young children wore shirts with peace signs and slogans that they could not have possibly comprehended.

Exploiting children for horrific political ends is nothing new. Yasser Arafat’s murderous Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is well-known for teaching young Arabs that Jews are vermin and should be executed. National Socialist Germany devoted significant resources to the Hitler Youth program, which reprogrammed girls and boys into Nazi devotees. One of the central tenets of Soviet Communism was to separate children from the family unit and make them primarily loyal to the totalitarian state.

America’s cowardly anti-war Leftists, who endlessly claim to be interested in the welfare of America’s children, are now content to abuse kids to serve their political interests. This is how low they have sunk. For shame.
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left/right/middle... doesnt matter... politicians in general don't care about kids. they only care about the next election and how theyll do. they care about their wealth and power. theyll do anything to win over one persons vote.

ha! and Bush and his admin?
if Bush cared one ounce about the children of the world he wouldn't allow such damage to the environment. he also wouldn't allow our schools to suffer so much at this time.

*rant on

people need to unwrap the american flag from their eyes and remove the leash that Bush has on them... stop following him around like a puppy dog. swallowing all this political bullshit... oh the war on terrorism... blah blah blah. "i'm afraid of getting my throat slit and having my plane flown into a building".

ever think we deserve this? cos in the past we have been so blind to our presidents international affairs. we have turned our backs on others suffering. then we wonder "oh how can anyone do this?" maybe if people started caring about whats going on in the REAL world... informed themselves... instead of sitting on their fat lazy american asses and obsessing over the latest reality shows... then MAYBE they have the right to complain.

btw evadafan this is not directed at you in the least. i just think americans take so much for granted. all we do is whine as if life is so fucking hard in this country. IT COULD BE SO MUCH WORSE.

*rant off
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