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Thumbs up 10 Actors Who Should Be Stars


WHERE YOU KNOW HIM FROM Almost Famous (2000), where he played rock critic and mentor Lester Bangs
WHERE ELSE? He was Ben Stiller's slobby best friend in Along Came Polly and lovelorn porn film crew member Scotty J. in Boogie Nights (1997).
MUST-SEE ROLE State and Main (2000), the David Mamet farce in which he stars as a screenwriter whose moral compass is tested during a small-town film shoot
WHY HE SHOULD BE A STAR Hoffman is astonishingly versatile and chameleonic; in 1999, he was in theaters simultaneously as a compassionate nurse (Magnolia), a drag queen/music tutor (Flawless), and a preppy snob (The Talented Mr. Ripley).
NEXT Hoffman is already earning Oscar buzz for his uncanny incarnation of author Truman Capote in Capote (Sept. 30). Then he goes into thriller mode with Tom Cruise in next summer's Mission: Impossible 3.


WHERE YOU KNOW HER FROM The 40-Year-Old Virgin, where she plays the sexually eager bookstore clerk who has a memorable moment in a bathtub
WHERE ELSE? She was Jeff Bridges' wife in Seabiscuit (2003) and cheery Daily Bugle staffer Betty Brant in Spider-Man (2002) and Spider-Man 2 (2004).
MUST-SEE ROLE She's Michael Showalter's out-of-his-league fiancťe in The Baxter (2005).
WHY SHE SHOULD BE A STAR She's a babe; she's funny; she could be the next Rachel McAdams.
NEXT She's Johnny Knoxville's old flame in Daltry Calhoun (currently in limited release). Next spring there's the horror movie Slither, then the next Spider-Man.


WHERE YOU KNOW HIM FROM NBC's Third Watch, where he played paramedic Bobby Caffey during the first two seasons (1999-2001)
WHERE ELSE? He was Will's beau Vince on Will & Grace and Lisa Kudrow's massage-therapist boyfriend in Happy Endings (2005).
MUST-SEE ROLE He's the hot dog vendor who befriends Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent (2003).
WHY HE SHOULD BE A STAR He has hunky Latin looks and proven leading-man appeal in both straight and gay roles.
NEXT He costars with James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, and Kate Winslet in the forthcoming musical Romance and Cigarettes.


WHERE YOU KNOW HER FROM About Schmidt (2002), where she played Jack Nicholson's exasperated, soon-to-be-married daughter
WHERE ELSE? She played comic book author Joyce Brabner (a.k.a. Mrs. Harvey Pekar) in American Splendor (2003) and the suburban housewife adrift in Manhattan in The Daytrippers (1996).
MUST-SEE ROLE She's a Boston nurse stumbling into romance via the personals in the comedy Next Stop Wonderland (1998).
WHY SHE SHOULD BE A STAR Like Wonderland costar Philip Seymour Hoffman, Davis is a chameleon and is equally adept at comedy and drama.
NEXT She's Gwyneth Paltrow's uptight sister in Proof (currently in theaters) and costars with Nicolas Cage in the comedy-drama The Weather Man (Oct. 28).


WHERE YOU KNOW HIM FROM Dirty Pretty Things (2002), where he's the immigrant doctor-turned-porter who uncovers a grisly mystery in a London hotel
WHERE ELSE? He's a Detroit crime boss in Four Brothers (2005) and Keira Knightley's bridegroom in Love Actually (2003).
MUST-SEE ROLE He's composer/pianist Ellis Moonsong, who romances Radha Mitchell's title character in Woody Allen's Melinda and Melinda (2005).
WHY HE SHOULD BE A STAR He's handsome, suave, and charming, qualities that serve him equally well in heroic, villainous, and romantic roles.
NEXT He's a heavy in Serenity (in theaters), and he costars with Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster as a cop in Spike Lee's Inside Man, due next spring.


