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Tennis injury- My hand/thumb

I played tennis for 3 hours Saturday, a very tough 5 set match.
Then Monday played an easy 6-0 6-1
Then Tuesday played a VERY tough 3 set match that lasted 2 1/2 hours
Then yesterday I played an easy 6-2 6-2 match.

Anyway, I've played a crapload of tennis lately. Now I have a terrible pain in my hand. It's definitely from holding the racket, it's in the lower part of my thumb. It just feels really tight and when I pull my thumb back or out at all it gets a really sharp pain.

It's not anything serious, but I don't want it to happen everytime I play a lot of tennis. Is there a name for an injury like this? I would imagine it would be pretty common among tennis players.

Is there anything I can do for it now? Like ice or heat or anything to make it more comfortable? And is there anything preventative I can do for the future? Wrap it somehow or do exercises to strengthen it?

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