America's Race Crisis - and Separatism (Some very scary thoughts on the subject) -
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America's Race Crisis - and Separatism (Some very scary thoughts on the subject)

WARNING: Another pathetic thread that no one will read!

Admins, if this violates the guidelines, delete it. I certainly don't agree with the author

I 'googled'; 'Mexico, "race war", "council of Conservative Citizens"'. This is the first thing that came up.

For non-Americans, this represents a significant stream of socio-political thought inthe USA, but, in my experience, is NOT representativce of Republicans as a whole. The author clear is every bit as anti-Bush as I am. To him, Bush isn't 'conservative' ENOUGH.

I can't help but wonder after reading some of these articles if Bush isn't actually representative of the true center of American society. This is scary stuff.

America's Race Crisis - and Separatism

Policy-studies Home Page

hosted by Dr. James Owens, professor and former Dean at
The American University School of Business (Washington, DC)

Two centuries ago, America's founders (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, among others) foresaw the race crisis looming in the nation's future. Visiting America in 1831, the great thinker and political analyst, Alexis de Tocqueville, prophesied that white-black tensions would explode as the new nation's chief crisis. These racial tensions seethed and grew throughout the past century. Today the blacks' descendents, along with other nonwhite immigrants, are the majority race in major American cities. Nonwhites will be the majority nationwide about year-2050.

A critical turning point in the demographic transformation of today's America was the Immigration Act of 1965, recklessly passed within the chaotic atmosphere, passions and race-riots of the Civil Rights movement. That Act severely restricted immigration of whites from Europe while opening the floodgates for immigration of nonwhites, especially from Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. Since then the U.S. has been importing as many as a million legal immigrants per year, the overwhelming majority of them nonwhite. According to The Washington Post (Feb. 22, 1998), the number of foreign-born reached 25.8 million in 1997. Today almost 1 in every 10 residents is foreign-born. Ominous also, the true scope of immigration numbers is far larger, including countless, but uncounted, illegal aliens penetrating U.S. borders from Texas to California.

Within the next century, the Euro-White culture which made America the greatest nation on earth will gradually fade away. By interbreeding and intermarriage of the races, now being forcibly integrated in schools and neighborhoods, America will become merely another nonwhite country, its white race insignificant and approaching extinction.

The time has come for us finally to undertake, with wisdom and courage, the only long-term solution that remains available to America's Euro-whites, both as a people and a culture. Assembled at this Web site are select articles (plus links to other major Web sites) exploring separatism as a realistic and urgently necessary solution to America's explosive race crisis. Select Articles

(Unless otherwise indicated, article is authored by Dr. Owens.)Major Euro-white Sites to Visit

Since we urge a mutually respectful and peaceable separation as the solution to the
race crisis, sites which advocate either White or Black supremacy have been avoided.
  • Council of Conservative Citizens - A major national organization for restoring America's original Constitution and its 10th-Amendment States' rights. Dozens of premium articles and essays
  • The Occidental Quarterly - A conservative "think-tank" featuring first-rate authors and a journal of nationalist thought and opinion.
  • American Nationalist Union - Advocates restoring the original Constitution and its freedoms, including freedom of association. Many great Links.
  • Americans for Self-Determination - Dedicated to the goal of peaceable and fair separation of the races, each preserved with its own "kind and culture." Many excellent Links.
  • Accuracy in Academia - AIA's site and its "Campus Report" expose the entrenched "political correctness," stifling of free speech and trashing of Western Civilization pervasive in American universities. Many fine Links.
  • American Renaissance Magazine - Monthly articles by University professors and think-tank specialists on the nature, causes of and possible solutions to today's American race crisis.
  • Center for Perpetual Diveristy - promoting "real diversity" through separation of the races.
  • European/American Issues Forum - Information on issues and activities affecting the civil rights of European Americans
  • Civil Rights Review - Hundreds of Links to and articles (both negative and positive) on all sides of America's Civil Rights debate. Also a Goldmine of historical research with full documentation.
    CAUTION: Some, but few, articles at this Web site appear to advocate white (or black) supremacism rather than my own call for peacable and mutually fair and respectful separation of the races.
  • The League of the South - Formerly the "Southern League." Southern Manifesto, political platform, etc.
  • Chronicles Magazine - A flagship journal of original "paleo" conservativism.

Proud to be an American
Not blind. Not uninformed. We are party to atrocities. But the response of the world after 9/11 is worth noting. Even our most dire enemies offered aid. We should all be so lucky.
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This would be laughable if these people weren't deadly serious. He wants to restore the original "Euro-white culture" which made America great? Which culture is that? The one that brought slaves over from Africa? The one that slaughtered the indiginous population of this country, pushing them to the brink of extinction? The one that treated their own women as second-class citizens, denying them the rights to vote or even own property? The ultimate irony of this nation's founders is that they fled Europe to escape religious oppression, only to institute their own here.

What is amusing is seeing these extremists, who have always tried to downplay the problems of minorities by insisting that minorities aren't treated badly, in such a panic at the prospect of becoming a minority themselves.

And if this clown thinks racial intermarrying is such a bad thing, I should invite him to a family get-together. 4 races (Black, White, Asian, and Native American). He'd probably spontaneously combust. And far from extinguishing anyone's culture, this blending has instead brought enlightenment and understanding (for those open to it). Could such a thing, happening on a large scale, result in the loss of some elements of individual cultures? Yes. But such is the nature of life. Cultures evolve. Else we'd all still be huddled in caves and communicating in monosyllabic grunts. His own Euro-white culture of the founding fathers has evolved. They no longer embrace slavery. They permit women to vote. They've stopped using leeches for medicinal purposes, and stopped burning "witches".

Cultures don't become "extinct" simply because they are in the minority. That's a load of crap. I think what this guy really fears is not the loss of personal culture, but the loss of political power. If one race is no longer dominant, they won't be able to assume positions of importance merely by appealing just to their own. This country will instead be run by those who can meet the needs of all kinds of Americans across all ethnic lines. What kind of person would fear that?
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Well said, Brian.
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