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Top 25 Post OZ : Assessed

01 xxxx 13 S.Williams

She's got all four trophies

02 5370 15 V.Williams

The best match she's probably ever played against Serena.
With all that means.

03 3763 21 Clijsters

Came in tied for 3rd best in the world. Left third best.
A HISTORIC choke, but not as bad as last year's final.

04 3407 22 Henin-Hardenne

Most significant change from a seeding perspective. No more Williams in the QFs

The original mainframe vendors were IBM, Burroughs, Univac, NCR, Control Data, Honeywell, GE, and RCA, otherwise known as "IBM and the Seven Dwarfs." After GE and RCA's computer divisions were absorbed by Honeywell and Univac respectively, the mainframers were known as "IBM and the BUNCH." (Burroughs, Univac, NCR, Control Data, Honeywell)

This next group of players is 'The Bunch'.
Elite? Sure. About equal in ability? Yes.
As good as even Clijsters? No way.

05 2838 24 Hantuchova 
           When Indian Wells comes around, 
           her rankings probably WON'T drop much, 
           not more than one or two places.
06 2790 17 Capriati

           Next time, skip the tour champs, have 
           surgery earlier

07 2729 15 Mauresmo

           Hope she returns quickly.  
           And returns to form quickly.

08 2506 29 Dokic

           Life's too short, kid.

09 2492 15 Seles

           That's Rebound Ace.  Sprain City.

10 2171 11 Lindsay Davenport

           Can't be too happy with loss to Justine

Sometimes I think these four players should 
form a singing group called 'the Wannabes'.
They're a threat to anyone.  And no threat 
to win a GS title.

11 2150 28 Anastasia Myskina
12 1965 16 Chanda Rubin
13 1787 25 Patty Schnyder
14 1669 25 Magdalena Maleeva

Props to thse two for BEING #15 and #16

15 1544 28 Silvia Farina Elia
16 1537 28 Anna Pistolesi

17 1442 24 Elena Bovina

           No doubt top sixteen seed at RG.  
           This year's Hantuchova, if the 
           injury bug doesn't strike.

18 1386 10 Martina Hingis

           This is sad

19 1379 27 Eleni Daniilidou

           With Russian gymnasts,they call it 'wooden legs'
           But welcome to the top twenty.          
20 1374 25 Nathalie Dechy

           Lost the showdown with Daniilidou

21 1327 25 Alexandra Stevenson

           Wasted her first big opportunity of the year.

22 1316 26 Elena Dementieva

           See Alexandra Stevenson

23 1301 22 Amanda Coetzer

           The little Assassin still got it!

24 1259 32 Tatiana Panova

25 1191 24 Paola Suarez

           HOt tip.  A visit to the top 20 is coming for Paola,

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awww poor tatiana with no comment
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1. Serena Williams
Is Clearly #1
2. Venus Williams
Not quite their yet, but should be by Miami.

3. Kim Clijsters
Has a huge chicken bone in her throat

4. Justine Henin
Has finally impressed me, but still needed 9-7 in the third to beat Davenport

5. Daniela Hantuchova
Ok, so you beat who you're supposed to but how about some big wins? Where will you be post Indian Wells? Thats the Question.

6. Amelie Mauresmo
Cant wait till you get back

7. Jennifer Capriati
What Volcana said

8. Jelena Dokic
Get over it, and grow up.

9. Monica Seles
Why are you waiting to 2003 to get fit?

10. Lindsay Davenport
See Clijsters

11. Anastasia Myskina
Good for you, lived up to your seeding, but your supposed to have a second serve, not a powderpuff.

12. Chanda Rubin
Your sooo close Chanda, but you should've beaten Myskina.

13. Patty Schnyder
Good to see you back, held seeding

14. Maggie Maleeva
See Schnyder
15. Silvia Farina Elia
Glad you decided to start trying

16. Anna Pistolesi
See Farina Elia

17. Elena Bovina
The Top is waiting

18. Martina Hingis
What Volcana said
19. Eleni Daniilidou
Are you for real?

20. Nathalie Dechy
Get back in shape, and the top 15 is waiting

21. Alexanda Stevenson
See Daniilidou

22. Elena Dementieva
Stop playing doubles and focus on your singles, Your supposed to be where Dokic is.

23. Amanda Coetzer
Keep on truckin'

24. Tatiana Panova
Good Start To The Year

25. Paola Suarez
Why didnt you go further?

Honorable Mentions:

Meghann Shaughnessy
Good to see you've gotten it together

Emilie Loit
Build on this

Klara Koukalova
You Bitch

Virginia Ruano-Pascual
A QF and F appearance on a non-clay court is impressive

Marlene Weigenthaler
Good effort
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Martina Hingis #18 ..... Damn it's been a very long time since I ever saw her ranking that low. Like 1995ish. Sadly she's just going to slip lower and lower until she decides to come back. Or is she waiting on that special "Injury ranking" to shock us all? Anyway, Come back soon Martina... I for one miss you!

YAY! Juju is #4 , I hope someday she's #1. She's impressive, and finally overcome that dreadful title of not being able to close out the big matches. She took care of Lindsay, even while cramping. And at the end we saw some bizarre pics of: Giant and Mini Me (but it was still cute & and I don't mean it in a negative way).

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Boy she's little

A pretty great analysis, Volcana...I think you're spot-on this time.

I am on der Tvitter, accumulating haters.
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1. Serena Williams
Will she be stopped? It can't last forever can it?
2. Venus Williams
Not keen on being 2nd best-especially to little sis!
3. Kim Cijsters
Playing the best tennis of her career and was so close to beating Serena.

