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The official stats for 2011

The ghost of tea has spoken and the votes are in. The results have been counted and verified and I can now reveal (via the ghost of tea)

The official stats for 2011

You may remember the previous editions for this thread [November, March] but I can now present to you the bumper edition: all the vital posting stats in GM for the whole of 2011.

Before I reveal all the important names and numbers (I'll be reserving the next post so try not to post just yet please ), here is an explanation of what the stats mean and how they are calculated:

1. Player of the Year: The most-talked about players of 2011.
Player who has had more references to than the others wins the award. There are problems with players who have the same name or surname: Maria Sharapova, Maria Kirilenko; Serena Williams, Venus Williams. If a post consists only a reference to "Maria" you can't learn computer what exactly Maria the post is about. I've decided that the priority is given to players of higher popularity. Because ultimately the goal is to get the most popular player of the month, and honestly speaking only Sharapova has chances. As for the Williames, 90% of the time they are called by names, so there won't be significant error whatsoever. I've given the 'Williams' alias to Serena anyway, cause she's more talked about than Venus atm. Let me know if you want to see the whole list of aliases of players, but I'm sure I've included all the "other names" that players have like Kim's "Medusah", Ana's "Anci" etc. Only top 100 players were analysed
2. Posters' Dedication Index: The members of TF who have mentioned each player the most in 2011.
Shows how much are certain posters dedicated to certain players. Calculated as a sum of two factors. A) absolute amount of posts mentioning a player and B) ratio of user's posts referring to a player to all the post the user made. Both A) and B) equal 100 points. So the person who ONLY talks about the fave player and talks more than everyone else will score 200.
You will notice that not only fans are in the player's row, because posters who simply like to talk about the player (even haters) have chance to make it.
3. Thread of the Year: The threads with the most posts in 2011.
4. Most Active Poster: The members who have posted the most in 2011.
5. Troll of the Year: The members who has been called a troll the most in 2011.
6. Writer of the Year: The members whose posts have contained the most characters on average in 2011.
7. Sweet Couple of the Year: The posters who have had the most conversations between themselves.
8. Smile of the Year: The smilies that have been used the most in 2011.

So without further ado, here are the results...
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Re: The official stats for 2011

Tennis Forum's Player of the Year: Caroline Wozniacki
  # Player                       # of refs
  1 Wozniacki, Caroline              38869
  2 Williams, Serena                 35725
  3 Sharapova, Maria                 32702
  4 Clijsters, Kim                   20203
  5 Kvitova, Petra                   16916
  6 Williams, Venus                  16902
  7 Azarenka, Victoria               14713
  8 Ivanovic, Ana                    13894
  9 Jankovic, Jelena                 13628
 10 Stosur, Samantha                 13043
 11 Zvonareva, Vera                  12145
 12 Henin, Justine                   10933
 13 Li, Na                           10410
 14 Schiavone, Francesca              8956
 15 Bartoli, Marion                   8027
 16 Radwanska, Agnieszka              7602
 17 Kuznetsova, Svetlana              7400
 18 Petkovic, Andrea                  7317
 19 Hantuchova, Daniela               6607
 20 Goerges, Julia                    5198
 21 Safina, Dinara                    5179
 22 Dementieva, Elena                 4807
 23 Cibulkova, Dominika               4033
 24 Pennetta, Flavia                  4017
 25 Peng, Shuai                       3684
 26 Kirilenko, Maria                  2988
 27 Petrova, Nadia                    2873
 28 Pironkova, Tsvetana               2699
 29 Wickmayer, Yanina                 2689
 30 Safarova, Lucie                   2675
 31 Pavlyuchenkova, Anastasia         2237
 32 Niculescu, Monica                 2218
 33 Oudin, Melanie                    1960
 34 Date-Krumm, Kimiko                1936
 35 Dokic, Jelena                     1890
 36 Rezai, Aravane                    1877
 37 Peer, Shahar                      1875
 38 Groth, Jarmila                    1870
 39 Kanepi, Kaia                      1583
 40 McHale, Christina                 1574
 41 Zhang, Shuai                      1554
 42 Zheng, Jie                        1551
 43 Kleybanova, Alisa                 1531
 44 Vinci, Roberta                    1497
 45 Dulko, Gisela                     1402
 46 Jovanovski, Bojana                1359
 47 Rodionova, Anastasia              1326
 48 Pous-Tio, Laura                   1206
 49 Kerber, Angelique                 1205
 50 Cirstea, Sorana                   1199
 51 Martinez Sanchez, Maria Jose      1112
 52 Dulgheru, Alexandra               1070
 53 Schnyder, Patty                   1065
 54 Morita, Ayumi                     1044
 55 Mirza, Sania                      1039
 56 Cornet, Alize                     1023
 57 Chakvetadze, Anna                  999
 58 Paszek, Tamira                     984
 59 Hercog, Polona                     964
 60 Benesova, Iveta                    950
 61 Makarova, Ekaterina                934
 62 Pervak, Ksenia                     932
 63 Vesnina, Elena                     927
 64 Arn, Greta                         896
 65 Errani, Sara                       817
 66 Lucic, Mirjana                     817
 67 Zakopalova, Klara                  792
 68 Parra Santonja, Arantxa            788
 69 Mattek-Sands, Bethanie             788
 70 Marino, Rebecca                    719
 71 Halep, Simona                      705
 72 Baltacha, Elena                    675
 73 Medina Garrigues, Anabel           668
 74 Zahlavova, Sandra                  650
 75 Arvidsson, Sofia                   622
 76 Barrois, Kristina                  594
 77 Larsson, Johanna                   577
 78 Bondarenko, Alona                  521
 79 Kudryavtseva, Alla                 514
 80 Vandeweghe, Coco                   471
 81 Brianti, Alberta                   471
 82 Zahlavova Strycova, Barbora        462
 83 Rybarikova, Magdalena              456
 84 Scheepers, Chanelle                441
 85 Hradecka, Lucie                    428
 86 Johansson, Mathilde                416
 87 Govortsova, Olga                   413
 88 Oprandi, Romina                    382
 89 Sevastova, Anastasija              373
 90 Shvedova, Yaroslava                369
 91 Szavay, Agnes                      361
 92 Suarez Navarro, Carla              349
 93 Amanmuradova, Akgul                324
 94 Dominguez Lino, Lourdes            307
 95 Lepchenko, Varvara                 281
 96 Dushevina, Vera                    277
 97 Hlavackova, Andrea                 264
 98 Ondraskova, Zuzana                 249
 99 Bacsinszky, Timea                  244
100 Yakimova, Anastasiya               242
101 Rodina, Evgeniya                   192
102 Voracova, Renata                   185

