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Question for Williamsfans and spicegirlsfans!

Seems to me that almost every Venusfan likes Serena also ,and vice versa

Same with The spicegirls :Almost every Hingian likes Anna ,and vice versa

Is this true ? Or am i wrong?Come in here and share your thoughts!

Well i'm a true Hingian but I just LOVE the spicegirls and that's why Anna became my second fav (although she doesn't even comes close at Martina )

Luv ya Martina!
Luv ya spicegirls!

Martina Hingis
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Hingis is one of my #1 favs, but yeah I like Anna too.
First because I thought it was so unfair that everyone was always attacking her for nothing, and then she started playing doubles with Marti even better!

Nice question btw

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Generally, that might be true, but I'm sure there are a few who don't necessarily like both.

But I have to admit that I used to dislike Anna a little. I liked the way she played, but when she was younger, she seemed like such a snob and a little bitch by the way she treated her peers. And even Martina didn't have many good things to say about her then. But then when Martina and Anna became friends, I thought, well, if Martina likes her enough to be her friend then Anna can't be all that bad. She does play a good game and she seems much more reserved than when she was a junior. Thus, I like her now.

I'm not the biggest Williams fan. But I do like Venus and I like watching her play. Her personality is great. I don't like Serena as much. In fact, not at all. Venus is the goddess.

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I'm beginning to not mind Hingis since the AO. Before the AO I was sort of happy to see her going down in the ranks and getting beat by the other players because she seemed too cocky when she was on top. I found myself actually rooting for Martina during this year's AO final and after seeing the heartbreaking loss after holding match point, I am beginning to not mind her at all. I don't care for Anna at all. She appears to be a brat and arrogant. She's not a bad tennis player nor is she a particularly good player when compared to most of the Top 20. Besides, I don't like the fact that she makes money off of her looks and tries to associate with a great tennis player (Hingis) just so she can at least win a doubles match. I think that Hingis skill as a tennis player is the biggest reason Anna associates with her. Anna does not seem to be sincere.

I love both of the Williamses. I think they're great both on and off the court. I especially ove how Venus can go in and just steamroll her opponents and then gracefully praise them after the match. I'm always thinking -- Yeah right, Venus, you crushed her and yet you say she played a great match.-- I love Venus, she is 100% class. I like Serena for different reasons. She does often steamroll her opponents but her play is a bit too spotty for my stomach. I swear I am growing grey hair over watching Serena play. Serena steals my heart with her passion and she shows all of the emotion that Venus doesn't. I think that Serena would make a really good friend and she'd be a blast to hang around.
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Well, I love Venus but not Serena, and Anna but not Martina but then it's probably just me being wilfully perverse.

Seriously, I love Venus just because she has so much charisma and personality. Her interviews and press conferences are always fun to read (which is a rarity, to put it mildly), she always looks stunning - in every sense of the word - on court, and since she became a champion she's been unbelievably mature and respectful, always with something nice to say about her opponent. Especially when her opponent's an up and coming player - Lenka Dlhopolcova at the US Open, Daniela at Oz. And before she was a champion, she was totally arrogant - which is, imo, just as attractive. But she's always herself. And she's one of the few people who are physically compelling, who just look amazing, but not through sex appeal - she transcends it.

I love Anna mainly because of sex appeal though - hey, I like Marat for the same reason so it must be OK. And frankly I don't care about Anna's attitude. I do love her game as well though - she has wonderful finesse when she's on.

Serena - I'm ambivalent about. Her muscles scare me slightly, she's not as gracious as Venus but has none of the arrogant self-confidence Venus used to have, and she misuses the word 'hypochondriac' badly. Don't dislike her at all.

Martina - well, I've never been a fan, but I was pulling for her in the Oz final and after that, I'll probably support her a lot more. The game needs her, she's good to watch, and it's horrible to see someone suffering liek she did.
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I like Venus over all the WTA players, sometimes she gets me mad, but I can't help but love her.

Serena I don't like so much. One, because of her mental weakness/choking, and two because of her grunting.

Martina Hingis...I don't know. She's just as cocky and immature as when she was a teenager. Sure, some of you may be fooled these day (with the many whippings she gets and all), but just listen to her speak after a seemingly big win.

I used to like Anna Kournikova, but this partnership with Hingis...I don't know. She's fun ot watch when she is on, but that's rear these day, so...I don't know.

