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Thankless Assholes! (Warning, Political Thread)

Poll: Muslims call U.S. 'ruthless, arrogant'
February 26, 2002 Posted: 7:54 PM EST (0054 GMT)



PRINCETON, New Jersey (CNN) -- Residents of nine Muslim countries called the United States "ruthless and arrogant" in a new poll, with most describing themselves as "resentful" of the superpower.

The Gallup poll found that by a 2-to-1 margin, residents in these nations express an unfavorable opinion of the United States, and a majority also indicated their displeasure with President Bush.

Most Muslims surveyed expressed the view that the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States were not justified morally, but larger majorities labeled U.S. military action in Afghanistan "morally unjustifiable."

Sixty-one percent said they did not believe Arab groups carried out the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Researchers conducted face-to-face interviews with 9,924 residents of Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to gauge public opinion in those countries following the September 11 attacks. About half of the world's Muslim population lives in those nine countries. Not every question was asked in every nation.

The overall view was not a positive one for the United States: 53 percent of the people questioned had unfavorable opinions of the United States, while 22 percent had favorable opinions.

Most respondents said they thought the United States was aggressive and biased against Islamic values. Specifically, they cited a bias against Palestinians.

They also view American values as deeply materialist and secular and American culture as a corrupting influence on their societies, the poll found.

Residents of Lebanon had the highest favorable opinion of the United States, at 41 percent, followed by NATO ally Turkey with 40 percent. The lowest numbers came from Pakistan, at 5 percent.

Twenty-eight percent of Kuwaitis, 27 percent of Indonesians, 22 percent of Jordanians, 22 percent of Moroccans, 16 percent of Saudi Arabians and 14 percent of Iranians surveyed had a favorable view of the United States.

On Bush, 58 percent of those surveyed had unfavorable opinions, compared with 11 percent who had favorable views.

Of those surveyed, 67 percent saw the September 11 attacks as morally unjustified, while 15 percent of the respondents said they were morally justified. But 77 percent said the U.S. military action in Afghanistan was morally unjustified, compared with 9 percent who said it was morally justified.

The interviews were conducted between December and January. The respondents were randomly selected and did not know a U.S. firm was sponsoring the poll.

Gallup said the sampling error was plus or minus 1 percentage point for questions asked in all nine countries and plus or minus 4 percentage points for questions broken down by individual nations.

When you consider the long history between the US and Saudi Arabia, and all the military assistance the Americans have given them over the years, I find it disgusting that the Saudi population likes the US only the tiniest margin more than Iran does. The Kuwaitis should be ashamed of themselves as well. The number for Pakistan shocks me.
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I won't mention too much on this.. but frankly i could careless on what other countries think about the usa..i find it more so ironic and disgusting that a majority of the youth and people in these countries in a sense try to copy the american "style" ..after the attacks i seen an interview they did with 2 young men in pakistan in which they constantly bashed the usa and its government throughout the entire segment and yet it "was their dream to live and study in america" and what were they wearing?? some nike clothing, and listening to britney spears and michael jackson and then they turn right around and shame the usa for the morals of todays youth and what have u.. yet they want to live here!! .. they even said if it came to it they would kill americans if a "holy war" was called upon yet they want to live here!!! .. i hope they stay in their countries because people like that are what cause problems here.. i mean if you don't like our country why live here or want to live here i just don't get it...

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22 percent had favorable opinions
That's a start at least.

And yes, Saudi Arabia unfortunately doesn't like the United States. Probably because it's a rather harsh monarchy and only the gov't wants US bases there. Almost all the major Arabic terrorists are from Saudi Arabia... including bin Laden.

It's a shame that more people don't like the United States... but after what we have done to them it's understandable. I only hope that future American leaders (obviously Bush will be no help) will try to repair relations with Arabic nations... especially countries like Turkey and Egypt who have been very helpful to us in the past and deserve to be treated better by us than they are.

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...and I always thought the Turks loved America ...America's secular culture destroying the morals of their culture? yes I can see the how it destroys the culture of the Taliband--or more moderated ones like Egypt who still butcher female genitiles--or Saudia Arabia who imprisons females who are raped by their brother-in-law...i can see how secularism would destroy their cultures
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You need to brush up on your Egyptian information. Egypt is one of the more liberal Islamic nations.

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Ron Paul for President 2012!
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