Here's a lovely little graph to illustrate how the results for Player of the Year panned out throughout the year:

A few comments on the graph:
  • Quite shocking that Wimbledon was of the least interest of all Slams
  • Every tournament that Serena won, or was involved scored the most refs (raised the highest activity on TF).
  • Wozniacki was the most quotable (talked about) player of 2011 with quite some margin.

Posters' Dedication Index
Player                        1st\6th place       2nd\7th place       3rd\8th place       4th\9th place       5th\10th place      
Wozniacki, Caroline           goldenlox(145)      CaroFanForever(104) dane(83)            C. W. Fields(82)    DCM Power(77)       
                              Nidal1402(76)       kman(73)            WozTakesAll(72)     dsanders06(72)      PMBH(69)            
Williams, Serena              bandabou(155)       justineheninfan(137)RVD(111)            dsanders06(96)      serenafan08(89)     
                              acetoace(87)        KidKudiela(86)      StephenUK(85)       DOUBLEFIST(79)      DemWilliamsGulls(78)
Sharapova, Maria              doomsday(151)       madmax(129)         dsanders06(116)     nelsondan(106)      justineheninfan(99) 
                              goldenlox(98)       Sharapowerr(97)     Vikapower(94)       jacobruiz(93)       bandabou(90)        
Clijsters, Kim                justineheninfan(139)goldenlox(108)      Betty(107)          Billabong(105)      Sphrontanascier(105)
                              DaMamaJama87(99)    Viennalover(99)     KClijsters(88)      Lenny_DH(83)        cellophane(79)      
Kvitova, Petra                Excelscior(153)     mac47(112)          Molok(99)           dsanders06(79)      Petronius(68)       
                              goldenlox(68)       Vikapower(58)       Matej(56)           Coconut91(55)       Zojirushi(53)       
Williams, Venus               justineheninfan(145)Vlover(108)         winone23(107)       vwfan(104)          DemWilliamsGulls(86)
                              Veerror(82)         StarryEyed(79)      it-girl(76)         dsanders06(75)      rimon(75)           
Azarenka, Victoria            Vikapower(175)      Temperenka(146)     LUVMIRZA(128)       Desuetude(113)      goldenlox(108)      
                              StoneRose(100)      saul1333(99)        Viktorious(87)      Berlin_Calling(86)  Frontin(85)         
Ivanovic, Ana                 Curtos7(154)        @danieln1(124)      DefyingGravity(114) Hurricane Ana(108)  Cp6uja(107)         
                              nestor_bgd(88)      Cajka(79)           FlameOn(75)         JAS_(71)            GameSetAndMatch(70) 
Jankovic, Jelena              Safe-From-Harm(162) Brena(140)          šalex(136)          MB.(132)            Potato(116)         
                              goldenlox(111)      Linguae^(109)       JaJa Swan(103)      Bobisa(98)          JJ all the way(91)  
Stosur, Samantha              stromatolite(158)   tennisforadults(156)Chim(121)           goldenlox(112)      sunsets21(109)      
                              Sammo(104)          SilverPersian(102)  NA-MUG(96)          Huntress55(90)      dsanders06(83)      
Zvonareva, Vera               BepaMaria(138)      goldenlox(138)      pav(107)            rrfnpump(75)        Level55(75)         
                              Sean.(72)           rnwerner(71)        Patrick345(65)      lang26(57)          Tennis Observer(54) 
Henin, Justine                justineheninfan(191)debby(131)          Grafbestever(105)   thrust(91)          shap_half(83)       
                              pierce85(82)        treufreund(82)      bandabou(69)        StarryEyed(67)      Apoleb(58)          
Li, Na                        NA-MUG(158)         hpme(104)           Big_Nana(101)       longtin23(91)       Blackycat(82)       
                              Zhao(81)            dragonflies(66)     goldenlox(64)       Grafbestever(64)    DragonFlame(62)     
Schiavone, Francesca          goldenlox(123)      brodle1(107)        FFS(87)             NA-MUG(81)          Tennis Observer(80) 
                              justineheninfan(78) Hian(75)            Beny(63)            QuietPlease(63)     tennis-insomniac(60)
Bartoli, Marion               Ferg(121)           Joee(109)           Lighter(99)         Paparazzi(82)       NA-MUG(67)          
                              goldenlox(66)       twinbridge(60)      BartoliBabes(57)    jedw(50)            Ronoc(49)           
Radwanska, Agnieszka          Aryman3(135)        SwingVolley93(131)  gaja kesari(119)    Cinek(115)          Irute(115)          
                              deroer(110)         NA-MUG(106)         fouc(106)           fede33(104)         saul1333(103)       
Kuznetsova, Svetlana          justineheninfan(171)goldenlox(142)      OsloErik(107)       Ballbasher(104)     Michael!(87)        