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Serena is my second fav and Venus is not, not that I dislike the last one but I just like Serena a lot more.

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Venus is #1 for me.
Serena is #2.
love both girls, but Venus is by far my favorite.

I like Anna, and although I think she is a bit overhyped, I think she has tennis skills, if she could only get it together mentally, I think she can make some noise on the tour.

Never liked Martina.

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Serena is okay(I think she talks way too much, she needs let her to let tennis do the talking like her sister does), but Venus is simply the best as far as I am concerned. I wuv that kid... What athleticism, what grace, what class! I will never forget her speech after her win over Serena at the US Open... Rena is definitely lucky to have Venus as a sister...
I've always been indifferent towards Anna, because I frankly just don't get the hype .. I still want her to win at least a tier 5 though <evil grin>
When it comes to Martina Hingis I really don't care :P

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Venus#1 favorite
Serena#2 favorite

And if Venus ever plays Serena in a match.. I will always pull for big sis to kick but! I just think that Venus has the type of persoanlity that I could really get along with. She's funny smart and yet has a serious quiet side. I know she loves to read and draw. some things that I too enjoy. Serena is cool too but imho she doesn have a mysterious quality that Venus has.

As far as Anna K. .. She is overhyped but has a good game. I actually like her more than I did a year ago. She seems to be maturing somewhat. But I have this feeling that if we were friends that I would probably have to kick her ass at times. lol

Martina Hingisova.. never liked her and never will. I truley think she's only humble now a BIT cause she is losing big matches. But as soon as she wins again she'll only get rude again. If I were to actually know Hingisova, I am so sure that I would be kicking her ass too.. lol

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I have watched Venus develop and flourish since 97 and I must say that she is a wonderful role model for any player on the tour. She is kind and gracious in defeat and even when she beats a player, Venus always has kind words for them. I think this year Venus will really try and play more.

I like Serena, but she has hurt her own credibility by making excuses for every bad loss. I do think that she is learning though from that mistake by letting her tennis do the talking. After losing six match points and the match to Seles last summer, Serena won the Canadian Open, made it to the finals of the US Open by beating Hingis and Davenport and won the Chase. I think she is growing up a bit and she has a great role model in her sister.

I use to be a huge Hingis fan, but her actions in 1999 made it really difficult for me to remain one. I realize that she was very young and under a lot of pressure, but I never got the sense that Martina was actually sorry for her actions during the Oz and Fo that year. Maybe (hopefully) I am wrong. I do think Hingis is incredibly talented and she has my fullest sympathies for her loss in this year's final. Hopefully, things will turn around for her.

Kournikova, I can take or leave. She is talented, but I get the sense from Anna that she is not willing to really push herself to the next level. She seems to be caught in a rut, merely happy to get decent results and play doubles with Hingis. I think Anna uses her fame (modeling, music videos, movie roles and workout videos) as a way to feel better about herself. In other words, "I may not be able to succeed as a singles player in tennis, but I can get more attention than anyone else." If this is true of Kournikova, then she really needs someone in her life to care enough about her tennis to force her to turn her career around because the competition is tougher and no one is impressed with Anna's fame enough to be intimidated by her. It would be a shame if she spent her career as a doubles specialist because she has more talent than that.

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I much prefer Serena to Venus in terms of playing style and I think she is more talented.

In terms of character though, particularly after her Wimbledon final speech last year, I cannot help but have a lot of respect for Venus and Serena's tendency to get sick (I'm not questioning whether she is or not) during big matches irritates me.

I like both Martina and Anna mainly because they get a lot of stick from the media and seem to be perpetually underrated.
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Im totally going with Grandslammed!
I like them equally!I think each Williams sister has her own great personality and mystery!And what would a lonly Williams sister be?Of course just a simple tennis player!So the great mystery around the Williams sisters has only become one because there are TWO amazing sisters who play amazing tennis!

BTW:For me there is no Hingis-Kournikova question because I dont like them both!!!
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I like Venus because of her style and athleticism and attitude.
Serena is kind of like a shadow of Venus and makes a lot of excuses and is injured even more than Venus. Also grunts very, very loudly. But Serena matches are just as dramatic as Venus' and Serena is amazing in a different way than Venus with the huge muscules and the straight blonde hair and very bold in her talk. But Serena has only played 9 events in 52 weeks so that really is hurting her.
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