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BIG BROTHER - The Final Eviction - And the winner is....

*Welcome to The Final eviction party of ATP/WTA BIG BROTHER. Over the past weeks we have watched keenly the lives of 15 extraordinary people. We have laughed with them, cried with them and at times got totally frustrated with them. Tonight on this final eviction show we welcome them all back to the stage to share in this wonderful celebration*

*Please welcome, in order of eviction, Tim, Andy, Venus, Lleyton, Serena, James, Jennifer, Monica, Justine, Juan Carlos, Xavier, Goran and Martina……*

*All 13 housemates strut their stuff onto the eviction stage*

*And of course the final two housemates are...*



*Lets Look back over the last wonderful weeks*

Some housemates immediately jelled and romance quickly blossomed. Kim and Lleyton were quickly drawn together, and lets not forget the chemistry between Marat and Jennifer. The week sorted the mates from the enemies, the lovers from the friends, the sexy from the conservative and the good from the bad. Tim, Goran and Venus were nominated. Tension mounts between the jovial section of the house – Goran, Marat and Serena – and the conservative personified in Tim. Martina and Jennifer are instant friends. At the culminating party on the Friday, the housemates finally begin to open up about their feelings and sparks fly over a game of truth and dare. Tim is evicted.

Sexual tension is rife as Jenn and Serena slug it out in a love fest over their beau Marat. Andy, Lleyton and Serena are nominated. Andy, determined to make possibly his last week in the house a memorable one, gets naked more than once and a week of flirtations with Serena finally comes to a head on Friday night when the two embrace passionately in bed. The fire is quelled in Jenn and Marat’s relationship as his eye begins to drift elsewhere. Kim and Lleyton’s relationship continues to thrive, while Martina is confused with her feelings towards Juan Carlos growing romantic. He does not appear interested. Andy is evicted.

A week of tension in the house, exacerbated by debilitating heat. Monica is becoming particularly agitated at the lax attitude of many of the housemates towards the weekly tasks and their lack of communal harmony, this weeks task being to paint a mural. Jennifer is extremely jealous of Marat’s relationship with Serena, even though they are only friends. Jenn refuses to do the mural task, causing the housemates to fail the task and be forced on to rations in week 4. All the housemates are furious with Jenn. Martina and Juan Carlos’ relationship finally comes to fruition late in the week, but they keep it under wraps from the rest of the housemates. Venus, Goran and Jennifer are nominated. Venus is evicted.

A miserable week in the house as the housemates struggle with weekly rations . Jennifer is more upbeat, and reconciles with Monica who she soon becomes good friends with. Marat invents a system of batar in which he can get out of doing domestic chores like the rest of the housemates by swapping his duties for food rations. Monica and Jenn object to this and eventually have it outlawed. Martina steals fruit in starvation and receives 3 penalty points for her misdemeanour. Juan Carlos and Martina bring their relationship out in the open. Kim and Lleyton’s relationship continues to be the strongest in the house. Jenn and Serena continue to bicker. Goran continues to provide the house with excitement and jokes in his great friendship with Marat. The week ends with the arrival of the three intruders, Justine, James and Xavier, and some raunchy late night action between Kim and Lleyton on the night before he is evicted.

The Serena/Jenn rivalry heats up over the houses’ newest hunk, James. The girls go to extroadinary lengths to outdoor eachother. Kim is devastated at Lleyton’s departure, and considers leaving the house voluntarily, but has new friend Justine to comfort her. The weeks task is a fashion show and the housemates work surprisingly hard to make outfits and pass this weeks task, Monica finds herself attracted to Marat and kisses him on the night of the fashion show. James ends up finding friendship in Justine, despite all the ploys by Serena and Jenn. The night of the fashion show is a fabulous success, Goran cuts Xavier’s thong and when it comes loose the night goes off with a bang. Serena is evicted.

