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What the Democrats Need to Do

(This is pretty much a continuation of "Deleted Thread" subject matter.)
As Democrats start to rebuild after the elections, a few random thoughts on what we were dealing with and what we need to do. Polling results show that people do not consider themselves "more conservative"
or any such thing; Democrats just failed to move them.
Bush is destroying the economy--over a million more people unemployed since Bush stole Gore's Presidency, and the job pool contracting, not producing jobs--things are starting to get desperate, and Republicans try to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and are now fighting Unemployment Compensation extensions, even though billions of dollars exist in a trust fund for only that purpose! The minimum wage that tens of millions are paid cannot be lived on, is poverty level, and has not been raised for several years. This is why many people have 2 or 3 jobs, and why 25% of all homeless people work full-time, 40-hour-a-week minimum wage jobs! When that bastard Reagan took over, the wage rate was slashed, (censored by their co-conspirators, the media), so that when I worked at a "well-known supermarket chain" for a while some years ago, anyone hired after 1981 made $4 an hour, up to $4.75; those before 1981, $13.75 standard. What do you think it was like to be making $4.50 an hour, for ex., and be standing right next to someone you know was making $13.75? It created the division among workers that Republicans always hope for. Remember: it is not only a minimum wage, it is a maximum wage. We worked overtime, yet were not paid overtime; no bonuses, paid vacations, dental insurance, etc. Reagan invented loopholes for rich people and corporations to avoid taxes and meanwhile taxed, for the first time, the tips that underpaid waitresses made. These schemes go on and on, but one handy reference guide is whenever they want to lower "income taxes," that means rich people; middle-class and poor employees would only be helped by lowering "payroll taxes," which they would never do. Rich people and corporations used to pay half of the total tax, as late as the '50s, which was why government worked so well. Now they pay about one-fourth and falling, which is why they cut social programs that would've helped us; that was the plan. Repubs have brought corporate consultants into Congress to write actual bills, which Repubs then pass as law. There are no anti-trust protections, so not only are the few consolidating their power, cutting off all our access to public expression of grievances (when these welfare queens get their broadcast licenses from the government for free), censoring and manufacturing the "news," etc., but they are cutting jobs that will never return. People can't stand it any more, they can't pay their bills, they are abused at work--and Democrats referred to nothing. Those in the exclusively rich media don't rely on unions; they have agents + accountants, so of course they never brought anything up. For the moment anyway, you can't just wish that the rich would pay taxes again, or that 5 corporations did not own almost the entire spectrum of media, as they do; for now, that train has gone. Instead, you have to face the Republican-corporate lobby-media complex.
If you haven't already, you have to learn to critically analyze the media, because they are lying and hiding things all the time. They cast everything against Democrats and liberals, and have even started sneering and laughing at Democratic guests on TV (a weird example recently, Lou Dobbs on CNN, at Paul Begala; creepy). The starter of the "U.S. elections" thread mentioned how hard it was to take Fox cable; they are all like that now. All these comical hard-ass, archcon, dumb dicks--what a spectacle. They have their standard attacks--"old '60s liberal," extremist left-wing, wacko," "out of touch," blah blah, like robots, and cast Democrats as near-traitors for not supporting everything Bush does despite the very mixed feelings of most Americans, who do not favor a unilateral attack on Iraq. They trump up slander against anyone who may vote against the "Homeland Security" bill, yet they slipped in provisions removing all protections for whistleblowers, and putting very small caps on compensation available to people injured by prescription drugs or medical negligence (?!?), so some are voting against it, and being attacked by a complicit media that will not tell why! Repubs delivered this bill, 485 pages to be voted on today, to Democrats, who haven't read the newest draft, last night! This is typical. They drum up strategic "controversies" such as a gruesome, partly effective attack--they were all so "mortified" and "offended"--on the powerful expressions of grief at the Paul Wellstone and etc. memorial. Republicans, incredibly, demanded "equal time" (!) after Minn. stations carried the service live. My answer to that is: kill one of your pricks, and you can hold your own memorial. Repubs, this election, were really dirty: calling registered Democrats, (with a few instances, the candidates themselves, mistakenly), to tell them they weren't eligible to vote, a lie, or to vote on the wrong date; putting up flyers across N.J. and elsewhere, purporting to be from the Democratic Party, that Democrats should be sure to "Pay All Fines, Warrants," etc. before voting, and the Repub media covered this! Remember, of course, Florida--you could write a book on their crimes alone. Democrats can't run from these people anymore, ("Oh, I wouldn't call myself a liberal"), but have to fight these ugly abusers. How can these things be solved, when these rich oppressors have consolidated so much power, with their surreptitious law-changes? Only by publicity and rebellion. We have to stop being taken by surprise by their ever-reworked attacks and attempts to trip people up, so we won't be thrown off track, but keep the argument and issues. Despite their sneering and attempts to provoke, restate your case. You think there is a limit to these people, but there is none. They are still slandering Clinton! Even so, we are the majority party and have popular support; we just need to get the official Party on track. It will not be a long, torturous road back. Just read and learn, not from the corporate media, but from www.fair.org and its Extra! magazine, etc., etc., stop thinking you are a "loser," and--poof--it will be gone.
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