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#0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Congrats to new grass GOATs rvugt and RU Edy!!!!

Remember, every choice, whether good or bad, can be deadly...

Suicide Eastbourne 2009

2008 Final:
Law_ (AUS) def. Dementieva_Dude (CAN) (Day06 NO PICK over Day05)

2007 Final:
Gigi (GEO) def. (1) timray (BEL) (WINNER over WINNER)

2006 Final:
(1) SloKid (SLO) def. adachi (CHN) (DAY06 WITH PICK over DAY06)

1. Each day of play, you must pick 1 winner playing a WTA main draw singles match. (READ: DO NOT PICK A MATCH FROM THE QUALIFYING DRAW!). Of course, the player that you choose, is playing one match scheduled to be played that day (as seen on the order of play).

2. Once you pick someone, you cannot choose them again for the rest of the tournament. So when you pick Elena Dementieva Day01 as most people are wont to do, you can't pick her again in Day06, so be careful kiddies.

3. You must choose one player to win each day. If you forget, are sick, are unable to reach a computer, or sexting with Agnieszka it will be treated as a wrong pick, and you will be out of the tournament. As well, your pick must be chosen before the pick's match has commenced, otherwise it will be considered a wrong pick, and thus you will again, be out of the tournament.

4. Only in the case of a walkover, or a withdrawal, each player is allowed to have a back-up pick, selected at the same time as their initial pick. That back-up pick will only be used in the occurence of a walkover or withdrawal, as stated above. Retirements do count as completed matches.

Replacement picks must be identitified like this:

BACK-UP PICK - Elena Dementieva

If it is not clearly identitified, then both picks will be declared invalid.

5. Since this is a Premier tournament, the Top 8 ranked players to commit will receive a Day 01 bye and will not have to make a pick.

6. To sign up, please type the word "in," although I haven't done that in about a year and a half. If you post your Day01 pick, then you don't have to sign in beforehand, and you will be on the entrylist either way. Just make sure to post your pick in time.

7. Please be advised that you may only play ONE Suicide Tennis tournament per week. If you try to hog points here and in MM'togenbosch you will be disqualified.

8. Once your pick is posted, that pick is final and may not be changed. Please make sure you are confident in your pick before posting it. If you edit your pick, your pick will be null and void and you will be out on that given day.
If you delete your pick, you are disqualified from the tournament.

Ranking Points for Suicide Eastbourne (Premier)

DAY 01 - 1
Day 02 - 30
Day 03 - 90
Day 04 - 120
Day 05 - 200
Day 06 - 320
Day 06 - 380 (WITH PICK)
WINNER - 470
Tournament Homepage


Further Information

Time in Eastbourne Use this

Suicide Tennis Introduction and Rules - Please click this

Suicide Tennis Rankings - Please click this


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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!

Suicide Eastbourne Entrylist

#41 rvugt [Stosur, Li, A. Radwanska, Bartoli, Razzano, Wozniacki] - WINNER
#91 Edy. [Zheng, Li, Bartoli, Wozniak, Razzano, Wozniacki] - RUNNER-UP

updated to post #350

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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!


Day02 Exit: 3 (1 pt)
#2 MH0681 [Bye, Kleybanova]
#3 joe87 [Bye, Jankovic]
#8 Meelis [Bye, Keothavong]

Day02 Exit: 15 (30 pts)
#10 Drake1980 [Zheng, Kuznetsova]
#19 Law_ [Razzano, Keothavong]
#31 meb [Razzano, Keothavong]
#32 libre83 [Razzano, Groth]
#45 Yarden [Zheng, Keothavong]
#60 Hantu [Zheng, Jankovic]
#64 Alex. [Razzano, Keothavong]
#88 Buitzenorg [Zheng, Groth]
#94 Legend1 [Razzano, No Pick]
#99 Cp6uja [Zheng, Kuznetsova]
#104 twight6 [Zheng, Keothavong]
#105 Hurley [Dementieva, No Pick]
#135 Dodoboy. [Razzano, No Pick]
#146 Slutiana [Zheng, No Pick]
NR kuzi20 [Zheng, Jankovic]