More squabbles ensue over this weeks task, to make a feature length film. Serena has the last laugh on Goran and Marat when they find all their T-shirts tumble dried and shrunk to “baby size”. Kim, who had found it difficult to fit in after Lleyton’s departure finds solace in working hard on the script. Martina has a heated argument with James over the prevalence of racism, and James’ opinions begin to frustrate all the housemates, except for Justine. Justine, with a little help from a begrudging Jenn, carries off a wonderful performance in the movie. Marat continues to woe all the female housemates, and he and Kim first have a deep and meaningful out in the chicken coop. Juan Carlos and Martina are still going strong. Goran coasts through the week, as he has done making everyone laugh. Jenn latches on to Xavier. James is evicted.

All housemates are put up for eviction. This week is dominated by the revelation of what became know as “lleytongate”. An article is thrown over the fence that appears to show that Lleyton is now going out with a new girl on the outside of the house. This is devastating news for Kim, but this escalates her relationship with Marat who she finds solace in. Martina becomes acutely aware of the tactics of her fellow housemates and her acid tongue gets her into trouble when she accuses Kim of fabricated the whole situation for sympathy. This leads to an altercation with Justine and much soul searching with the help of Jenn. Martina’s mood is darkened further when her two greatest friends, Monica and Jenn, are evicted.

Martina’s neurotic behaviour continues into the new week and spills over to the new task when housemates are to nominate one housemate to play a specific role. Martina convinces the other housemates that Big Brother has tricked them and that whoever is nominated will be evicted immediately. When she is nominated she weeps but before BB’s announcement, Goran steps in and heroically takes the nomination burden. It turns out to be a reward. Kim, still fragile, is selected along with Marat to join Goran in a week of luxury, while the other four housemates must live in tents in the backyard. This brings Kim and Marat closer together to couple status, while Martina surprisingly benefits from “roughing it”, gaining a new perspective on life. Xavier and Justine’s friendship grows. Justine is evicted.

This is the week when babies enter the house. The housemates couple up (Goran/Xavier, marat/kim and martina/juancarlos) and are given a motorised baby to look after. The housemates are left cranky and tired by the babies’ constant cries for help. Xavier even pulls the battery out of his baby girl who he and Goran named “Baby”, in exasperation. Upon witnessing Marat’s laziness, Martina challenges Marat to look after he and Kim’s baby for one whole day without Kim’s help. He ends up looking after a baby for a whole day – but the wrong one! As a result of failing the challenge, Marat is forced to give a speech, praising women as the stronger sex! No easy task. Kim and Marat are now officially and item, and Juan Carlos and Martina share a raunchy night in the Jacuzzi after spending the week sharing the parental duties “equally”. Juan Carlos is evicted.

Led by Martina, the housemates rebel against Big Brother’s authority when they refuse to nominate a housemates for this weeks task. The housemates attempt to hold Big Brother to ransom by only communicating under sheets and blankets and trying to be as boring as possible. The housemates end up being outsmarted by Big Brother when he waters down the bedroom, but the housemates refuse to back down and spend half the week sleeping in the living room with small amounts of rations. The housemates threaten to walk out of the house if their demands are not met. Xavier is evicted.

After being allowed to re-enter the bedroom the housemates discover a military like set up and they spend much of the week performing survival tasks for their rewards. Along the way they run in to several reminders of past weeks and Martina discovers Goran’s phobia for snakes. Marat and Kims relationship continues to blossom. Goran after seven nomination survivals is finally evicted.

The final three housemates spend a lazy week in the house, where their task to build a time capsule brings back many fond memories of the past three months. All three express their perspectives on their potential victory. The week is highlighted by a three way pash on Wednesday night and Marat (finally) putting in some physical labour to dig a hole for the time capsule. The three enjoy one last banquet style dinner, with cardboard cut outs of evicted housemates around the table. Martina is evicted on Friday, leaving the two lovers in the house alone for the final two days.

