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Your Top 3 Friends Episodes and Character...

Since there is only one more episode left , lets discuss our favorite episodes...

Here are mine:

1) The episode when everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler. The BEST episode EVER!!!

"So...this is my bra" - Phoebe

2) The Friends quiz episode where Monica and Rachel bet Chandler and Joey for their apartment

"Viva Las Gay-gas!!" - Monica

3) Monica teaches Chandler how to please a woman...

"7,7,7...SEVEN!!!" - Monica

My all time fave character = Phoebe!!!!!

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good thread....

I'm like you...the best episode ever is the one where they all find out about Chandler and Monica. And Phoebe pretends to want him.. Classic.

2.) When Ross has a british accent while he teaches..

3.) When Monica and Rachael fight over something that they both think is theirs (a lamp?) and they become Phoebe's bitches..

I also like the 7, 7,

Phoebe is my favourite character!!
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Oh so many great eps to choose from. My fav. character is probably Rachel, just for the hot factor

But my favorite character that isn't one of the 6 friends is Janice. "Oh...My....God..."
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1- Monica and Ross audition to dance on TV for New Year's.
2- Rachel pretends to be a smoker b/c she wants the promotion at work.
3- Ross pretends to have a fake accent while teaching his class.

Fave character= Phoebs
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My favorite character without a doubt: Chandler

1. Chander in a box "Air hole!"
2. The one where no one's ready. "Get out of chair" "Aw you would have drunk the fat"
3. the one where it should have been "ug i'm having another heart attack!"

" You have to take it like a fighter. You're going to get punched and you've got to take the blows and just keep coming back." - Jennifer Capriati 6/01/04
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1. Everyone is throwing the ball around, and Monica takes over the game. "Let's go Team Monica!" Also, Rachel buys that strange fur-less cat ("I'm going to take Mrs. Whiskerson home! Well, what am I supposed to call her, Fluffy? )

2. The one where everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler. Phoebe is great trying to seduce Chandler ("I'm very bendy!")

3. Even though it's a sad episode, I can never turn off the one where Ross and Rachel break up. It is SOOOOOO sad, but it's beautifully written and acted.

Favorite character: Rachel. She's the one that I can idenify with the most.
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How did I guess your favourite would be Phoebe. I heart Phoebe. Then Rachael, then Janice.
Also, Rachel buys that strange fur-less cat ("I'm going to take Mrs. Whiskerson home! Well, what am I supposed to call her, Fluffy? )
OMG, i almost died during that episode. She had this cushion that it went on The one where she tries to smoke is also a classic.

Women's tennis sucks.

Go Rafa.

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1. The One with the Lottery Tickets -- when Phoebe calls up impersonating the pigeon, it's classic (" wasn't that pretty lady's fault. bye...cooo").
2. The One Where Ross Gets Married--again, Phoebe shines, it was the seasoning-ending episode when she's stuck back in NY and everyone's in London for Ross' wedding to Emily. Lisa Kudrow won an Emmy.
3. I can't remember the name, but the one where Sean Penn is Ursula's fiance.

Whitney Houston and her receipts:
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I adore Friends.

I watched last night an episode from the last season (yes, I know, we are waaayyyy behind in Switzerland) about the bachelor party for Phoebe and Danny DeVito as a stripper (The One where the stripper cries).

All episodes crack me up.

My fav is Monica actually - prob because she reminds me of myself.
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Friends is my favorite show EVER

Here are my top 3:

1) The one with the Prom Video
2) The one with Phoebe's Uterus (Where the girls lose their apartment)
3) The one where Everybody Finds Out (Where phoebe tries to seduce chandler )

I could go on and on for years... I loved every episode of friends with the exception of the last.

My favorite friend is Phoebe, she's the best. Has anyone watched "The Comeback" with her? It's fucking hilarious.


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Not favorite episode, but favorite moment I recall is when Phoebe has trouble with the fire alarm in her apartment...
so she takes it off the wall, opens it up, looks at it while mumbling "huh huh", then takes out her huge heeled shoe from under the table and start smacking it to pieces... i just LOVED that scene ahahahha
and fav character is Phoebe, she is the most freaking hilarious one.

MARIA SHARAPOVA: "Amélie, you know it doesn't really matter at this point. I mean, I'd love to, I mean, Amélie is No. 1 in the world. She's playing great tennis. You know, I love that challenge of going out there and competing against the best in the world."
You'd love to what, Maria?

Originally Posted by prowler
This Amelie bashing gets more ludicrous by the day! What do you want her to do, crawl back to the chair???? For heavens sake who gives a toss how she gets back to the chair!
Originally Posted by Dawn Marie

Amelie FINALLY won two slams I mean let the woman RUN to her fucking chair.
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Friends is great! I really miss the guys...

However, my all-time faves are:
1) The one in Las Vegas
2) The one with the other sister (u know, the one with Applegate) and every other Thanksgiving episode!
3) The one with the lottery etc.

Seriously, there are too many to name them all!!!

Can´t say who my fave is, they are all lovely although I really liked....ahhh no, love them all!

Riding the 3AM Rollercoaster

Justine - Nastya - Ana

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Blek started this. I'm not that surprised really .

My favourite character is Phoebe and followed closely by Monica.

1. The One with Rachel's Other Sister @ Thanksgiving where Christina Applegate was the guest star. Classic.

Monica: Is this your first time you're seeing Emma?
Amy: Yeah I think so. (shake hands with Phoebe) It's nice to meet you Emma.
Phoebe : Phoe-Be.
Amy: Oh. That's a funny noise.

Amy: I'm just not really a big fan of Emily.
Ross: Emma.
Amy turns around to Phoebe) Emma, Ross wants you.
Phoebe: PHOE-BE.
Amy : Why does she keep making that noise?

2. The One Where Everyone Finds Out. @ the they don't know that we know that they know that we know.

3. The One With The Cake. Emma's first birthday. The racing part is classic

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1) The one where everyone finds out that is the most hillarious episode EVER "They don't know that we know they know we know!

Too many others to put them into order though the one where Joey can't find the hot girl is a classic

Chandler: I gotta check out this hot girl....there she is. *kisses Monica*

Love the Ross/British accent one & Rachel pretends she's from Bombay

Fave character: Overall probably Chandler.
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