                              Cp6uja(80)          Tennis Observer(79) Svetlana)))(79)     Miloti(69)          tenn_ace(67)        
Petkovic, Andrea              matthias(177)       twinbridge(126)     Patrick345(125)     CillyUltra(124)     Carsten(124)        
                              Tennis Observer(118)is1531(111)         goldenlox(109)      Vikapower(97)       tkutsaar(89)        
Hantuchova, Daniela           aMAZE+ingDaniELA(125)Nalby fan(107)     Sammo(107)          goldenlox(68)       Joelina(60)         
                              NyCPsU(58)          monmonito(57)       A-Bond(54)          helio_c(44)         Belmont Lad(44)     
Goerges, Julia                RobM88(112)         Vikapower(110)      Ayumilover.(91)     Skoo(90)            A-Bond(82)          
                              Tennis Observer(78) is1531(73)          goldenlox(70)       madmax(65)          Patrick345(60)      
Safina, Dinara                justineheninfan(132)DS.Fan.(117)        goldenlox(113)      redsonja(92)        BlueTrees.(65)      
                              tejmeglekv?r(64)    liverpoolshivank(58)Ashi(53)            MechWarrior2k(48)   Dominika23(47)      
Dementieva, Elena             miffedmax(184)      Makatieva(104)      justineheninfan(43) melodynelson(42)    goldenlox(35)       
                              Pebbles(26)         Spring Pools(25)    DefyingGravity(24)  Светльо(20)         skanky~skanketta(19)
Cibulkova, Dominika           AnomyBC(139)        Zojirushi(122)      Julian.(118)        goldenlox(97)       klever58(84)        
                              NA-MUG(80)          Drimal(77)          penkku(58)          A-Bond(56)          Patrick345(54)      
Pennetta, Flavia              Fantasy Hero(141)   Dado90(119)         Junzilla69(117)     DomenicDemaria(107) Zamboni(84)         
                              Hian(78)            crazillo(74)        peanuts(69)         dentine(66)         FORZA SUCKETTA(63)  
Peng, Shuai                   JamieMU30(118)      NA-MUG(114)         @danieln1(30)       andrewC(29)         Tennis Observer(26) 
                              longtin23(26)       Moo_21(23)          Ayumilover.(22)     $uricate(22)        Julian.(22)         
Kirilenko, Maria              Vikkiri.(142)       Remix13(137)        MK Ultra(131)       Santana Lopez(105)  jimmy_the_greek(93) 
                              Agronsky.(87)       Светльо(87)         dentine(82)         NA-MUG(73)          Serezha(70)         
Petrova, Nadia                G&R(117)        goldenlox(109)      gmak(62)            Imperfect Angel(61) Mana(46)            
                              @danieln1(46)       rucolo(45)          NA-MUG(42)          Goldddfish(41)      justineheninfan(39) 
Pironkova, Tsvetana           TZVETI83(159)       Goldddfish(132)     FedererBulgaria(109)petkoan(96)         dsanders06(87)      
                              Purple_Rain(74)     Archaeo(71)         NA-MUG(65)          BlueTrees.(57)      kaetchen(54)        
Wickmayer, Yanina             A-Bond(120)         Svennovitch(112)    <Sven>(88)    goldenlox(61)       Patrick345(57)      
                              NA-MUG(50)          Corswandt(50)       T_P(47)             Matej(45)           Julian.(44)         
Safarova, Lucie               Davodus(118)        Frightening.(117)   Matej(98)           Sally Todd(93)      Edinboro(77)        
                              BlueTrees.(61)      dadouch(61)         sCoTt.ChE.(58)      Hian(45)            NA-MUG(43)          
Pavlyuchenkova, Anastasia     A-Bond(185)         lang26(158)         Tennis Observer(141)Dominika23(137)     NA-MUG(118)         
                              Julian.(118)        Coconut91(100)      Patrick345(80)      hellas719(75)       Matej(69)           
Niculescu, Monica             hingis-seles(140)   Shvedbarilescu(140) rimon(100)          Curcubeu(69)        Kooyong(68)         
                              Sam L(65)           tennisvideos(61)    justineheninfan(60) buscemi(58)         Excelscior(57)      
Oudin, Melanie                ilovetennis999(200) shoparound(83)      Светльо(40)         Santana Lopez(36)   simonsaystennis(35) 
                              Patrick345(31)      goldenlox(30)       CoryAnnAvants#1(28) Purple_Rain(26)     Melange(25)         
Date-Krumm, Kimiko            Viennalover(143)    Yuta1234(115)       Izar(110)           Shvedbarilescu(105) martin white(76)    
                              NA-MUG(61)          Drimal(50)          *Jool*(47)          Juju Nostalgique(47)CrossCourt~Rally(46)
Dokic, Jelena                 LJM(121)            young_gunner913(102)BlueTrees.(93)      Marlboro(77)        Julian.(74)         
                              WhatTheDeuce(69)    cn ireland(68)      Светльо(65)         Vincey!(64)         TheDoktor(63)       
