Car Crash - any one had one? -
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Car Crash - any one had one?

I was so close to hitting a truck today
I was going 70 kph and the light just turned yellow so I started to break, but this truck just came out of nowhere right in front of me and I breaked as hard as I could but my break lost pressure or something, so I kept clicking it over and over and thank GOD it just stopped an inch before hitting him .

I bought the car a week ago and the lady said everything is fine except the break can be a problem sometimes , so my brothers car fanatics said they 'fixed' it and it worked fine except today.
I'm so glad nothing happened, oh and my phone was out of credit so If something did happen I'd be stuck in peak hour traffic, with a useless phone .

Have you ever been close to crashing?
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well i got hit by a car when i was 6... broke my arm.... it was going like 40 kph lol
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only1 long time ago
my parent car was hitting by benz one n my parent car is totally......
hahah it doesn't look like a car anymore
but so lucky i'm alive lol

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I have been in 2 accidents, neither one my fault. Both times I was sitting at a stop sign and got hit from behind
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yeah, i had a bad car accident when i was 20. rear tyre blew out while i was travelling at about 60mph and the car spun off the road car was written off and my legs nearly were as well, they were trapped by the steering column. after seeing the state of the car i'm still not quite sure how i got out alive from that one. someone was watching over me that day for sure

been a passenger in a few minor bumps as well but nothing serious.
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I was in a car accident 2 years ago, i spun around on an icy overpass, slammed into the guardrail and caused a 3 car pile up. We did a lot of screaming, but luckily neither of my friends nor i was hurt (the people in the other vehicles were also o.k). The car i'd just gotten the week before was totalled though
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Last December I was driving home and stopped to turn right. As there were a load of cars traveling the other way I was stationary for 10-15 seconds when I felt a whack at the back of a car. Some drugged up dipstick "didn't see me" and was going too fast to stop so he decided to drive up onto the pavement to over take, not realising there was no room and hit the back of my car. I was shaken but there was no damage.

Fortunatly my Dad was in the car in front and the druggie shut up fairly quickly as he was hoping to pull a fast one on me. If anything it was just as well the old man was there as I'd probably have punched the druggie I was so angry
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Is is really wise (or legal) to do 70km/h on a road with traffic lights?
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i've been in 3 crashes, but nothing happened to me. not in the accident. the parental lecture however

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I was only in one when I was a kid and my mum was driving, there was a pile up on the freeway and she braked in time, but the car behind us couldnt brake and hit us. I havent been in any other accidents, I'm a safe driver
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Yeah in car was totalled when some other guy hit the front of my car! I was Ok though.

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i dont drive a car but ive been in some minor accidents
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I was at an intersection on the highway. The light was yellow so I slowed down to stop and as soon as I did, the light turned red. So I'm stationary at the lights for about two seconds when suddenly I hear screaching tyres and my car is whacked and being pushed into the intersection. I saw cars coming at me but they managed to stop in time.

Now, in that situation you'd expect people to be concerned and maybe want to help me out a little since I was in shock and my car couldn't exactly move. Instead, people sat and watched, I saw one man laugh, another got angry and no one lifted a finger. The guy who hit me got out of his car and began to help me push my car off the road. After that, people clapped and started driving off. Not only was I in shock, but I felt humiliated as well.

The guy who hit me claimed that he thought I was going to go through the yellow light and changed lanes so that he could speed through. The only problem being that I stopped when it was red and he would've gone through a red light. My car was a total write-off and I had to collect the insurance money and buy another car. The damage to his car? Next to none. It had a front guard on it and was a 4WD truck of some sort. There was only a slight dent on his guard.

I have not driven on the highway since. I also refuse to drive on freeways. There are far too many careless drivers around. Since then, I've had idiots scream out in front of me when they clearly had no right of way to be doing that. I had to slam on the brakes both times and luckily I was only going 50km/hr otherwise I'd have another accident on my hands. Did either one apologize? NO! One of them gave me the finger and the other one got out of the car and started hurling abuse at me. Assholes, the lot of them!!!

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1 time and it was freaky as shit
..and it was my fault

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Once I was in my friends mums car and we collided with another car. It wasn't a big crash but my mouth was bleading as i wasn't wearing a seatbelt and hit my face off the seat infront. Everyone else had whiplash.
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