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Backpacking through Europe alone?

Is it safe for an 18 year old? Is it fun? Where are the best places to be at for someone who's not so much looking for touristy places but for..real places? Any advice in general?

I want to meet a lot of people and I think it'd be quite an experience to have before college. I've always had an incredible angst to get away from everyone for a while and I pretty much have the liberty to do whatever I want once I graduate in a few months. I could go with someone else or a small group or whatever but the idea of going alone sounds much more exhilarating.

I know there's a plethora of information online but I want to hear from posters I can ..somewhat.. trust. Thanks!
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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

Normally you'll be okay. If you follow normal social guidelines and look up the places on Wikitravel, they should help you along the way. Besides, it's really quite normal to find people who want to go to the same places as you. You can make friends for life that way!
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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

Which countries? Do you know any languages aside from English?

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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

europe is largely safe and i've met young people who were travelling alone many times. i travel alone frequently and i've met plenty of people in this way and i thought you meet more interesting people in less obvious places, so you already have the right idea.
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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

Just kidding .
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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

It depends how much foreign you know. Its a good idea if you know a little foreign, and you know when people say the locals appreciate when you have go? Yeah...they really don't.

If you're looking for countries not so touristy infected, Helsinki is great, but quite far away, same thing with other Scandinavian countries. And you'd want to go around June/July. You can go to bigger countries but not visit the big cities as much also. Another good one would be Bratislava, there are a lot of great little citites that not many people know about either like Lviv in the Ukraine and Bruges in Belgium, in fact Belgium as a whole is quite underrated. Luxembourg is quite nice and not a huge tourist hot spot
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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

backpack through the central african republic or the north east DRC

Originally Posted by Smite View Post
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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

omg I wanna backpack europe and america some day too but prolly after I graduate uni.

Anyways, I haven't actually backpacked but I hope what I have to offer is useful. Not necessarily about places to visit, but extended travelling in general.

1) Thoroughly, very thoroughly, forumlate a plan for safety measures and make sure people know where you are at all times because shit happens you know? Try not to stray too far from your plans unless you're partner is with you. Also be sure you are prepared for anything that may happen too (wild animals, getting lost, injured and so on), be sure your first-aid knowledge is up to date etc. If I were you I'd go with maybe one other person who has the passion to travel and visit new places and venture into the unknown and spontenous to make it not only fun but safer too?

2) Make sure you have essentials (water, food, clothes, money, place to stay) at all times and make sure you have enough/more than enough. Fuck the weight you'll be carrying on your back, your survival is more important.

2) Research on places to go. It's important to make your experience the best it is and to explore as much as you can so do research thoroughly on places to visit - people seem to forget about places that isn't iconic etc. when it comes to travelling. Don't forget about nature/sceneries, historic locations (like visiting former death camps in germany that are open) extreme/active activities and even things like shopping, museum, theatres etc.

3) Do extensive research on areas you're going to be in. Be sure it's a good time to visit the area. Be ready for extreme climates. Have a map with you incase you're lost. Try to learn the basics of their native language if you can cause it'll make things easier.

idk i'll add some more to the thread if I can think of them but this is all that's popping in my head atm...

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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

if you have a small brain at least, you should be alright.
Most important is keep your money & ID safe and know most important words.

dont bring too much things, you can buy food, clothes and phone charger in Europe too.

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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

This is a life dream of mine. I haven't done it yet, but I will one year. Are you gonna for real backpack it, where you actually carry all of your possessions in your backpack/live in trains and hostels? Or are you gonna be basically vacationing in Europe?
I have travelled through Europe before, and I would say just stick to 2 or 3 countries that really interest you, and dont try to hit every single European capital. After a while, it all starts to become a blur and all the towns start to look the same.
Get a Eurail pass, and I'm sure you'll meet cool people at hostels. Try not to clique up with other backpacking Americans though, try to meet diverse people.

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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

Just do it
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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

I would never go on such a venture by myself; will get lost within the first 5 minutes. Good Luck!
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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

It's also my dream too. but my financial doesn't allow me to do that for now. Plus I'm unsure whether I'm that brave to travel alone.
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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

Originally Posted by FlameOn View Post

Just kidding .
You beat me to it.

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Re: Backpacking through Europe alone?

Naples/Capri, Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Marseille, London, Prague, Krakow, Wien and Berlin would be my choices
I know Naples/Capri and Prague by heart if u need advices
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