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OZ 2002 Wrap Up

The first column is ranking points
The 2nd column is seeding if everyone shows up
(##) is ranking before the tounament

The theme of this year Australia Open seems to be the Caste System. Very little in the way of stepping up occurred.

Three big 'step-ups'

1 Monica Seles finally beat Venus Williams, but lost in the next round to Martia Hingis.

2 Ana-Isabel MEDINA-GUERRIGUES, coming into the tournament ranked #49, had wins Bedanova and Dechy before injurying an ankle vs Monica.

3 Adriana SERRA-ZANETTI - Began tournament ranked #83. Beat Top 15 player (Farina-Elia).

And of course, Jenn came back from one foot in the grave.


4825 01 J.CAPRIATI - Wow.

(Insert 1000 words gushing about 'how incredible Jenn's comeback was', here.)

4288 02 L.DAVENPORT - Come back soon. We miss you.
4200 03 V.WILLIAMS - Guess what? Jenn's serious.
3901 04 M.HINGIS - It may be a while before she recovers from this one.


It's amazing that among these six players there was virtually no movement, ranking-wise.
* 2 of them didn't play
* 2 made QF's
* 2 made SF's

2875 06 S.WILLIAMS
2816 07 J.HENIN
2780 08 A.MAURESMO
2780 09 J.DOKIC
2540 10 M.SELES - Finally beat Venus.


The Disappointments. Not one of these players broke through to the QF's.

1942 12 S.TESTUD
1688 13 M.MALEEVA


Two of the better Human Backboards of the last 20 years. Still Top 20.

1548 16 A.SANCHEZ
1418 17 A.COETZER


The Disappointments II. The New Breed didn't show up. I expected at least one of (Tulyaganova, Schiavone, Bedanova, Krasnoroutskaya) to make the Round of 16.
OTOH, Hantuchova and Grande were beautiful and pleasant surprises.

1230 18 I.TULYAGANOVA (20)
0991 25 D.HANTUCHOVA (28)
0916 28 F.SCHIAVONE (36)
0909 29 R.GRANDE (29)
0876 33 D.BEDANOVA (26)


0747 43 Ana-Isabel MEDINA-GUERRIGUES (49) -

Had a nice run going. Wins over Bedanova and Dechy were wins over players at around her ranking. Retired against Monica with ankle injury.


0724 47 Adriana SERRA-ZANETTI (83) - Had a great tournament. Took out a top 15 player.
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BTW, that's seven straight GS titles for Venus and Jenn. They've played each other once in a GS.
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Amazed at Serena not falling in rank plus she didn't even play in OZ open. Stats like this are really telling. She is really set to rise in rank.. so girl get that ankle healed.

Serena only needs one slam to get up there at the top again.

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when the draw came out everybody was saying that the bottom half in womens and the top half in mens are a lot stronger... the winners came from the weakest halfs of the draw.

it was supposed to be a perfect GS for me with two of my faves (Martina and Marat) in the final... I'm sad about Martina's loss, who gave everyhting, played well but was outfaught... With Marat, I'm angry. He was embarassing in his loss to Thomas. Thomas played well. True. Congrats to him! But Safin sucked all theway. All he could do in that match is to show his negativity.

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I was really impressed by Ana-Isabel MEDINA-GUERRIGUES in this tournament. And it was so annoying for her to be injured against Seles, I felt she might have been able to beat her. I was please though that Seles beat Williams, it shows the improvements she has made under her new coach, Sells, and I hope that she'll keep on improving this year ... Would make the top 10 evern more interesting.

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You say that the players from 5-10 didn't change by rank, but didn't Justine went from 8 to 7 and Dokic lost some places.

Maybe I just misunderstood what you said.

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Noodles - You COULD have misuderstood what I said, but likelier, I just wasn't specific enough. What I wrote was 'virtually no change', which comes down to my being too lazy to write out the details of the specific changes, and why I thought they were trivial.

When the tournament started, there was 110 point differential between #7 and #9.

2780 07 J.DOKIC
2722 08 J.HENIN
2670 09 A.MAURESMO

When it was over, the same three players were #7 thru #9, but now they are only 36 points apart.

2816 07 J.HENIN
2780 08 A.MAURESMO
2780 08 J.DOKIC

And with Lindsay out, it means all three have effectively the same rank for seeding purposes, if everyone plays. In those respects, there was 'virtually no change' in the rankings of those three players.

There IS one effctive change. Those three players went into OZ about 300 points behind Serena. Now it's a 'virtual' 4-way tie. Only 95 points seperates these four players.

2875 06 S.WILLIAMS
2816 07 J.HENIN
2780 08 A.MAURESMO
2780 08 J.DOKIC
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yup you did, as she said virtually no movement.
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ThanX for doing this
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putting Lina in with the "disappointments II" isn' fair.

Not only was her scheduled opponent changed but she's seriously injured.

She won't be back for another 4 weeks minimum.

Just very sad, it should have been Lina's turn to be moving upwards towards Top 20 now she will drop to around 60-70 or lower when she returns.

At least she has a Gold exempt status, just hoping she can make use of it when she comes back fit.

Good luck to my favs


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Jelena should get to No.6 this week
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Its Quite strange that there wasnt n e movement in the rankings. I spose most of the top 10 got to stay where theyw ere last year.
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Lindsay is amazing!!!!!
She dont play but still in contention for number ONE rank until the semis match.
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For starters Monica's win over Venus isn't anything to get excited about, yes she did play well but Venus was severely hampered with her movement, particularly in the 2nd set.

I agree with TBE, Lina was in control of her match before she got injured, you can't say her performance was disappointing, as injuring herself is beyond her control.

Also Grande's victory over Iroda is no surprise. Iroda like Dementieva is over rated. I'd be surprised if Iroda climbs much higher. Grande on the other hand still has her best tennis ahead of her and will in my opinion crack the top 20 this year!

Definitely Medina-Garrigues and both Serra Zanetti's performances were impressive, as was Cindy Watson's to a lesser degree. I was also impressed with Janette Husarova, was such a shame she was overawed with her match as she had played awesome the 1st 3 rounds. Other players that put on impressive performances were Asa Svennson, Bianka Lamade, Celine Beigbeder to name a few. All these players should continue to move up the rankings.

Disappointing to me was Bedanova's performance, although Medina-Garrigues was obviously in devastating form to trounce her.
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AUSBOY - I can understand that individual players may have injury problems. The thing I found most disturbing was that the gap between the top ten and rest of the tour doubled. When OZ started, it was about a 300 point gap between #10 and #11. Now it's about 600 points.

In other words, it makes Marcelo Rios not look totally stupid. The top ten really are that much better than everyone else.

But on a court that slow, with Serena and Lindsay and Jelena absent, this tournament represented the best chance that some of the more hyped newcomers are going to see for a while. Everyone will play RG, and clay won't produce all the ankle and knee injuries Rebound Ace does when they slow it down. In other words, the elite should all be going good at that point. Much harder for a Lina K or a Daja to break through.
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