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Davenport = Choker?

I know this may sound weird coming from a fan of her's but i'm REALLY dissapointed. From the last 7 ( ) finals she has played since her comeback surgery last year she won only 1 against Monica this year in Tokio.
She started off really well lsat year coming to the final at the Morgan Chase Open to Chanda Rubin. It was expected Lindsay to win but not so sure bec. she was comming off an injury and that's exactly what happened. She was 7-5, 5-3 and couldn't close the match eding up loosing 7-5, 6-7, 3-6.
A couple of weeks later she reached the final again at the Pilot Pen Open against a strong Venus Williams, there was nothing for her to do: she was up 5-3 in the first set, but lost the next 10 games.
After a good run in the US OPEN reaching the semis, she again got to the final of the Ladies Kremlin Cup. With Venus Williams loosing in the second round against Maleeva, Lindsay seemed to have an "easy" opponent in the final. That was proven wrong it was Maleeva's good week and despite having a match point Lindsay lost 7-5, 3-6, 6-7
That was a really hard loss to take but two weeks later Lindsay reached ANOTHER final in Zurich where she had a PERFECT record except for a loss to Martina Hingis two years previously. Lindsay again lost having a good lead and 3 match points 6-7, 7-6, 6-3. In this tourney she had had an amazing win against Justine in the finals so as a good one against Clijsters in the QF. So we could say that she was pretty much all set up to win the final but....
She reached no other final that year but ended up with a loss against Monica having 7 match points left.

2003: She started off really well reaching the final of the Adidas Internation Open but again failed to win the title with an amazing Kim beating her 6-4, 6-3. Lindsay did not play "well" the final Clijsters was just too much.
A week later in the AO she could not win the 4th round match against Justine despite being down in the second set 1-4 and up in the third 4-1. Another VERY hard loss 9-7 in the third. Justine prevailed, congrats to her.
Then came the week where she actually DID won the title, against Monica even though she lost the first set.
Confidence was coming back for Lindsay and in Indian Wells she played an amazing much against Jennifer wining the semis in the third set 6-4. Later the next day she lost against Kim with a 6-4, 7-5. What happened? Lindsay did not play so well the final, her opponent was better that her. She could not keep up the level of the semis.
AND AGAIN, this week, playing Patty some "Prefect" tennis and beating Jennifer in the semis. She had a lead of 4-2 in the second against Elena but couldn't prevail and finish it. Again, it wasn't meant to be, it was Elena's week.

How long will this be repeated? Ohh no it was X week, it just wasn't meant to be. I'm really dissapointed, I hope Lindsay can talk things out with her new coach, Adams, and try to figure out a way to solve this. I though it would change this year, but apparently so, it hasn't. I don't know what to think.... it's very hard for me to write this thread, but it is just something that can't be ignored....

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In relation to the last few finals, it seems as though that last point seems to be the most difficult. Slowly, but surely, she will get that rythmn back.

This week, Elena really was too good. She was getting to Lindsay's baseline blasts and returning them with even more power which frustrated Lindsay.

I wouldn't say she choked this year so far.
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It is strange. I mean, Lindsay lost to players in these finals she should have beaten easily: Schnyder, Chanda, Maleeva. Even Clijsters is an opponent Lindsay on her normal level must beat.
That`s my opinion. I don`t understand why she loses all the finals...
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I don't know why its surprising Lindsay can lose against Chanda, Maggie, Patty and Kim? If you wanted to compile a list of giant killers on the tour (or the list of people who actually can beat the Williams sisters) thats pretty much your list (add Justine and who is missing?)
As Lindsay isn't as fast, is physically bigger, likes rrallying tennis less than the Williamses and has a habit of getting down on herself at some point if she hasn't won, it isn't surprising she can be beaten by the never give up, skillful, energizer bunnies of the tour if she can't blow them away quickly enough?
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I wouldn't say Lindsay choked here...

Elena played amazing in the 3rd set. Lindsay did look a little sluggish, and almost looked like she gave up during the last couple games... but it didn't really matter... Elena was just too good today!
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joaco is right. Lindsay should be beating some of these finalist. I can understand her having problems with the top players, but now she is seeming to have problems with closing out matches. She gets to big finals and then she melts down.

At first I did attribute it to getting the kinks out and getting in a groove after surgery. However, this is starting to become a regular habit. In some of these matches, she has the lead and she sometimes is serving for the match and then she loses it.
I would hope she improves on that because the girls on the tour are smelling vulnerbility.
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Lindsay seems to be suffering from finalphobia Elena played really well but Lindsay's serve was really off today.
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It's weird...did she chock or just run into a really hot player?

Obviously Chanda, Maggie, Patty, Dementieva all played the weeks of their careers.

But she still should have won...especially against Patty. That's her worse loss in all the finals, IMO.
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Those finals in Europe were shockers - though if you read the article about Lindsay's frame of mind during the European season, I'm surprised she actually played at all.. she was basically persuaded to go to Europe to play when she didn't want to play mainly due to the fact she was without a coach at the time though the media hadn't picked up on it yet.

Originally Posted by selesfan
Lindsay seems to be suffering from finalphobia Elena played really well but Lindsay's serve was really off today.
he he I like that word "finalphobia"

Yeah Elena jumped on Lindsay's serve and made her pay for it in the end - if Lindsay had served like she did against the rest of the field this week she would have won.

But Elena just played the most consistent tennis the whole week and was a deserved winner.

"It's better to over analyse than not analyse at all" NM. 2000
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Here's another interesting point.

Davenport was struggling to close out sets/matches BEFORE her injury.

2000 Australian Finals: Up 6-1 5-1; ended up winning 6-1 7-5
2000 US Open Finals: Up 4-1 [2 breaks first set]; lost 4-6 5-7
2000 Advanta: Up 5-4; 6-5; [serving both times] 7-6 5-1; won 7-6 6-4

I don't recall too many in 2001, but I think it's a mental thing.
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Joaco i totally agree with you
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Well early after her surgery, Lindsay in spite of her weight loss had serious stamina problems. When she played against Venus it became obvious Lindsay could not play two hard sets. Against Serena at the Open, the same thing. Lately though, her stamina has improved greatly. She is getting back more balls and watching fewer just go whizzing by her. In her match against Capriati, Lindsay played some of her best all around tennis ever. But I agree she has yet to play her best for an entire tournament. She is however, gaining momentum. In addition the level of the entire WTA is rising. Serves and ground strokes that used to dominate are being sent back with ferocity. Every player now (including the Sisters) must incorporate variety into their games. What used to work, now works less.

Beat'em down Ms Williams, beat'em down!

Victoria Duval - coming to a slam near you
Françoise Abanda definitely a future #1 --- Taylor Townsend devastation on the march
Venus and Serena ferocious grannies --- Kimiko Date Krumm great granny still doing her thing.
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The thing's that Lindsay's glory days are over! Right now she is no.4 or 5 at best, whereas she used to be no.3. The thing that's killing Lindsay's that her serve isn't as consistent as it used to be. She's broken consistently and that wasn't usually the case back in her days!
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I don't think Lindsay's a choker at all. She's just trying to get her groove back and it's just taking a lot longer than she or anybody else thought. That wasn't minor surgery she had so I think we need to give her break. I think ppl are totally being hard on her because Lindsay was a #1 player and won slams before also. She's still in it so don't worry.
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Well, part of me thinks that some of the matches should have been won by Davenport!!However, I think she hass done her best.. i mean reaching final is something to be proud of especially after coming from injury for almost half a year.. Despite losing, Davenport showed that she was a fighter too.. Anyway, i just hope she could win her finals next time, and i hope it will be wimbledon or us open

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