Rezai, Aravane                Aravanecaravan(200) Ayumilover.(104)    Lighter(66)         Santana Lopez(65)   Hian(64)            
                              Iceland(60)         dentine(54)         Patrick345(52)      BlueTrees.(50)      Dominika23(46)      
Peer, Shahar                  Dana1982(115)       NA-MUG(103)         goldenlox(64)       Hian(53)            Nadia.(52)          
                              young_gunner913(51) Santana Lopez(34)   A-Bond(32)          Zojirushi(31)       Imperfect Angel(31) 
Groth, Jarmila                Huntress55(150)     A-Bond(140)         Filipinos(113)      austennis(112)      Mike81(109)         
                              goldenlox(101)      Kev.(99)            aMAZE+ingDaniELA(95)Julian.(78)         young_gunner913(71) 
Kanepi, Kaia                  Rusher(139)         Tennisfan06(123)    WhoAmI?(118)        vik(104)            NA-MUG(66)          
                              vutt(59)            Ballbasher(57)      Corswandt(54)       goldenlox(51)       Patrick345(47)      
McHale, Christina             simonsaystennis(130)18majors(125)       Capriati Rules(111) BlueTrees.(108)     Zvonapova(107)      
                              Srodgers(84)        Patrick345(66)      Kevin.(64)          young_gunner913(58) Halcyon(58)         
Zhang, Shuai                  NA-MUG(149)         andrewC(105)        JamieMU30(105)      Tennis Observer(90) adrygf(89)          
                              Daniel K(67)        Ayumilover.(61)     $uricate(61)        Sexysova(56)        Julian.(55)         
Zheng, Jie                    slnbb(117)          NA-MUG(108)         longtin23(64)       GoofyDuck(48)       DefyingGravity(33)  
                              Светльо(33)         toxina90(29)        sunyafei(29)        Sabinator.(28)      RVD(27)             
Kleybanova, Alisa             Jodie(107)          goldenlox(102)      Paparazzi(41)       Dominika23(36)      nevetssllim(33)     
                              Hian(29)            Sabinator.(25)      A-Bond(22)          gmak(21)            tennisbum79(21)     
Vinci, Roberta                NA-MUG(149)         SVK(145)            propi(126)          Hian(106)           FORZA SUCKETTA(104) 
                              Tennis Observer(100)Julian.(94)         Papillon.(90)       k!riosh(66)         Espa?ol(59)         
Dulko, Gisela                 dulkogii(110)       dentine(106)        lucho_coria(80)     LegionArgentina(43) peanuts(41)         
                              MaRQs(38)           Santana Lopez(38)   fede33(32)          Julian.(31)         miffedmax(27)       
Jovanovski, Bojana            Linguae^(144)       Just Do It(136)     JJ's biatch(131)    Светльо(112)        MB.(101)            
                              Vikapower(97)       BlueTrees.(94)      Santana Lopez(87)   SM(86)              Cp6uja(83)          
Rodionova, Anastasia          Tennis Observer(158)Julian.(150)        A-Bond(96)          Papillon.(90)       Vaxey(82)           
                              NA-MUG(81)          nevetssllim(78)     *Jean*(70)          QuietPlease(59)     Elisse(54)          
Pous-Tio, Laura               Passierschlag(140)  Noctis(104)         serenus_2k8(99)     Monica_Rules(97)    BlueTrees.(87)      
                              Светльо(82)         quote unquote(81)   18majors(73)        dentine(67)         Yazoo.C(63)         
Kerber, Angelique             joy division(121)   QuestJon(111)       Patrick345(110)     Chaosm21(109)       sCoTt.ChE.(105)     
                              lupojohn(81)        Tennis Observer(68) crazillo(53)        Papillon.(51)       NA-MUG(51)          
Cirstea, Sorana               Curcubeu(123)       PerfectForm(115)    grs(102)            NeKo(88)            AnomyBC(77)         
                              Stevecw(73)         TheBoiledEgg(73)    Santana Lopez(67)   Vikapower(65)       Ian Aberdon(54)     
Martinez Sanchez, Maria Jose  C.MARTINEZ(162)     Shvedbarilescu(110) NA-MUG(54)          Papillon.(53)       kitasss_vlc(45)     
                              goldenlox(45)       Julian.(43)         Imperfect Angel(38) Светльо(35)         Santana Lopez(25)   
Dulgheru, Alexandra           Curcubeu(200)       Tennis Observer(61) NA-MUG(58)          A-Bond(50)          Sally Todd(48)      
                              Shvedbarilescu(45)  s_j(39)             Papillon.(38)       njnetswill(38)      Patrick345(35)      
Schnyder, Patty               Frightening.(159)   *JR*(146)           Chakvenus(113)      chuvack(84)         Cucumber_Conny(76)  
                              LefandePatty(67)    nevetssllim(64)     Papillon.(42)       Goldddfish(32)      justineheninfan(32) 
Morita, Ayumi                 Ryoma(153)          Ayumilover.(114)    oaki(113)           NA-MUG(69)          Hian(54)            