Day03 Exit: 66 (90)
#1 In The Zone [Bye, Dushevina, Zheng]
#5 Andreas [Bye, Dushevina, Mauresmo]
#6 qczi [Bye, Dushevina, Petrova]
#7 Peter Pan [Bye, Li, Petrova]
#9 FORZA SUCKETTA [Dementieva, Li, Mauresmo]
#12 pierce0415 [Stosur, Li, Petrova]
#13 LUXXAS [Razzano, Dushevina, Mauresmo]
#14 Chris84 [Razzano, Li, Mauresmo]
#15 ganymedeyu [Razzano, Dushevina, Petrova]
#16 sd3300123 [Dementieva, Li, Petrova]
#17 Gavnich77 [Zheng, Li, Petrova]
#18 HenryMag [Razzano, Dushevina, Dementieva]
#20 Ekin [Dementieva, Dushevina, Petrova]
#22 Ivanovic Fan!!!! [Dementieva, Li, Petrova]
#23 vamos israel [Zheng, Li, Mauresmo]
#25 Zauber [Dementieva, Li, Petrova]
#26 DoctorG [Razzano, Li, Mauresmo]
#27 bhebhe [Razzano, Wozniacki, Bammer]
#28 Chrono [Razzano, Li, Mauresmo]
#29 Renalicious [Razzano, Li, Petrova]
#33 Jolene [Dementieva, Li, Bammer]
#34 hotel [Dementieva, Dushevina, Petrova]
#35 Mikey. [Razzano, Dushevina, Mauresmo]
#37 shaktincredible [Zheng, Li, Dementieva]
#38 DarkChildSwiss [Razzano, Li, Petrova]
#44 Freakan [Dementieva, Wozniacki, Mauresmo]
#46 Wedgie619 [Stosur, Wozniacki, Mauresmo]
#49 Ballbasher [Razzano, Dushevina, Petrova]
#51 Tales [Dementieva, Li, Mauresmo]
#52 Brenda fan [Razzano, Li, Petrova]
#53 smokovec [Dementieva, Dushevina, Petrova]
#54 Uranium [Razzano, Makarova, Petrova]
#55 YouScreamMeCream [Dementieva, Bartoli, Zheng]
#58 LudwigDvorak [Razzano, Li, Petrova]
#59 NyCPsU [Razzano, Dushevina, Mauresmo]
#61 cometz9 [Stosur, Bartoli, Mauresmo]
#63 adrygf [Zheng, Li, Mauresmo]
#67 leoneo [Zheng, Wozniacki, Dementieva]
#71 kline [Razzano, Dushevina, Petrova]
#74 Sexysova [Zheng, Li, Petrova]
#80 kasia_q [Zheng, Wozniacki, Petrova]
#81 poiree [Zheng, Li, Mauresmo]
#82 scooper [Zheng, Li, Mauresmo]
#83 wateva [Razzano, Dushevina, Mauresmo]
#89 Danka-Hantuchova [Zheng, Li, Petrova]
#102 Sharapowerr [Zheng, Li]
#106 kinseh [Razzano, Li, Mauresmo]
#108 heart [Stosur, Bartoli, Mauresmo]
#111 Kovalchuk [Razzano, Bartoli, Mauresmo]
#112 vaidisova28 [Razzano, Li, Mauresmo]
#114 openwong [Dementieva, Bartoli, Petrova]
#120 Adal [Zheng, Li, Mauresmo]
#123 no mercy!!! [Razzano, Li, Mauresmo]
#127 inktrailer [Zheng, Li, Dementieva]
#130 Broseghini [Stosur, Li, Petrova]
#137 shuai.P [Zheng, A. Radwanska, Mauresmo]
#147 tamwilltan [Razzano, Li, Zheng]
#161 Marco_tennis [Zheng, Li, Mauresmo]
#173 Craigapova [Zheng, Li, Mauresmo]
#178 justine schnyder [Zheng, Dushevina, Petrova]
#180 Derevko [Stosur, Dushevina, Petrova]
#186 adner [Razzano, Li, Mauresmo]
#191 *Jean* [Zheng, Li, Petrova]
#202 tiffanykatya [Dementieva, Dushevina, Petrova]
#229 steph1982 [Dementieva, Li, Mauresmo]
NR iPatty [Razzano, Dushevina, Zheng]

