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Re: Post ALL spoilers here

Originally Posted by eck View Post
Survivor: All Stars 2
It's set in Palau.

Likely contestants (Thanks to Nutjob of TWoP, and the source, TVSquad):

From Survivor 9: Vanuatu: Julie Berry (5th place finish, Jeff Probst's love interest? Hmmm), Eliza Orlins - 4th place, Ami Cusack - 6th place finish.

From Survivor 10: Palau: Katie Gallagher - finished 2nd, Ian the Dolphin Trainer Dude Rosenberger - finished 3rd, Jenn Lyon - 4th place, Coby Archa - finished 9th.
From Survivor 11: Guatemala: Fishmonger Lydia Morales - finished 4th, doorman Judd Sergeant IV - finished 6th, Gary Ex-Dallas Cowboy Hogeboom - finished 7th.
From Survivor 12: Panama: Terry Dietz - finished 3rd, Cirie Fields - finished 4th, Shane Powers - finished 5th. (Please let Shane not be there, I beg of you!)
From Survivor 13: Cook Islands: Ozzy Lusth (yay!) - finished 2nd, Parvati Shallow (boo) - finished 6th, Jonathan Penner - finished 7th.
From Survivor 14: Fiji: Yau-Man Chan (but I knew that) - finished 4th, Michelle Yi - finished 10th.
From Survivor 15: China: Courtney Yates (don't yell at me, I'm just the messenger) and James Clement.

I can't remember Parvati. Courtney , James

Yau Man, Eliza, Lydia.

This list has already be debunked as fake. It was speculation on the magazine's part. A lot of the people on that list cannot be on ASS2 because they're filmining it now in Palau and they've been (1) spotted or (2) posted on the CBS Survivor Blog.

Don't get your hopes up.

The most probable list thus far is (a lot of these were leaked by Coby from the Palau season, probably bitter for not being asked):

Jonny Fairplay - Panama
Eliza Orlins - Vanuatu
Ami Cusack - Vanuatu
Cirie Fields - Exile Island
Jonathan Penner - Cook Islands
Ozzy Lusth - Cook Islands
Amanda Kimmel - China
James Clement - China

Pavarti Shallow - Cook Islands (based heavily on speculation and not really on any spoiler).

There are questions as to whether the rest of the contestants will be made up of past survivors or if they will cast new people, or celebrities, or perhaps other reality show people (like Charla from Amazing Race, or Omarosa from the Apprentice).

Not much else is known other than they're filming in Palau.


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