                              young_gunner913(52) Ronald.(41)         dentine(40)         Purple_Rain(36)     juki(35)            
Mirza, Sania                  Mightymirza(118)    mirzafanindia(113)  Apoorv(104)         young_gunner913(72) LUVMIRZA(63)        
                              nevetssllim(62)     Ashi(62)            TheBoiledEgg(54)    goldenlox(38)       NA-MUG(37)          
Cornet, Alize                 Broseghini(125)     Archaeo(123)        Smitten(114)        Patrick345(80)      Temperenka(60)      
                              Rafito.(59)         Lachy(53)           Chakvenus(48)       MB.(44)             Tennisfan83(43)     
Chakvetadze, Anna             Dominika23(167)     Frightening.(159)   lang26(147)         Hibari Kyoya(145)   sCoTt.ChE.(121)     
                              Ciar?n(119)         MK Ultra(96)        AnomyBC(94)         Chakvenus(84)       Drimal(79)          
Paszek, Tamira                ViennaCalling(184)  joe87(147)          Ciar?n(47)          Berlin_Calling(42)  *Jean*(39)          
                              NA-MUG(28)          Papillon.(25)       Sexysova(24)        Cucumber_Conny(22)  FORZA SUCKETTA(20)  
Hercog, Polona                igralec33(131)      Bahu(126)           Santana Lopez(107)  Deneb(56)           Sabinator.(38)      
                              dentine(36)         Lennval(34)         FORZA SUCKETTA(27)  TheBoiledEgg(26)    NA-MUG(23)          
Benesova, Iveta               Yellow Moon(128)    nevetssllim(116)    Kai(52)             Wiggly(51)          Shvedbarilescu(45)  
                              NA-MUG(32)          A-Bond(31)          Sexysova(29)        dentine(28)         Melange(24)         
Makarova, Ekaterina           Tennis Fool(127)    Cleffa(119)         goldenlox(112)      Papillon.(102)      Vaxey(100)          
                              Hian(100)           Sabinator.(97)      Shvedbarilescu(83)  Curcubeu(81)        Tennis Observer(81) 
Pervak, Ksenia                Remix13(144)        Julian.(143)        Светльо(74)         TheBoiledEgg(65)    Scola(43)           
                              Santana Lopez(40)   Misty(40)           delicatecutter(34)  Papillon.(27)       goldenlox(27)       
Vesnina, Elena                Number19(111)       goldenlox(105)      A-Bond(68)          Santana Lopez(62)   Vaxey(52)           
                              Smitten(52)         Rix643(44)          Patrick345(39)      Mixal(36)           NA-MUG(29)          
Arn, Greta                    A Magicman(200)     Gregorio87(117)     silvamarius(93)     Julian.(87)         Randy H(83)         
                              Hian(53)            Paparazzi(51)       Payam(50)           Craigster(45)       NA-MUG(43)          
Errani, Sara                  Zamboni(199)        Hian(103)           FORZA SUCKETTA(96)  Papillon.(44)       Adrian1092(43)      
                              SVK(43)             Santana Lopez(42)   NA-MUG(39)          Sexysova(33)        nevetssllim(32)     
Lucic, Mirjana                ajmo!(193)          markdelaney(124)    SERVivor(123)       Sammo(103)          cn ireland(56)      
                              tennismaster8820(56)MLF(50)             Graf~Dokic(48)      Randy H(44)         NA-MUG(43)          
Zakopalova, Klara             crazylace01(188)    Hian(104)           nevetssllim(100)    Matej(84)           dentine(69)         
                              penkku(68)          *Jean*(67)          Santana Lopez(60)   Yellow Moon(51)     Keadz(47)           
Parra Santonja, Arantxa       New_balls_please(176)dusan993(137)       *Jool*(137)         spencercarlos(86)   SVK(62)             
                              TheBoiledEgg(59)    C.MARTINEZ(50)      Hian(45)            Espa?ol(43)         Santana Lopez(43)   
Mattek-Sands, Bethanie        young_gunner913(121)???VaMoS RaFa???(106)Craigrena(75)       alwayshingis(74)    *Jean*(38)          
                              Sexysova(22)        simonsaystennis(20) Papillon.(19)       Tennis Observer(19) Srodgers(17)        
Marino, Rebecca               wozniak 1990(168)   A-Bond(105)         Randy H(91)         Hian(90)            Patrick345(86)      
                              NA-MUG(85)          Vincey!(83)         SVK(74)             Desuetude(69)       Belmont Lad(66)     
Halep, Simona                 NeKo(125)           Curcubeu(125)       postalblowfish(37)  Patrick345(31)      Sexysova(30)        
                              Santana Lopez(28)   iPatty(23)          Papillon.(21)       rucolo(21)          juki(20)            
Baltacha, Elena               paul_masterton(182) Monica_Rules(146)   scandic78(130)      Randy H(124)        Joe.(114)           
                              Ronoc(107)          Hian(105)           AdeyC(100)          V-MAC(85)           *Jean*(82)          
