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Re: Date Kimiko Return!

Translated by Auto translation system.
The fourth place world rank of the girl tennis that retired itself in November, 96, Kimiko Date (37 ) interviewed in Tokyo on 7th and I was active and expressed what I returned to in tour lower part meeting of the start, a double of kangaroo cup (Gifu) after an interval of 12 on 29th.) Not the tour that the world top gathers, I will aim for an all-Japan championship (November 9 or more, Tokyo) for the time being in future on the stage of the country. I advocate "young upbringing" as a purpose of this return, and the registration becomes "culm Kimiko Date".
  ◇   ◇
 While is regretted, retire itself at 26 years old; and 12 years. For the surprise return of the heroine who built 1:00 charges in the Japanese tennis world, the reporters more than 70 surrounded a coat. I marry the Michael culm of the racer in 01. It was a comeback interview that it changed registration to the Japanese association to "culm Kimiko Date".
 I "think that it is given the player whom I cannot manage in a match, a young player stimulation". The player who can fight in the world wants you to come out. In comparison with the boy that Kiyoshi Nishikiori of 18 years old accomplished tour first V in February, I was anxious about the future of the girl whom Ai Sugiyama of 32 years old pulled and volunteered for the part of copybook of young person upbringing.
 With an opportunity, it was "a dream match" of March 15 when it won 2 straight victories to Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf of Queen Hajime. I ran for half a year and confided it when the fresh sense that sprouted while I possessed it by an exercise of six a week day when I had not "felt it till now" was "convinced" of.
 The main battlefield becomes the country in fact. After, with a kangaroo cup, having made Nara Kumuri (the amount of large product roughly linked verse) and a double; Fukuoka international girl (change the each partner who is May 6 ~)→ Kurume-shi best amenity Cup (13th or more), and participate in a double.)
 There "can be the told things such as a part of men Tal, maintenance of the motivation, a way of the concentration". If it hears it, it answers that it is answered. I put the present target for the all-Japan championship by the singles while I carry a coach on a coat.
 Though "a case is different from other people, there do not be sometimes such a person". Thing or - that the rising shot that reached the fourth place world supports birth of "the second Date." After time of 12 years, the challenge that considered the world opens a curtain again.
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