Not too long ago I was thinking about how Harkleroad... -
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Not too long ago I was thinking about how Harkleroad...

...was ranked ~100 without really having done much damage on the main tour, and, to be fair, without even any really devastating run on the Challenger circuit, in spite of having quite a bit of game. She seemed a bit high.

Guess she heard me, eh?

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I saw her play the Dothan 75K qualies last year and she looked strong. I think she was still in the process of growing into her game at that point. She was playind Tiffany Dabek (she split and won 6-3 in the third). From the match I didn't think she was as awesome as everyone had said but I think now she has proved a lot of people wrong. She was still making many unforced errors but it seems to me like she is getting much better. Good luck Ashley
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She's now in the Top 60... ~57 after her QF win today.
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Well, she did win two 50Ks last summer. That's not an inconsiderable accomplishment on the challenger circuit, especially considering that she was under AER.
I was very impressed with how she won the Bronx challenger -- three qualifying matches and five main draw in that very very hot week of August.
I worried that she would fold in the bigger events, as she seemed to do against majoli in Queens and then in the quallies at Melbourne. What's most amazing to me about this week is her mental toughness.
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Anytime I see or hear her name I will instantly think back to the 2001 US Open when I bought into the hype and got front row seats for her match against Meilen Tu. Here is my recap copied over from

After that cleared out the seats next to me filled up with kids who looked to be in junior high or so if that. I was checking the side behind the other chair to see if I could get a better view or not when Harkleroad and Tu walked in. When I got back to my seat my friend told me that the kid behind him said something about how one of his friends was right there when was walking in and if that was him he would “grope the shit out of that bitch”. Very touching. Throughout the match they made other comments like that and frequently said that name “Kournikova”. Nice to see that the “Anna is hot” punks found another player to follow this year. They kept on making comments about her looks and trying to take pictures of her butt when she was getting ready to sit down or stand up from her chair. I was embarrassed to not only be seated next to them but to be a member of the same species as these idiots. I had seen pictures of Ashley before so I knew what she looked like and was curious to see if the hype was justified or if this was the case of the media just needing to find another player like Anna. Ashley’s outfit was interesting but I had seen it before. That’s because it was the same outfit that Coetzer wore the day before and as my friend pointed out it was probably THE outfit that Coetzer wore since it looked to be pretty tight on Ashley. Needless to say the Joe Jr. Highs next to me liked it. Personally, I found it to be rather ugly. For one it didn’t look comfortable at all since it appeared she was always adjusting herself in it. And also it was just flat out ugly. Ok, that’s enough of playing fashion critic. A few things I noticed during the match, Ashley didn’t come to the net much at all despite her height advantage on Tu. I counted like 3 times and she won the point on them twice, and the one she lost was due to an error on her part. She looked to be content to just exchange ground strokes with Tu but the problem was that Tu was returning them and just kept making Ashley run. Also, Ashley didn’t have many winners at all, giving her five would most likely be too kind. The vast majority of her points were because of Tu’s mistakes. That’s part of the game though and Ashley was looking alright until the third set when she did an Anna-like thing and just faded away after losing the first two games of the set. She was visibly upset and then screamed at a line judge after he made a call she didn’t agree with. She also threw her racket a few times. Needless to say, she wasn’t in the mood to sign autographs after being bageled in the third set. One of the idiots behind me didn’t appreciate that and screamed “You fucking bitch” at her. I turned around and made a comment to him and then just walked away disgusted at the future of my country. These kids were a disgrace and from the sound of it they might have been ball boys who were off. It was very sad. Another one of their brilliant comments was to a photographer seated by us. They asked her if she could zoom in on Ashley’s butt and take a picture. The photographer then got up and moved. Back to Ashley, she has some potential but still needs to work on parts of her game. We will see what happens to her in the junior championships next week.

Ah, the memories. Anyway, although I had basically written her off after watching some of her match against Majoli at the US last year it is nice to see that she proved me wrong in this tournament at least. If she can do it, then what the hell is Anna's excuse?
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I don't blame you for not being that impressed....Ashley doesn't really have one big weapon at this point that stands out and makes you pay's the overall smarts she displays on court that impressed me last summer at Acura. She knew what to do, just carried out her plan a bit sloppy. She moves pretty good (could improve for sure) and has solid strokes. I'm very interested to see her play this weekend (PLEASE ESPN!) and see what she's done to elevate her game.
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Smile She is on Fire

I figured she would get better with time - and I guess we need to give her coach some credit. It seems as if she is quick to mention him.

I am in awe at how well she has played - and a little reluctant to pic a winner between her and Justine. Let's just say - may the player that plays the best on 4/12/03 win. Good luck to them both.

Meanwhile - back at the ranch - below is a pic of Ashley.


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Now I pray for Eurosport to show the semi Juju vs Ashley. Even tough one match cannot tell you a lot about a player you've never seen before, I would cherish the opportunity to see the young player who's taken so many scalps in a week

Do you hear me, big boys at Eurosport? Gimmie a chance to see a new face, will ya
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