Medina Garrigues, Anabel      *Jool*(122)         IVI(120)            kitasss_vlc(119)    bavaria86(95)       Julian.(76)         
                              propi(48)           Chakvenus(40)       Papillon.(30)       SVK(28)             NA-MUG(28)          
Zahlavova, Sandra             Sexysova(128)       SVK(128)            StephenUK(125)      MaDu(109)           Papillon.(103)      
                              nevetssllim(101)    Nicolas(95)         BlueTrees.(78)      NA-MUG(78)          Julian.(75)         
Arvidsson, Sofia              Ivanovic_fan(122)   Impossible(104)     NA-MUG(101)         Santana Lopez(78)   King Of Tennis(72)  
                              angliru(56)         CrossCourt~Rally(52)goldenlox(50)       Papillon.(43)       @danieln1(40)       
Barrois, Kristina             schorsch(121)       Shvedbarilescu(111) Vaxey(79)           Iceland(75)         Papillon.(73)       
                              CuteKoala(72)       Phil=)(64)          Hian(64)            Vikapower(64)       SVK(51)             
Larsson, Johanna              King Of Tennis(114) SVK(107)            Impossible(98)      fish_wilson(84)     miffedmax(66)       
                              Corswandt(47)       Deneb(46)           Hian(40)            Randy H(40)         NA-MUG(36)          
Bondarenko, Alona             A-Bond(139)         Zvonaryovshka(125)  G&R(117)        sCoTt.ChE.(89)      Junzilla69(86)      
                              Santana Lopez(81)   dentine(75)         Vefci Y(60)         Desuetude(56)       aMAZE+ingDaniELA(46)
Kudryavtseva, Alla            Papillon.(161)      delicatecutter(140) goldenlox(119)      Julian.(108)        edificio(91)        
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                              TennisFan66(31)     NA-MUG(28)          Wiggly(25)          Shvedbarilescu(25)  Sammo(23)           
Rybarikova, Magdalena         Julian.(200)        SVK(155)            Shvedbarilescu(138) Juanes(116)         Papillon.(101)      
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Scheepers, Chanelle           Randy H(150)        SVK(130)            pratfan(119)        Papillon.(87)       jrm(67)             
                              NA-MUG(52)          Santana Lopez(49)   Shvedbarilescu(49)  rucolo(47)          Julian.(43)         
Hradecka, Lucie               davidmario(176)     rrfnpump(141)       NA-MUG(107)         Patrick345(102)     Sexysova(101)       
                              SVK(101)            Shvedbarilescu(95)  Julian.(91)         Rix643(89)          nevetssllim(86)     
Johansson, Mathilde           hingis44(128)       Lighter(113)        SVK(103)            dentine(58)         Santana Lopez(58)   
                              Zin(50)             BlueTrees.(48)      TheBoiledEgg(48)    ptitnavet(43)       Papillon.(42)       
Govortsova, Olga              delicatecutter(134) TheBoiledEgg(130)   1987518LPF(125)     Vefci Y(114)        Sexysova(113)       
                              NA-MUG(95)          Papillon.(77)       dentine(76)         bbjpa(71)           *Jean*(69)          
Oprandi, Romina               Shvedbarilescu(143) Darop.(130)         FORZA SUCKETTA(126) Hian(125)           Vefci Y(123)        
                              Elisse(119)         nevetssllim(108)    Papillon.(99)       SVK(63)             A-Bond(48)          
Sevastova, Anastasija         Elisse(180)         Papillon.(143)      Corswandt(115)      k!riosh(102)        Patrick345(91)      
                              *Jean*(91)          Matej(89)           rucolo(80)          Desuetude(76)       Tennis Observer(72) 
Shvedova, Yaroslava           Elisse(137)         nevetssllim(135)    Hibari Kyoya(131)   Graf~Dokic(129)     Tennis Observer(102)
                              NA-MUG(96)          Papillon.(83)       Cp6uja(82)          TheBoiledEgg(72)    goldenlox(62)       
Szavay, Agnes                 A-Bond(200)         Chakvenus(85)       Hian(67)            faboozadoo15(59)    Corswandt(57)       
                              Patrick345(54)      cn ireland(50)      Dominika23(50)      ŐÓÚˇ.(45)tejmeglekv?r(45)    
Suarez Navarro, Carla         CSN-4TW(125)        propi(117)          Alwaysfan(85)       Vikapower(34)       Sabinator.(33)      
                              FlameOn(31)         Papillon.(23)       NA-MUG(21)          Imperfect Angel(21) bobito(16)          
Amanmuradova, Akgul           Elisse(200)         Papillon.(82)       KapitalL(66)        NA-MUG(58)          Corswandt(56)       
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Rodina, Evgeniya              Papillon.(166)      Sexysova(140)       Patrick345(109)     SVK(108)            NA-MUG(68)          
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                              Nadia.(55)          Alfarshear(54)      Julian.(50)         nevetssllim(46)     Corswandt(45)