4. Justine Henin-Hardenne
Can beat anyone with her talent but lacks confidence!
5. Daniela Hantuchova
Does she have what it takes to be number 1? More Indian Wells performances will say yes!

6. Jennifer Capriati
Can she overcome eye surgery and a poor performance at Oz?

7. Amelie Mauresmo
Had it not of been for her injury she may right now me the "Williams Stopper."

8. Jelena Dokic
Stop acting like a baby and play the Oz Open! You might do good there!
9. Monica Seles
Nearing retirement but eager to win Wimbledon and complete the career slam.

10. Lindsay Davenport
Has all the shots but her negative mentality since her comeback has been her Achille's heel!

11. Anastasia Myskina
All-court player who has lots of talent. Will she gain the confidence too?

12. Chanda Rubin
Playing some great tennis lately and isn't afraid of the Williams sisters.

13. Patty Schnyder
Tricky lefty who is one of few people to defeat Serena last year.

14. Magdalena Maleeva
Veteran who is playing some decent tennis right now.

15. Silvia Farina Elia
She gets better ever year and should be looking forward to the clay season.

16. Anna Pistolesi
Although small, she is not intimidated by anyone. Didn't get the start of last year.
17. Elena Bovina
Will probably be in the top 10 at the end of the year. Forced Davenport to three sets two times!

18. Martina Hingis
Stupid ankle! Most talented player on tour right now! Does she have the dedication to come back?

19. Eleni Daniilidou
WOW! She puts the "big" in "big babe" tennis!

20. Nathalie Dechy
Very talented! Should get to top 15 this year.

21. Alexandra Stevenson
Her on court attitude will cost her. Has top 10 potential but probably won't fulfill it!

22. Elena Dementieva
What's wrong with her? The answer is inconsistency!

23. Amanda Coetzer
The best player in the 5'-5'5" range on the tour(excluding Henin-Hardenne)!

24. Tatiana Panova
Great start to the year but hasn't got the natural talent of Coetzer.

25. Paola Suarez
Her ranking is a very accurate view of how good she is. Can she climb?

Anna Kournikova
She finally got passed the first round of a grand slam again but got humiliated by Henin-Hardenne in the second round.

Barbara Schett
Terrible year last year but is quite good when she's on!

Meghan Shaughnessy
Definitely should be in the top 20!

Emilie Loit
Can she keep up the tennis of last week?

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I believe Monica is about the same level a player as Kim Clijsters is right now. I'm not sure Monica would have beaten Serena at last year's Championship final, but looking at the way Kim plays, I believe that Monica can beat her most of the time right now. Justine, too, for that matter.

Monica had a good year last year, including a win over Venus when Venus was in good form. In the Championships, just two months ago, she beat Lindsay in a fantastic match and came close to beating Venus again. (And Kim got past Venus the next day because Venus was injured in her match with Monica; Kim really only had to play Serena.)

Monica didn't get a chance to show her stuff at this year's AO because she twisted her ankle, and even when her ankle was twisted and with 7 Tylenols in her, she still almost won that match. Don't sell Monica short just because she's flying under the radar at the moment; I think she's better than you give her credit for.

FWIW, I think Lindsay's a better overall player than Monica, certainly better than her current ranking, but I don't follow her career so I can't say much about it.
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Monica has had her way with Clijsters
shes 3-0 (including a bagel)

and 4-1 against Justine (and if you ask me, Monica beat herself Justine just gave her some help)
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I generally agree with most that has been posted except for a few things.

1) I think its hard to argue that Venus is far ahead of Clijsters right now. She definitely was up until the US Open last year, but after that they seem pretty much even. Clijsters has at least won a major title. Clijsters also beat Serena recently and should have in this tournament. Venus has lost her last 5 to Serena and although this one was close, Serena wasn't really in much danger of losing any of those matches. A Clijsters-Venus semi would have made this more clear.

2) I agree that Monica is floating right behind there, but I think Clijsters would be too tough for her right now. Davenport and Monica IMO are right there with Henin behind the big 3.

3) I agree that Jennifer should have gotten the surgery earlier--hopefully it works out for her by the clay season. But she's not out of it---remember she was the last person before Serena to win a slam!

"After all, tomorrow is another day..."

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Well we'll find out in Indian Wells about Monica-Clijsters

But i also think that Clijsters gets nervous when she plays Monica, or atleast the first time, because she was her idol (like everyone) when she was growing up
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I thought Clijsters was a big Steffi fan?

"After all, tomorrow is another day..."

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maybe but I can name atleast 10 players off the top of my head that have said that they were so nervous playing monica as she was their idol

(Serena, Venus, Amelie, Eleni D., Maria Sharapova, Anna K, ok not 10 but you get my point)
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We migth see a Clijsters-Venus finals in Antwerp ... in 3 weeks from now. So it will be settled once for all ... YES VENUS IS WAY BETTER THAN SERENA.

Predict winners all year for all tournaments at :

It's fun, friendly and free!!!!

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Oh I agree that's part of it mmcdonald, I was just wondering about Clijsters...I thought I had heard that about her.

And you can add Dokic, Hantuchova, and I think even Hingis to your list. Although Hingis sure didn't show many nerves a lot of those times (I'm still mad at her about that!)!

"After all, tomorrow is another day..."

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Kim idolised both Steffir graf and Monica Seles growing up, but more so Graf. But still both of them

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