*After 3 months it has all come down to this. Kim and Marat are holding each other tightly after a tension wracked day in the house. We will now cross live to the house for the announcement. Everyone is silent. Kim and Marat are anxious, waiting in fear and excitement.*

*I have just been handed the envelope and will put the housemates out of their misery. *



*Kim jumps onto her love and hugs him tightly. She begins to weep openly and Marat congratulates her. It all appears a blur at the moment *

*A voice comes over the house. "This is Big Brother. Marat you have 20 seconds to leave the house...19...18....17...16...15....14"*

*Marat kisses Kim and says; “lets not get too romantic, we will be together in a few more minutes, we can do it all then” Kim still in shock, nods and watches as her beau disappears through the gigantic doors clutching his suitcase*

*"7....6.....5....4....3...2...The Siren Sounds. Marat packed into a buggie and heads to the studio*

*Marat is the most jubilant of any of the previous housemates when he arrives at the studio. He laughs and smiles at the huge crowd, posing and raising his arms in triumph, he points to a sign in the audience that says; “Marat will you marry me?” and bursts out laughing*

*Marat is brought back to the sofa and explains the difficulty of the final days in the house and waves at all the housemates who are still in the studio, sitting around the circumference of the stage. Goran and Serena give him a huge hug. He is then shown the percentage for his eviction*

MARAT 58 %
KIM 42 %

*Marat laughs; “What can I say, I couldn’t have lost to a nicer girl, huh?”

*Marat is then shown a highlights reel of his time in the house including his kissing scenes with Jennifer, Monica, Kim, Justine, Serena and Monica and laughs; “I guess it was a goal of mine to kiss every girl in there…but I didn’t get to kiss Venus”

On his relationship with Goran: “Without being gay *laughs* I love that guy *Goran can be seen laughing* No seriously, he is one great dude. I think we are going to be great mates for a long time now!” *Goran runs across and jokingly kisses Marat on the cheek*

On Kim; “I love her to pieces, you saw me in there, how I evolved. I didn’t expect to fall in love, but I did” *audience sighs* *Lleyton is shown with an anxious expression on his face!*

On being in the house; “Fabulous, one in a lifetime experience, you know. I just wouldn’t give it up for anything. I wouldn’t change a thing!”

On coming second; “It seems like I am second a lot these days, on and off the court, I guess I have to win one day!” *audience sighs*

*Marat goes to join the other housemates*

*Now it is time to welcome our winner, your favourite housemate, into the studio.*

*Cross to the Big Brother house, all the housemates head outside to line the passage between the house and the studio. Kim will be walking the passage of glory, not taking a buggie like the rest of the housemates had*

*A voice comes over the house. "This is Big Brother. Kim you have 20 seconds to leave the house...19...18....17...16...15....14"*

*Kim grabs her suitcase, goes over and waves at her beloved chooks. 7....6.....5....4....3...2...The Siren Sounds. She walks through the big doors, the last housemate who will ever do so. She is met outside by the host, and she begins the walk back to the studio and one by one the housemates join her along her passage in order of their eviction.*

*The first to join her is runner-up Marat, who hugs her warmly. Then comes Martina who embraces her friend and says; “I knew girl power could do it!”. The four then continue their passage, encountering Goran. Fireworks explode all around and Kim remains in shock, teary eyed and with her hands covering her mouth shouting; “I cannot believe this”. Next is Xavier, followed by Juan Carlos and then her great friend Juju; “You did more than survive in there, you came out and won, I am so proud of you Kim!” All Kim is seeing is a blur and the next four housemates on the path, Monica, Jennifer, James and Serena appear to go by very quickly all with the standard congratulatory lines. Then comes Lleyton and the inevitable uncomfortableness. Lleyton gives her the usual polite kiss on the cheek but whispers to her; “we need to talk later on”. He joins the others in the procession and Kim is left even more confused. After being congratulated by Venus, Andy and Tim, the housemates have reached the studio and Kim separates from them and is escorted into the studio*

*Kim has little time to consider what has just happen as she is greeted by the cheering crowd, applauding their champion. She covers her mouth and the tears continue to flow as she is escorted back to the sofa for a final interview. All the housemates file behind her into the background of the studio*