Day05 Exit: 3 (200)
#40 Dementieva_Dude [Razzano, Li, Medina Garrigues, Wozniak, Bartoli]
#47 delicatecutter [Dementieva, Li, A. Radwanska, Wozniacki, Wozniak]
#56 inger67 [Zheng, Li, Wozniacki, Wozniak, Bartoli]

Day06 Exit (WITH PICK): 4 (380)
#4 Ceze [Bye, Makarova, Bartoli, Wozniak, Wozniacki, Razzano]
#43 lover_of_myskina [Zheng, Li, Bartoli, Wozniak, Wozniacki, Razzano]
#30 ronim1 [Zheng, Li, Bartoli, Wozniak, Wozniacki, Razzano]
NR feifei [Dementieva, Li, Bartoli, Wozniak, Wozniacki, Razzano]

Day06 WINNER: 2 (470)
#41 rvugt
#91 Edy.

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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!

Daily Statistics


Most Picked: Razzano (31), Zheng (30), Dementieva (17), Stosur (7)
Best Pick: Stosur, for losing a mere three games against Lisicki
Challengers Out: 0
Challengers Remaining: 93
Suicide Player of the Day: "Can Lightning Strike Thrice?" Award: Law_ - Not only is he the defending champion in Eastbourne, but the Tokyo '07 champion and Bangkok '07 runnerup, the previous two tournaments that I managed. Clearly Law_ enjoys the grass and when I run tournaments...will he make another run?


Most Picked: Li (44), Dushevina (17)
Best Pick: A. Radwanska, dropping two games to lil' sis U. Radwanska
Challengers Out: 18
Challengers Remaining: 75
Suicide Player(s) of the Day: "Prescience Is a Virtue" Award: Ceze/Uranium - The only two challengers to pick Makarova, they were actually backup choices in the stead of Azarenka, while others died or lost tons of games with Dushevina as their backups...did they know something we did not?


Most Picked: Petrova (28), Mauresmo (27), Bartoli (5), Zheng (4), Dementieva (4)
Best Pick: A. Radwanska, dropping one game in four to Li
Challengers Out: 66
Challengers Remaining: 9
Suicide Player of the Day: "I May Have Picked a Grass-Court Clown, But I Certainly Am Not" Award: Dementieva_Dude - In a day with mass suicide over supposed obvious favorites, Dementieva_Dude took the only risk out of 75 challengers by picking Medina Garrigues and is one step closer to gaining the title so woefully denied to him in 2008. Cool stuff, dude.


Most Picked: Wozniak (6), Wozniacki (2), Bartoli (1)
Best Pick: Wozniak, dropping one game to Dushevina
Challengers Out: 0
Challengers Remaining: 9
Suicide Player of the Day: "Unseeded Unranked and Looming" Award: feifei - This unranked Chinese qualifier with the adorable panda in his avatar is in his first suicide event and just one Wozniacki away from an easy 320 points. What a debut!


Most Picked: Wozniacki (4), Razzano (2), Bartoli (2), Wozniak (1)
Best Pick: Razzano, five games lost, and likely loser in the final
Challengers Out:3
Challengers Remaining: 6
Suicide Player of the Day: "Don't Stop Believin'" Award: delicatecutter - Hold on to that feeling Walter, after starting a rivalry with delicatecutter early in the clay season, he's outperformed me in nearly every event we've entered including here, so it would have pained me personally to christen him with the Eastbourne crown. But he's a former grand slam champion and should never lose faith. You'll get a fifth title eventually, just not here


Most Picked: Razzano (4), Wozniacki (2)
Best Pick: Wozniacki
Challengers Out: 4
Challengers Remaining: 2
Suicide Player of the Day: "He's Beauty and He's Grace, He's Mister United Kingdom" Award: rvugt - It was very clear to me even a couple days ago that rvugt would take this title very handily given the games he had lost, and even under the pressure of winning such a big title looming ahead he stayed strong. Too bad it was Wozniacki that won you the title, you deserve better than that! Celebrate quickly though, Wimbledon's starting tomorrow.

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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!

Chris' Cognitive Pre-Match Predictions


Elena Dementieva v. Maria Kirilenko:
Dementieva, the surprisingly #1 seed in an even more surprisingly strong premier event, is probably going to lose on grass to Maria Kirilenko. Actually, no, she isn't playing THAT bad, but after having written in at least ten people picking Dementieva for Day01, my introduction is simply proven right. The easy pick, but more likely to lose in QF than 2R if you're picking her to advance.