WHERE YOU KNOW HER FROM 13 Going on 30 (2004), where she plays Lucy, Jennifer Garner's backstabbing colleague
WHERE ELSE? She's the waitress Nicolas Cage fantasizes about in Adaptation (2002) and Jennifer Lopez's frazzled assistant in The Wedding Planner (2001).
MUST-SEE ROLE Kitty, the blackmailing secretary on Fox's Arrested Development
WHY SHE SHOULD BE A STAR She's hilarious and sexy in an offbeat, Anne Heche kind of way, but she's been stuck in a rut of Joan Cusack-type best friend parts.
NEXT She's Orlando Bloom's sister in Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown (Oct. 14).


WHERE YOU KNOW HER FROM Being John Malkovich (1999), where she played John Cusack's seductive coworker Maxine
WHERE ELSE? She's Daniel Day-Lewis' girlfriend in The Ballad of Jack & Rose (2005) and the frustrated housewife who makes tiny chairs out of twigs in Lovely & Amazing (2002).
MUST-SEE ROLE She's Trish, the single mom and online merchant wooed by the inexperienced Andy (Steve Carell) in The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005).
WHY SHE SHOULD BE A STAR No matter the role, Keener radiates a worldly intelligence.
NEXT She's To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee in Capote (in theaters).


WHERE YOU KNOW HIM FROM Garden State (2004), where he plays Mark, the continuously stoned gravedigger
WHERE ELSE? He was a very game assistant to sex researcher Alfred Kinsey (Liam Neeson) in Kinsey (2004) and a killer in Boys Don't Cry (1999).
MUST-SEE ROLE He's Charles Lane, the New Republic editor who cleans up the mess left by reporter and serial fabricator Stephen Glass (Hayden Christensen) in Shattered Glass (2003).
WHY HE SHOULD BE A STAR He's quiet but dramatic and fearless, ŗ la John Malkovich.
NEXT He's currently on screen as the air marshal in Flightplan, and he's a Gulf War Marine alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead (Nov. 4).


WHERE YOU KNOW HER FROM Ray (2004), where she played Della Bea, long-suffering wife of Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx)
WHERE ELSE? She was Alicia Masters, the blind woman who takes a liking to The Thing (Michael Chiklis) in Fantastic Four (2005), and she was Jasmine, assassin Angelina Jolie's colleague, in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005).
MUST-SEE ROLE She stars as Niecy, an upwardly mobile shoplifter, in Lift (2000).
WHY SHE SHOULD BE A STAR She's classy, beautiful, and smart, and she deserves more than girlfriend roles.
NEXT She's appearing opposite Forest Whitaker, who stars as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, in next year's The Last King of Scotland.


WHERE YOU KNOW HIM FROM Shaft (2000), where he played Dominican drug kingpin Peoples Hernandez
WHERE ELSE? He's Bill Murray's nosy neighbor Winston in Broken Flowers (2005) and '80s art-world sensation Jean Michel Basquiat in Basquiat (1996).
MUST-SEE ROLE Wright plays three characters, most notably, the fierce and compassionate nurse Belize, in HBO's Angels in America (2003).
WHY HE SHOULD BE A STAR Wright's a shape-shifter who all but disappears into his roles.
NEXT He's an oil company lawyer in the Middle East spy thriller Syriana (Nov. 23), and he appears opposite Paul Giamatti in next year's M. Night Shyamalan drama Lady in the Water.
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I never heard of most of them.
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Peter Sarsgaard is my favourite actor. He is AMAZING, and incredibly hot. I recognise everyone on that list, and don't really think that they're 'unknowns'...
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Peter Sarsgaard, Katherine Keener, Phillip Seymour Hoffman ( ) and Chiwetele Ejiofor are the bomb. I think they're all 'character' actors (the best kind), and none are gonna be, y'know, Tom Cruise or Juila Roberts - those kinds of stars.

Don't really know the work of the others, so can't say either way.
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Well, Bobby Cannavale looks nice. Don't know about the acting abilities of any of these though.
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Totally agree about the first one. Great actor.

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Judy Greer is AMAZING. She also appeared in The Village, Jawbreaker and Cursed. Her role in Cursed was my fav and she's the reason I like the movie.

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Catherine Keener is a great actress

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peter sarsgaard

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hmmm cannavale is pretty one note to me and so is keener.
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