Is Melanie Molitor partly to blame? -
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Question Is Melanie Molitor partly to blame?

I don't want to cause an uproar, nor do I hate Melanie or Martina, eh? so please try to just take the quesion as it is and be objective if you answer.

I don't know all that much about Martina Hingis, I admit to that. I think I read somewhere that she was playing semi-seriously since she was about 4. I have always thought that Melanie pushed Martina hard. I have read what Navratilova and many others have to say in general about little girls being pushed too hard and destroying their bodies.

Probably I am adding 2 and 2 and coming up with 7 but I am just wondering whether people in here think that maybe Melanie pushed her daughter too hard when she was a little girl and is partly responsible for Martina's current injury.

What do you people think?

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it's not good to live your dreams through your daughter period

it's why I never want children

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I *don't* think Melanie pushed her too hard. Martina has been *injury-free* until recently. Personally I think what's happened to Martina is basically a case of *bad luck* which is so sad.

Gallofa I *don't* think you were unfair at all. Actually you handled this whole topic *nicely*.
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Many of the top players were playing very young - some were "pushed" by their parents (eg Martina, and supposedly Venus and Serena), some weren't. Hewitt's parents never intended to turn him into a prodigy until he started hitting shots in at their social tennis matches at the age of 2 or 3. So they got him lessons so he wouldn't get bad habits. Now I've heard them accused of pushing him too early and denying him a childhood thereby causing his somewhat overexcited court style.

I think Molitor is a loving mother who did what she thought best. Martina has said she adores playing tennis so I don't think she was unwilling either.
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I meant to add, Molitor was actually very aware of injuries early on. She discouraged Martina from serving at full throttle until she was fully grown, for example. Some people say this was a problem in itself so I guess you can't win!
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It really seems to me like Martina's body fell apart just suddenly, after being one of the healthiest players around. I think if she was burning her body out, there would have been a series of minor injuries first, kind of like Dokic has had.

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She had been training harder the past 2 years trying to compete with these powerful players. I think that's what done her in.

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Who is this Casanova player Melanie has taken up as her protegee?

is coming for your towel, too.


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Don't think Melanie is to blame already stated above, in the early years Melanie took every precaution she could to protect her daughters health ie type of training they did and type of training they didn't do... Child prodigies is always going to be a difficult area in which to make decisions cos there is no such thing as one size fits all look at steffi ,Tracy ,Andrea , gaby, monica, ASV, Jennifer ......just as some examples of players who turned pro at a young age ...their careers follow different paths. Melanie Allowed martina to turn pro(martina was already far to good for the juniors, so what choice did she have) and play tournaments ...Richard allowed his daughters to turn pro but restricted their tournaments, even though they wanted to play.
I don't see either decision to be right or wrong simply two different approaches which could have been both wrong ,both right or either one wrong or right. People on these boards rarely understand the word Different it's always right or wrong or inferior to superior ... On the old boards I always used to be amazed at the stupidity of hingis fans, Whenver she was healthy and A williams sister was injured it was because the biomechanics of their shots was wrong ,or how can a muscular girl be injured or they must be faking ,or they don't love the game etc.....Completely no understanding that each individual athelete even siblings has a totally different skeletal structure and some girls will be injured and some won't. I do believe martina overplayed when she was at the top but thats just a personal opinion, and I also believe she made that decision not Melanie. Recently she came out in an interview and said the no of tournament requirements for players that go deep in the draws is excessive ....maybe her staure in the world of tennis will finally add some weight to an argument many of us have been making for a long time.
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Melanie raised a great champion. Life then brought its highs and lows and whatifs. Reverse the line call in the FO99, let old Capriati out on one of the match points in 2002? Two questions though are intriguing - I look at the first serve statistics and even look at the players of Martina's height and weight and I wonder why Martina's serve is so relatively slow. I also wonder about those damned shoes - if they hurt where would she be today if she had binned them?
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Molitor is not to blame for Hingis' injury - she is her mother after all ! I doubt she would have forced Martina to play so much just to save the no.1 ranking which is what caused her to get injured in the first place.
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Gallofa - Yes, Melanie's partly to blame. Tennis is very hard ligaments and joints, and Martina played a lot of tennis at a young age. Did Melanie say, "You have to go and practice, eight hours a day isn't enough"? Not that I've heard. Did Martina play more at a young age than her joints could withstand, causing chronic problems? Evidently. As a parent, was Melanie responsible for seeing Martina didn't overplay? Of course.

This is why we have Age Eligibility Rules. Too many young girls playing too much too soon causing long term injury to their bodies. Martina and Venus are the last elite players to come up before the AER would have applied to them. Orecene (and Richard) restricted Venus's tournaments anyway, so effectively, she's an AER-restricted player.

This is the reality of professional tennis. And gymnastics. And figure skating. Children are put through stresses on the body that injure adults. Repeatly. And if you want your kid to be a top pro, or your kid wants to be a top pro, you have to expose them to those risks.

But, while Melanie doesn't get a pass, she's hardly solely to blame. Martina Hingis is 22. That means for the last four years, she, not her mother, was ultimately responsible for the choices she made. If her feet hurt, she needed to stop playing. And from what I've heard, her feet and ankles had been hurting quite a whiule before she finally stopped.

If Martina didn't have this problem at 18, then the question is, was it inevitable from too much early play? My answer. No, it wasn't INEVITABLE. But if you got Melanie alone and asked her point blank, after she slapped you, she'd no doubt admit she at least FEARED she might be responsible. (Which is a pretty normal maternal response.)

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yes, but not intentionally

The fact that Martina won well everything and when she lost she did in the SF or F in both Singles AND Doubles...THATS what did her in.

They really need to change the system 13-15 Tournys is enough
or better yet, do a QUALITY system

Like this, Give pts for the amount of games lost, winner/UE ratio, stuff like that. That way the better you play, the higher ranked you'll be.

That makes sense doesnt it?
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The Williams sisters have had lots of joint and tendon injuries as well. Lets not kid ourselves and think that their training was much less intense or started much later than hers. If you want to be a pro, that's how its done.

And that training earned Martina somewhere between 40-60 million US dollars in the past 7 years or so. If you are assigning blame to sheep-head, you better give her some of the "blame" for that too.

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she's as much to blame as Richard. and Stefano. and every other parent who dares to coach their child instead of hiring someone else to do it.

hiring someone else is the only way to guarantee no injuries...

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