Nadia Petrova vs Ana Ivanovic:
Petrova's worst surface is actually grass, even if her serve is amplified a little bit from it. Keep in mind she lost to Dementieva, of all people, on grass last year. That said, Ivanovic isn't much better, if at all better than Petrova on grass. Last night I expected Ivanovic to win, now I wouldn't be surprised if Petrova won...or choked it in three sets. Either way, look for a couple of tight sets within the inevitable three-set horror show this will be. My tentative pick is Petrova.

Samantha Stosur vs Sabine Lisicki:
Coming off her first and last slam semifinal run, Stosur seems to be in pretty hot form, and that was on her supposed worst surface. She made the quarterfinals of Eastbourne last year, losing to Wozniacki, and is fairly comfortable on the surface. The windiness of the tournament is to her disadvantage, however. Lisicki's a darkhorse anywhere she goes, but how has her injury recovery been? She definitely isn't proven on grass yet, either. Form and skill show Stosur should win this comfortably enough.

Alize Cornet vs Virginie Razzano:
One of the worst matches I ever saw was Razzano/Radwanska at this very event last year. Razzano was awful, and she somehow pushed it to three sets. Cornet's lost most of her form, is no good on grass, and will find a way to get outhit from her elder countrywoman. Easy three set battle for Razzano.

Carla Suarez Navarro vs Jie Zheng:
CSN has a good all-court game! She should not, by any means, be ineffective on grass, and Zheng has proven she is certainly not invincible on this surface. She is the more likely candidate to win but I'll pick this as an upset win for Suarez Navarro. Her serve, volleys, and slice should disrupt the tempo of Zheng's game long enough to score the W.


Agnieszka Radwanska v. Urszula Radwanska:
Another all-sister matchup. Urszula's favorite surface is grass, and Agnieszka won Eastbourne last year, so this could be a great match. Little sis won their match in Dubai earlier this year, but I don't think Agnieszka will let this one slip by again, especially as defending champion. Her illnesses earlier in the year have passed, and I expect to see her through to the quarterfinals, if not semifinals.

Anna Chakvetadze v. Jelena Jankovic:
Another incredible first round encounter...on paper. Both have been playing poor tennis all year, Chakvetadze in particular, and this could potentially go either way, but I have a feeling this is one of those that could be tough/a battle and simply won't be. Chakvetadze is 6-3 in the head-to-head, 1-1 on grass, but she hasn't beaten a top player in well over a year and Jankovic is not playing that badly. Jankovic in straight sets.

Amelie Mauresmo v. Vera Zvonareva:
Zvonareva was in the form of her life last fall and in the spring this year, finally breaking through on the big stage winning Indian Wells with her tactical, thinking woman's game and looked poised for even bigger and better. Then she got injured, and that, coupled with this being her first match back, being a far less privy grass courter in comparison to Mauresmo, and having only beaten Mauresmo once in late '07 in nine encounters, I don't give Zvonareva much of a chance. Mauresmo's impressive 5-0 record against the top ten this year should hold up to 6-0 tomorrow.

Caroline Wozniacki v. Alisa Kleybanova:
Upset special on the rocks, here. Kleybanova will be able to hit through Wozniacki more than she did on clay, and after many life threatening injuries during the clay season for the Dane during which she won a title and made two other finals and played nearly every single week back to back to back while on the brink of death regardless, she finally cracked a bit during Paris. If her spine, groin, legs, spleen, etc are all healed this upset probably won't happen, but I'm banking that Wozniacki isn't anywhere near her best at the moment.

Aleksandra Wozniak v. Svetlana Kuznetsova:
Poor Aleks. Bye.

Na Li v. Elena Baltacha:
Baltacha is a lesser version of Li in many ways, so of course Li wins this one. What makes this match interesting in the context of suicide, however, is if you pick Li, will she lose to one of the Radwanska sisters? Dementieva, Razzano? Do you want to make a potential semifinalist/finalist your Day02 choice? Personally, I'm holding out for Agnieszka defeating Li, so this is a pretty excellent pick if I am correct.

Jarmila Groth v. Ekatarina Makarova:
Makarova's smooth, elegantly timed strokes should work well on grass given this were 1985, and Groth's power game is perfectly suited for the surface. Makarova is the better player, but on the surface I expect she will be overpowered by the Slovstralian in two sets...perhaps three.

