Some people are so cruel -
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Some people are so cruel

Puppy was treated as a football

Heartbroken animal rescue worker Linda Mercer hugs this tiny puppy just before it had to be put to sleep after being kicked around by a group of youths.
A passer-by walking near Temple Park leisure centre, South Shields, rescued her when he saw her being thrown about.

The puppy was put down shortly after this picture was taken

He took the six to eight-week-old Labrador cross to St Francis Animal Rescue, in South Shields.

Vets found out she had suffered brain damage and been blinded and decided it was kindest to put her down.

The man took the puppy home where it kept falling over and would not eat and so on Monday he took her to St Francis Animal Rescue.

The puppy, who was called Maddy by animal rescue workers, was put on a drip and given injections but then started having fits every 10 minutes and vets advised the kindest thing would be to put her down.

'Learn lesson'

Ms Mercer, who has worked with St Francis Animal Rescue for 15 years, said she had been devastated by the incident.

She said: "It was the most dreadful thing I have seen in all my rescue time, and I have seen some terrible things.

"This was a tiny baby that hadn't even had a life. It will stay with me for a long time.

"I want people to see what has been done. I would like to think someone will learn a lesson from this."

St Francis Animal Rescue was set up around 25 years ago and cares for and rehomes homeless animals and helps people in the community by offering a neutering service, to reduce the number of unwanted animals.

It is run by volunteers and relies on donations.

Northumbria Police said they were trying to find out what happened to the dog and were making inquiries in the park.

They are appealing for anyone with information and the puppy's owner to contact them. ************************

I'm even more sad and angry because a few weeks ago our next-door neighbour reported my mum to the RSPCA because she was sick of our dogs barking at the postman every day. Like... isn't that normal? Don't most dogs bark when somebody comes to the door? They bark for like 1 minute out of everyday and the stupid bint thinks that that constitutes animal abuse... either that or she wanted the dogs taken away from us cause she is so "precious" that she can't bare for her daily dose of crappy morning TV to be interrupted for a minute of each day. Anyway... maybe I should post this through her door so she can see what animal cruelty is... cause it sure as hell doesn't go on in my house!
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thats almost as bad as the guys who put some kittens on a bbq grill. i read an article about in from the AP 2 years ago and cant seem to find it.

sometimes i really really hate people

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I read about the puppy today, its sick what some people do. I really hope the police manage to find who done this & prosecute them.

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Poor Doggie, I hope they get those youth monsters that done that.

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I hate this world!!!! Some people are you fucking idiots. I wish that they would be tortured.
Theres been some incidents in DK when horses are being abused. I just cant understand why anyone would do that

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For some reason, I can stomach person on person abuse, but not person on animal.

Have you guys been reading in the news that a bunch of shelters in Florida are overloaded with animals and a bunch where Ivan will hit had to evacuate the animal shelters and send the animals to Atlanta and Houston to be adopted? Apparently, a load of people who lost their homes or where they can't live there for a long time because there's like no roof or walls, the hurricane people shelters and a lot of hotels won't take pets, so the people come in crying that they don't know what else to do but give the animal to the shelter. I think I'd sleep in my car or camp out in an RV park before I'd part with my animals, but that's got to be total desperation.

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Poor Puppy where was this at???
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Originally Posted by azza
Poor Puppy where was this at???
It was in the North East of England.
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Bastards I really despair at the human race sometimes, I can't understand such mindless cruelty to a defenceless animal.

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Terrible...Just terrible...I'm hugging my poor little doggies now...

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i have a black labbie. if someone did this to my puppy they would definitely pay. and i wouldn't wait for the courts to take care of them either cos the courts really dont seem to care about animal abuse. people usually just get a slap in the wrist. disgusting.

i will never understand why people aren't given a harsher punishment for abusing animals.

cos you'd have to be one sick fuck to hurt a harmless puppy. and you KNOW that the abuse rarely stops at just animals. it's all a matter of when the abuser will move on to bigger things...

most murderers/serial killers/rapists all have a past of abusing animals at a young age. why do we ignore the warning signs?

....This is fucked up, fucked up....

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Unfortunately Holly, if you and they all survived and were caught, you would be punished far more severely. And 25 years ago I saw a car deliberately swerve accross an empty road @ night and deliberately run down a stray cat; nothing surprises me anymore re. animal cruelty. (Not much does re. that between humans, either).
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I just can find words that would describe people who could do something like that

I would send them to jail for 15 years and I am serious.

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this makes me sick

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