Thread of the Year: 2011 RACE TO ISTANBUL YEC (created by Julian.)
  # Thread                                                                          # of posts 
  1 2011 RACE TO ISTANBUL YEC - RACE COMPLETED - Draw Released                      1902       
  2 Rank these 5 players best to worst (Aga, Cake, Sunshine, Vika, Baby fat)        1094       
  3 RG 3r: Daniela Hantuchova upsets #1 Caro Wozniacki with EASE, 61 63             1028       
  4 USO Final : [9] Sam Stosur def. [28] Serena Williams 62 63                      829        
  5 Stanford QF Serena Williams def Maria Sharapova 6:1, 6:3                        813        
  6 SHE WENT THERE! Serena went there.                                              806        
  7 Wozniacki: "Grand Slams are more important than the #1 ranking"       750        
  8 BOMBSHELL: Venus pulls out of the US Open; Diagnosed With Sjogren Syndrome      696        
  9 Graf/Seles Joint No. 1?                                                         670        
 10 USO MD:Strong 1H ReeNaCaroVika...Ma$ha Got Her Pigons(VeraSamShuaiMarion) in 2H 645

Most Active Poster of the Year: goldenlox
  # Poster              # of posts 
  1 goldenlox           4661       
  2 Светльо             4368       
  3 Sammo               3670       
  4 bandabou            3416       
  5 dsanders06          3130       
  6 dentine             3040       
  7 FlameOn             2799       
  8 NA-MUG              2771       
  9 BlueTrees.          2727       
 10 justineheninfan     2552

