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Re: Who will be the best italian player in 2008?

the nr 1 player will still be Francesca, I think she will have a better year, maybe back in the top 20, she was very confident in the last matches she played.
Mara and Flavia will fight for the nr 2 spot, probably staying between nr 30 and 40 in the rankings, cannot see higher, maybe Flavia....
Tax unfortunately will slip down, it would be a miracle if she can play another year at this level. Will finish around nr 60.
I have great hopes in Karin Knapp, she is already top 50, and with a lot of space for improvement, if she can focus she will be with Flavia and Mara in the top 40.
Roby Vinci hopefully can stay in the top 60 too, I do not know how serious her injury is, she only played few good torurnaments in 2007 and managed a decent ranking, so she can actually rise a bit.
Sara Errani surprised me, I hope she can at least keep the top 80 position.
MAria Elena.....mmmm....this is an enigma, she can play really well, but such and inconsistent player...she is much better than her actual ranking, but her head does not help, she might fall down the rankings, or maybe rise into the top 50 again, she is quite young!
The hopes for Italy should be Corinna Dentoni, already showing big changes since Laura Golarsa is training her, maybe a top 150 next year, and then Alice Moroni, still 15, but having good results, Remondina and Di Sarra should do better and finish in the top 300, the Mayr sisters, etc Italy has a lot of very good players, unfortunately I cannot see anyone of these players having a top 10 career.....

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