Contemporary Art - Is it a load of crap? -
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Post Contemporary Art - Is it a load of crap?

The Turner prize, a major Art award in Britain was one yesterday by a bloke whose piece of work was an entirely empty room in the gallery, in which the lights went on and off every so often. He won 20,000 pounds and his work sells at 10,000 a time.

I live in a house where the lights go on and off at the flick of a I win a prize? Am I an artisic genius? (Nah.)

His Art is apparantly 'minimalist'. His previous work includes a scrunched up piece of paper and a piece of blu-tack stuck to a wall.

I failed my GCSE Art exam enitrely, but if I had stuck some blu-tack on the wall I doubt I would have fared any better.

My arguement is that such stuff is bollocks. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

A con. Who would pays thousands for a piece of blu tack on a wall??? What kind of person?!

Compare the talent, the imagination and the vision of the impressionists, with such crap current work. No contest. Its an insult to call it Art.

Throw it in the bin! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

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LOL. I agree. But I'm a peasant where Art is concerned. It does nothing for me - in whatever form.
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Well, Chris Ba, that work of art you described certainly sounds like it's a load of crap...even if it wasn't made with crap...which some "art" is actually made of.

It reminds me of some art I've seen made with piss. One was a piece I saw at the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh. I visited the museum a few years ago. Some of the stuff was good. Some of it was...well...interesting.

There was an exhibit or video of this Japanese artist named Moriko Mori and all it was was a video of herself dressed up in foil-y colored clothing playing with some ball and singing some really annoying screechy song with chimes and electrical synthesized sounds.

Let's put it this way: One guy actually went bonkers, put his hands to his head, screamed "I can't take it anymore!" and ran out of the museum.

Oh yeah, let me state that I also did very poorly in art exams.

I browse once in a while.
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The Turner prize is such a joke <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Did you see any of the other nominees ?

The most interesting thing about the evening from what I gather was Madonna's speech.
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I know what you mean, but many of the Impressionists were riduculed when their work came out. It's often hard to see at the time work that will be remembered well and paid millions for years down the line that are considered laughable at the time they are made. Part of being a "great" artist I guess is doing something new or revolutionary at the time, but you don't really know what will fall into this category until a long time after it's finished. I've had some empty rooms before, but I never thought of painting them white with lights that go on and off! That seems like a strange exhibition, but I guess we're supposed to see that art isn't limited to a canvas or something and that a simple room with lights that go on and off is something deep. Deep what I'm not really sure! I do like to stare at Mondrian paintings and somehow I do end up liking them, but, really, all it was was a bunch of asymetrical boxes with some primary colors. On the other hand, many High Renaissance paintings are simply persepective paintings that anyone with any engineering knowledge could have done to make the 3-D picture boxes that were so popular. Given that, I wouldn't pay for anything like an empty room with lights that go on and off. Art is a tough thing to judge, though I know little about it. <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
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I agree, Chris. Modern Art is one of the biggest con jobs in history.

When I went to the Hirschorn Museum in Washington, DC, I nearly split a gut laughing.

"What care I<br />What Art it be<br />If it be<br />Not Art to me?"

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modern art <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">
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Red face

Yes, it's a load of crap IMO, most of it at least.

I am not an art lover at all, but I can appreciate real art work, like real painters and stuff, although I don't line watching to a point, I can see the ability of painters like Rembrandt, Van Gogh or Da Vinci, I think it's amazing how they can create with a brush and paint.

But modern art??? pffff. I went the the Art Gallery of Ontario, most of the stuff were ok (boring but ok), normal paints where you see normal things, like landscapes or portraits.

But there was an are, pleeeezzzz, one work was named "A circle on a wall", that was it, a bloody circle on a blody wall, is that art? LMAO

I read in a newspaper about an artists, whose work was to ejaculate in different bottles, and then freeze them, that would be his art.

I think some of those are really pathetic, and more pathetic are those who pay a fortune for that, just somebody told them "look budy, this is art, you must like it", and they had to...

<img src="tongue.gif" border="0">
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I don't get it either! But you can't ask the artist, cause the artist will say it's not up to him to explain.<br />I understand people feel the need to express themselves, and if it is by making such crap, so be it. But I'm not going to pay loads of money to see it, or to have it.<br />A couple of months ago there was this whole issue over here about a mussles pot. Basically it was a pot with dried mussles. It was going to be sold to some museum abroad and they just couldn't let that happen. They paid millions to keep 'that piece of art' in this country! Pfff! <br />A friend of ours once gave us a rosary of dried mussles when she visited (others would gave flowers or chocolates), my mother put it on top of our mussles pot and it's now standing on our cupboard. And every time someone asks, we say it's worth millions! <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

Also, a couple of months ago an artist had made a 'kak-machine'. You put food in it and out of the other end get my meaning. And this is art, people! Absolutely disgusting, but they call it art. Imagine having that thing in your living room?

