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Re: Blic: Jelena and Monika to play exibition in Belgrade next year!

I'm just writing to confirm what rolandg has stated. I've been a huge fan of Monica's since 1989 and have most every article/magazine on her. Her father's family immigrated to Yugoslavia. Both her parents are ethnic Hungarian. She spoke and still speaks Hungarian with her family. She also went to Hungarian school in Novi Sad. She left Serbia when she was 11.
Here's a woman who started traveling to different countries at an early age and left when she was 11. I don't think she ever felt a connection with Serbia. She was too into tennis and being a kid. She was too young to know what was going on with that country politically. (the breakup of Yugoslavia) That's why in 90-93 when people were pressing her on her political views she never talked about it. She knows if she would have said anything she would have come across ignorant because I don't think she felt like she belonged on either side. She has even stated in interviews that she's from Hungary. (interview in 96 that I have on tape). The interviewer asks her where she grew up and she says Hungary.
She's a ethnic Hungarian who happened to be born in Novi Sad.
I think she has fond memories of Novi Sad and Serbia but feels more Hungarian and American.

And your right Rolandg. I find her life fascinating as well. This woman who really is a Mutt if you think about it. Made up of all different ethnic races and torn between each one.

(sorry to use the dog reference but I think it fits)

Monica Seles

The Best of All Time

A True Champion On & Off The Court

Grunt Like you really mean it------Grunt like Monica!

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