*Kim waves to the crowd still overawed, she can barely string the words together as she is asked of her emotions*

On being in the house; “The experience….it blew my mind…..there were times when I thought I couldn’t survive it but I did and I am all the better for it. I feel one hundred times stronger than when I went in there, just an amazing…almost unreal experience”

On relationships; “I have so many new friends it is unbelievable. I made friends with people who I would never normally be conducive with, it opened just so many opportunities. Justine, Marat, Martina……all of you,…I love you guys so much”

On Love; “I loved and lost in the house. I fell in love again. I learnt the value of love and there is life after love. I think me and Marat still have issues to sort out now, on the outside. Who knows, my heart is ready for anything now”

On winning; “Again, I cannot believe it has happened to me. I have spent the last few weeks telling Marti and Marat that I had no chance to win this, I am too ordinary. I guess I am proof that ordinary can be great too!”

*Kim steps away from the sofa to join the other housemates in a reunion behind the sofa with a band playing out in the distance. She is congratulated by all her friends. Juan Carlos and Martina have their arms wrapped around each other and are talking with Jenn and Monica and giggling. Marat is distracted catching up with Serena, Venus and his best mate Goran. Lleyton can be seen taking Kim to the side of the stage talking meaningfully and then giving her a passionate kiss.*

*And so ATP/WTA BIG BROTHER 2002 is finally at an end. Let me express to you all my thanks for following this thread so enthusiastically and making it a success. Well done to all our housemates, especially to our wonderful winner, Kim! BIG BROTHER IS NO LONGER WATCHING! Goodnight to you all!
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whoooooohooooooooo go Kimmie
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Well the fact that i was unable to vote this time cos the board would not let me is stupid!


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I think there was Belgian conspiracy, Monica_Rules

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These darn Belgians I tell ya. Oh well Marat...there is always next time!!!!

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Kim! (and I'm NOT from Belguim)
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Oh pleazzzzzze Kim? She only washed oranges ,even those chickens were more interesting characters than Kim
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Congrats Kim, now, go back with good results on ETA

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wait, wait, you can't leave us hanging like that! What the hell does lleyton think he's doing?!

Last edited by Peridotpixie; Sep 9th, 2002 at 11:52 PM.
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@ the winner.

Well. This is over. I followed it from the begining & it was mainly the only reason i entered GM for a long time, i love you jenn.
Btw, if its not too much to ask, can you regroup & start (with help of course) Big Brother 2? Lots more people to put in the house, AnnaK, Pat Rafter, Pete....
Anyways i will understand if you dont really want to do all that. I just wanted you to know that this was one of the-if the best-thing that happend to this board.

But why didnt Goran won!?!?

Cogito, ergo sum.
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im so up for a Big bro 2!

I reckon Chanda should go in the house, cause she is so nice!!!!

also get Anna K in there! She'll show them all



I'm in love with Jack Ryder and Justin Timberlake!!!


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Go Kimmie (note, not from Belgium either )

Jenn, thank you so much for all of this! I don't know what I'll do now that it's over

btw, how does the story with Kim, Lley and Marat finish?

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Originally posted by Niminator
@ the winner.

Well. This is over. I followed it from the begining & it was mainly the only reason i entered GM for a long time, i love you jenn.
Btw, if its not too much to ask, can you regroup & start (with help of course) Big Brother 2? Lots more people to put in the house, AnnaK, Pat Rafter, Pete....
Anyways i will understand if you dont really want to do all that. I just wanted you to know that this was one of the-if the best-thing that happend to this board.

But why didnt Goran won!?!?

Niminator, I agree that there should be a BB2 and I nominate you to start it up. How about it Nim - there certainly seems to be enough interest from people and how about getting some of the others to help with the storylines - Angele87 and Peridotpixie wants to know what happens with Kim/Lleyton/Marat so they can let their minds run riot on that storyline and Kisha is up for a BB2 so drag her in too!.

Yep...I like this idea more and more and just think if you put Goran back in the house you could even fix the vote.

Go on Niminator know you want to do it
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