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I don't understand a thing about modern art...don't even know if you can call it art...they throw a can of paint against a wall and it's art.

Tine, I think it was really terrible that they paid that much for a stupid pot of mussles!! Other people are suffering, starving, and then they pay so much for something stupid like that..<br />Action 'Save the musslepot' you can admire the think in great <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">
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You know Chris, I used to think the same thing... you know the "any kid could paint this" or "my dog leaves dirty spots that resemble that" <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> - then I went to a Modern art Museum (in Brussels) and I have to say there *is* something about modern/contemporary art. I felt something visiting that museum, I think the art before, such as the impressionists, had a bigger impact on your eye-sight, it was visually pleasing, and we are very dominated by that sense... I think the "newer" forms of art try to impact other senses, so is maybe not visually beautiful, but there is an underlying something. I quite enjoy modern art now too <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Now, if you ask me, would I rather have a Monet hanging from the wall or one of those on and off lights, you know which I'd rather have. I can do the on and off myself or ask my cousin to decorate the walls for free and keep the Monet <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

It is a bunch of crap if you only "look" at it I guess <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <font size=1>

[ December 11, 2001: Message edited by: Gallofa ]</p>

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Isn't the phrase 'contemporary' art a bit of a generalisation? There's good music and bad music, whether we're talking classical, pop or rock. There's good and bad literature from all eras. And there's good and bad art, regardless of whether it's 'contemporary' or not. I think Martin Creed's work was particularly poor - in fact I don't think the Turner Prize shortlist as a whole this year was up to scratch - but there are great examples of 'contemporary' art which it could be argued that 'anyone' could do. Tracey Emin's 'My Bed': anyone can shove their dirty bed into an art gallery, but Emin's work - which wasn't just the bed - was extremely moving. You could argue that Mark Rothko's work is just sqaures of colour - but they're absolutely gorgeous, hypnotic even. The controversial Myra Hindley portrait out of children's hands - that was stunning. Art's not about the technicalities, i.e. how well you can paint. Sure, you can be a brilliant painter - but if what you're painting is uninspired countryside scenery, it's still bad art. Compare it to music: Celine Dion is, technically, a far superior singer to Carole King. Yet who's the greater artist? In art, you or I may well be a superior painter than Sam Taylor-Wood (though I doubt it) - but she's the greater artist. Art should be thought-provoking, passionate and compelling: I'd say there's a huge amount of contemporary art which fits those descriptions. And Richard Creed's lightbulbs - yes, they're art. But they're not very good at all.
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The thing about modern art as opposed to "classical" art is that the classical art that has stood the test of time is the good stuff. There as an awful lot of crap painted in preceding centuries that we don't get to see because people worked out that it was crap and therefore didn't preserve it. With modern art that hasn't happened yet.

I went to the Tate Modern in London a few months ago, and it's true that about 80% of what was there was rubbish, but there was a certain amount of really good stuff.

What I would say about modern art, and especially the weird exhibits like Damien Hurst's dead cows is that you should see it before saying that it's rubbish. My boyfriend at the time had a real thing about Rothko who paints these huge canvases filled with just random blocks of colour. I thought it sounded like bollocks, saw various prints of his and thought they were bollocks but when I saw some of his stuff at the Tate Modern thought they were absolutely amazing.

What I'm trying to say is that of course some modern art (probably most modern art) is bollocks, just as most art produced in the 19th century was bollocks, you just have to keep an open mind and look for the good stuff.
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What a con job ..

His previous efforts include a piece of scrunched up paper and that won <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> LOL

Good luck to my favs


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I'm no expert - more of a casual admirer - but contemporary art is all about it's context.<br />

If you say 'here is my piece of art which a room where the lights flick off every 5 seconds', you are asking the observer to examine that piece of work within it's own context as a piece of work, thtat of the artist, and that of you as the observer of the piece. What compelled or drove the artist to that work. What is the artist trying to say. What does the work tell me?

I've not seen the winning submission, but it sounds great (as I love installations). The scrunched up ball of paper was beautiful imo incidentally.

<br />I think a lot of contemporary art is... questionable, but there are some fantastic works and concepts out there.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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