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Re: The Amazing and Remarkable Monica Niculescu

Just regarding Monica's serve, when I last saw Monica play it was at Roehampton in the qualifying to Wimbledon. At that time Monica was actually making some very decent serves but yes she was also making some quite poor serves too. It was missing quite a bit and sometimes lacked pace. But it wasn't all bad. She hit a few aces as well.

The thing is looking at Monica's results over the past few weeks, not just the fact she is winning almost every match she is playing but even more the manner in which she is dismissing her opponents with such ease, I can't help but think all this talk about her having a weak serve could very well be something that has been sorted out over the last few months. I really don't think we would be seeing the scores she is producing if she was serving at the level shown in that otherwise highly entertaining video with Monica playing Masha. If she is still serving at that level then all I can say is the rest of her game must be scarily good right now. Either way, she appears to be on the fastlane to the top 100 and it doesn't look like she is stopping for traffic lights either.

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