Troll of the Year: Vikapower
  # Poster              # of refs  
  1 Vikapower           60         
  2 dsanders06          57         
  3 goldenlox           57         
  4 madmax              55         
  5 Matt01              53         
  6 Claycourter         33         
  7 doomsday            32         
  8 debby               30         
  9 bandabou            29         
 10 DCM Power           27

Writer of the Year: FFS
  # Poster              # chars per post avg
  1 FFS                 4268       
  2 Marcell             2008       
  3 Midnight_Robber     1545       
  4 HowardH             1397       
  5 Foxy                1386       
  6 Tech1               1344       
  7 Juan                1313       
  8 RetroDonkey         1047       
  9 fammmmedspin        1039       
 10 tiptop              1029

Sweet Couple of the Year: bandabou & rimon
  # Pair                          # of posts
  1 bandabou - rimon              533        
  2 Jimmie48 - dsanders06         307        
  3 bandabou - Matt01             266        
  4 doomsday - bandabou           254        
  5 rimon - justineheninfan       196        
  6 Veerror - dsanders06          185        
  7 dsanders06 - Matt01           177        
  8 doomsday - Matt01             165        
  9 justineheninfan - Matt01      156        
 10 Veerror - doomsday            154

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  1 :lol:          70377      
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  4 :shrug:        23504      
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  6 :yeah:         22197      
  7 :worship:      21884      
  8 :hug:          18408      
  9 ;)             17829      
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Re: The official stats for 2011

Must. Spread. Reps.

I am on the list mentioning a lot about Voracova and Yakimova
I can't

EDIT: Did I actually mention Yakimova that much?

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Re: The official stats for 2011

Once again, a big thanks to the ghost of tea and my ghost whispering powers
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Re: The official stats for 2011

Most interesting stat for me is that Miami > IW by some margin.

Faves: Sharapova, Hantuchova, Safarova, Goerges
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Re: The official stats for 2011

Thank you Mary Cherry
and tea ()

Faves: Sharapova, Hantuchova, Safarova, Goerges
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Team WTAworld
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Re: The official stats for 2011

Great job!

My Forever Fav: Jelena Dokic

Serena Williams

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Dubai Love
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Re: The official stats for 2011

11 matches played this season and Venus gets the 6th most references in 2011

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Re: The official stats for 2011

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Re: The official stats for 2011

RG 3r: Daniela Hantuchova upsets #1 Caro Wozniacki with EASE, 61 63
I am STILL giggling at this thread

why is tea not even top ten of TOTY?
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Re: The official stats for 2011

I'm dedicated to Greta Arn apparently This is brilliant!

Les reines de Paris.
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Re: The official stats for 2011

Where is Legend?

I am on Cornet and Vesnina mentions. I LOVE IT.
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Re: The official stats for 2011

Leading the pack for Klara Wouldn't have it any other way.

i look so fine, i look so sexy even with my face smashed up on the plexi

*bby CHICHI Toaster*captain boyband*seggy*roussy*nacho*demers
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Re: The official stats for 2011

Only on one dedication list this time (which I probably shouldn't even be on), but that isn't bad considering that I haven't been posting in GM very much lately.

And it's for Pous-Tio this time (I'm sure 100% of my mentions were actually referring to Robson) so that's why.
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Re: The official stats for 2011

When I was mentioning Rodina?

TT Singles: (CH: #40) | TT Doubles: (CH: #1) | Suicide: (CH: #1) | Tipping: (CH: #2)| FITD: (CH: #1)
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