Sybille Bammer v. Anne Keothavong:
Interesting matchup. British #1 against someone struggling as badly as Bammer, for sure whoever wins this match is going to lose to Azarenka in the second round, but with Keothavong you just never know what's going to happen. She seems like a game pick to me, better on grass too, but her self will probably find a way to lose. I'm going with Keothavong, God help us all.

Anabel Medina Garrigues v. Victoria Azarenka:
I don't think this will be the walk in the park everyone expects it to be...maybe a brisk walk, or a relaxed jog. AMG must have some kind of confidence to enter a tournament this level on grass and expect to win a match, so maybe she'll pull the surprise. Not likely.

Gisela Dulko v. Marion Bartoli:
16 75 61.

Ai Sugiyama v. Vera Dushevina:
Definitely a good pick to make from this match, especially as the winner will lose to Kuznetsova in the second round, but who to make from it? Sugiyama, who has won two sets in seven tournaments leading up to here, or Dushevina who rocked her way through qualifying to make it here. Then again, this is Vera Dushevina we're talking about here. You feel comfortable picking her? Go for it. It should be a great pick. Really. I mean it.


Elena Dementieva v. Virginie Razzano:
As a Dementieva fan, it's hard to look at her matches objectively sometimes, and I clearly was a bit off yesterday with some of my predictions. Still, unless Razzano plays one of her incredible matches she throws in every now and again, this is in Dementieva's hands to lose. They played once before several years ago (Dementieva won in straights) and if her form were any better than it is now I'd have some more confidence picking her, but still, she's a top five player early on in a TII event. I'm picking her to win, but any match from here on out I expect her to lose. A good pick to make.

Agnieszka Radwanska v. Na Li:
Radwanska is a fairly smart player, and Li is a fairly dumb one by contrast. On that principle alone I would expect Radwanska to win, as for sure her grass skills are superior to Li's, if not overall or in general. Still, Radwanska is having ups and downs all year, mostly downs, and we have the knowledge that Li is doing well on grass this year. Still, I expect Radwanska to be able to exploit Li's errors well enough--Aga in straights.

Anna Chakvetadze v. Marion Bartoli:
Before the draw came out, I expected Bartoli to make the QF very easily since she had her lapdogs Jankovic and Chakvetadze looming, and she simply couldn't ask for a better draw based on head-to-heads. However, knowing Chakvetadze and how she is when she can get a win or two, she keeps winning to piss me off, generally in some kind of three-set comeback or even a dismissal of a player I like or am fond of, Bartoli happening to be one of those. Form, head-to-head, ability on grass, all advantages to Bartoli, I have a feeling are about to be thrown to the wind. Chakvetadze wins by whatever crazy score you can think of.

Caroline Wozniacki v. Samantha Stosur:
I can't even find a snarky comment worthy enough to show the sheer disdain I have for both of these players. Stosur should advance, getting some nice revenge for the Eastbourne loss to Wozniacki last year. The winner should also lose to the winner of Makarova/Mauresmo, as well, so if you haven't already picked Stosur or Wozniacki, this is a good opportunity to take.

Sybille Bammer v. Anabel Medina Garrigues:
Oh my. It seems I was right, Anabel had some confidence she'd win a round in Eastbourne, whether it was over Azarenka or Martinez Sanchez, and she'll be taking this check to the bank with some pep in her step for sure. So sure, the draw gods were kind to her, and even with Bammer they continue to be. I don't REALLY have a particular favorite for this one, but I refuse to believe in Bammer, frankly put. She's beaten AMG on hardcourts the previous two meetings, but both are grass-court 's. A part of me expects AMG to win and continue this dream MM draw to a premier QF, but then the more rational side realizes THIS IS AMG ON GRASS. Still. Going with AMG.

Amelie Mauresmo v. Ekatarina Makarova:
I don't know why, but I completely expect Mauresmo to lose this/Makarova to win it. Nagging feeling in my stomach. I'm probably wrong, but I see major danger in this one...even if I expected Groth to beat her yesterday.

Nadia Petrova v. Vera Dushevina:
Dushevina's done great to qualify and squeak past quickly fading veteran Sugiyama, but with someone who can actually attack that forehand of hers, she is going bye bye. IMO the best pick for Day03, but then she should be able to beat Zheng or Wozniak too. Choices, choices.

Jie Zheng v. Aleksandra Wozniak:
I'm not sure why so many people are picking Zheng, she's showing very inconsistent form and WHAT a win for Wozniak in the first round! I expect this to be a tight match with a few key points being essential for whoever the winner is, but I'm placing my money on the Canadian. She can match Zheng's groundstrokes, my only concern is her pitiful serve. But then again Zheng's no ace queen herself. Expect lots of breaks and momentum shifts...mentally, Wozniak should be stronger.


Agnieszka Radwanska v. Virginie Razzano:
Another Eastbourne re-match. I expect the same kind of result again.

Caroline Wozniacki v. Ekatarina Makarova:
Wozniacki should win, and I'm done rooting against her because she keeps winning, so gooooo Caroline. That feeling of an upset is not brewing in my stomach for this one.

Marion Bartoli v. Anabel Medina Garrigues:
Medina Garrigues in a grass premier event QF. Nice. That check just got bigger, and I know she's happy. I can see AMG causing some disruption to Bartoli, her defense is just that good, but her loopers should be attacked, viscerally, and there isn't much she or many others can do against it. Bar a retirement, withdrawal, or complete tank, Bartoli has this in the bag.

Vera Dushevina v. Aleksandra Wozniak:
Dushevina got so lucky. For sure her luck ends here...right? Two impressive wins for Wozniak in a row essentially means nothing for anyone in the WTA, but unless she has another meltdown like against Czink, I don't see her losing this one.


Virginie Razzano v. Marion Bartoli:
A guaranteed spot for France in the final! Razzano's beaten Cornet, Dementieva, and A. Radwanska. Bartoli's taken out Dulko, Chakvetadze, Medina Garrigues. Based on form in this tournament alone, Razzano has an upperhand, slightly, as she's taken out better names. Bartoli, though, is better on the surface and has the experience of taking out Razzano a couple times. Still, this is her third straight Eastbourne semifinal, and she's been shaky in the two before. Is third time the charm? I'm not entirely sure who I think wins, but something in me is telling me Bartoli. Allez Marion!

Aleksandra Wozniak v. Caroline Wozniacki:
Kuznetsova, Zheng, Dushevina v. who cares, everything blends together in some unflavorful vanilla mix when it comes to Wozniacki. It would be INCREDIBLY delightful to see Wozniak make the final, but winning so few games against Wozniacki in two matches before makes me nervous, even if her form this tournament has been incredible. I'm not convinced in my predilection that Wozniak will sneak her first win over Wozniacki, but like Bartoli I am hoping three is the magic number. Very likely that Wozniacki will advance, but it's (more than) a feeling I have.

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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!

Whatever else I may need this for.

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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!

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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!


Belinda Bencic Agnieszka Radwanska
Jamie Hampton ~ Petra Cetkovska ~ Angelique Kerber
Shvedova ~ Cepelova ~ Bacsinszky ~ Gavrilova ~ Bouchard ~ Sevastova ~ Garcia ~ Halep
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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!

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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!


Agnieszka Radwańska
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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!


Mimi Daniela
Sabine A-Woz Ana
Serena Coco JJ Angie
Su-Wei Makiri Kimiko Yarka
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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!


Henin, Schnyder, Jankovic, Aga Radwanska, Cornet

Official Trainer of the Jelena Clinic

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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!

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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!


Singles Titles '09 Fes '10 Strasbourg '11 Palermo, US Open, Linz
Finals '08 Sydney, New Haven '09 Monterrey '10 Wimbledon, Bastad '15 Beijing
Doubles Titles '07 Fes, Forest Hills, Luxembourg '08 Amelia Island, Rome '09 Barcelona, Tashkent '10 Memphis, Moscow '11 Australian Open '12 Paris '13 Sydney '15 Madrid, Bastad, Baku, Washington
Finals '08 Sydney, Miami, Moscow '09 Estoril '10 Eastbourne, Stanford, US Open '12 Montreal '14 Wimbledon '15 Shenzhen, Katowice, Luxembourg, WTA Elite Trophy
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Re: #0196 SUICIDE Tennis - Eastbourne - Sign up and in!

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