Venus Williams withdraws from the Brasil Open; Dokic is the top seed -
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Venus Williams withdraws from the Brasil Open; Dokic is the top seed

Venus Williams withdraws from the Brasil Open; Dokic is the top seed

08/09/2002 - 17h11
Costa do Sauípe - With a short communicate, world number 2 Venus Williams has withdrawn from the 2002 Brasil Open, citing the need for a recovery week following am intensive hard court schedule.

"I feel that at this point and after such a long hard court season, the best option for me is to rest and look after myself," Williams said. WTA has assured that the American player will be fined in, at least, two articles of the WTA rules. "we understand Venus' position, but there was a signed contract and it has to be honored. The fine will be release monday", said Giulia Orlandi, WTA Supervisor.

World No.4 and 2001 Brasil Open finalist, Jelena Dokic, will be the Top seed. Defending champion and world No.5 Monica Seles will be the No.2 seed.

Octagon Koch Tavares has lamented the absence of Williams, and assured that is doing its best to value the event. "Fortunately the tournament has other stars, like Dokic and Seles. It's the result of two years of hard work and investment in the Brasil Open", said Fernando von Oertzen, tournament director.
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The WTA is full of shite...they are the ones who asked her to play Brasil and now because she is exhausted and injured they are going to fine her. They ask her to play more and she does (even though she didnt want to) and they cant give her a break and let this one slide.



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I could tell she was going to withdraw after I read the transcript of her interview.

I have edited the irrelevant questions to the topic:

Q. What is that confidence like? Breezing into a final, having not been challenged.

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think it's great. I think she's had a great year. I think she's had a great schedule as far as having enough rest. You know, also the last couple of years haven't been her best years, so I think she was really rejuvenated and really motivated to come out here and to play well this year. She had a lot to play for.

Q. What do you have to do to beat her?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Just play better than her, basically.

Q. How do you accomplish that?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Basically, play better than her.

Q. You said that Serena had a great year with her scheduling. Do you think perhaps you played too much coming into the US Open this time?

VENUS WILLIAMS: It's just that I -- sure, I would have liked to stay home and practice the week before, but, you know, I'm trying to play enough tournaments in the schedule to I guess make the tour happy. And then, you know, it's just been year after year for me, just playing and playing, always defending points. Sometimes it just gets -- it's just hard to play as well every year. I think I did play well, except there was always a better player standing in front of me.

Q. You said you played great the first three rounds. She said you played great through practice, much better than she in practice. Was there one defining moment where it started to turn that you can think of?


Q. Yeah.

VENUS WILLIAMS: Definitely in my fourth-round match. I couldn't do anything right. After that, I posed and pretended that I was doing well, but I don't think I was doing as well as I would have liked.

Q. Is the level of your game the same as compared to the same time last year, or has Serena's game just improved so much compared to the same time last year?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think my level's about the same. I think mentally I'm not there as much. I think Serena's level is definitely more up than last year. I think what I could do is just -- I have to go home and just go home.

Q. You started attacking the net sort of late in the second set. It was working a little bit. Is that something you should have done from the outset?

VENUS WILLIAMS: There weren't really a lot of short balls, you know? I would have tried, but there weren't a lot of short balls.

Q. Was that one of the things you wanted to do going into the match? Was she just hitting too deep?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think I volleyed well. If I can get in there and make my shot, it's great. But I don't think I had as many opportunities to come in. And for sure, I like the baseline. It's pretty much the stable thing in my game.

Q. Do you know why you're not -- you say mentally you're not there as much. Do you know why you're not there as much?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Just tired. Basically.

Q. Too many matches?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't know what it is. I just think I need to have a break, basically. I think I've done well as far as getting to the finals. Of course that's not an easy feat at all. But then Serena played always better than me.
Then also I've just -- it's a long story. I can't get into it.

Q. We got time.

VENUS WILLIAMS: It all started in 1962... (Smiling).

Q. Are you considering taking a break, six, eight months? Something like that?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No. Just two or three tournaments this fall and then just trying to enjoy a normal life. I've had a great year, more than any other person, besides Serena, could ask for I guess. That's been great. But I would like to just go home and practice and relax. I think it's gonna be a lot better because I'm not going to school this fall. I won't have that pressure on me either.

Q. Do these three losses to Serena discourage you, or do they charge you up, motivate you to want to go out...

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think losses always help you to work harder, for sure. Because you always learn more from your losses. When you win, your head's always in the clouds. At times it's tough to see the mistakes and to see where you might fall in the future.
But any loss is never a barrel of fun.

Q. Being a bit tired, are you enjoying your tennis as much as you were?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Not at this tournament, not as much as the rest. Not as much. You know, I just had to tune out everything, people just wear you to death, and talk so much. This and that. I just wanted to get away from the hype, you know.

Q. Is it the hype surrounding you or the hype surrounding Serena?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Just the hype surrounding everything.

Q. Do you feel like now, though, that there's a shift, that for all the attention you had for so long, now it's been shifted on to Serena? Is it just as much on you?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think Serena likes the attention.

Q. More than you?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I didn't like it so much. But I think she's more of a outgoing person maybe than what I am. I think everyone has their year, and this is her year, and next year could be her year also - I don't know. But I'm glad she's done well.

Q. One of the great things about tennis is there's always another tournament, another Grand Slam.


Q. Any thoughts in how you can improve your record at the Australian Open?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, that's the Slam I've never done as well at. I would love to play well there. I'm gonna start with preparing a lot earlier instead of like one week before (laughing). That would probably give me the upper hand.

Q. Did you think of serving, running to the net maybe?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I thought of it, yes, indeed, I have.

Q. Why don't you do it more often?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't practice it. I can't do anything I don't practice. I need to start practicing that.

Q. How hard is it to lose to anybody three times in a row, never mind it being your sister?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I mean, it never really happens to me anymore - three times in a row. But I guess we're even now.

Q. Did you know where most of your family was sitting during the match?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Not really, no. I mean, I can't see so far.

Q. Two opponents were from the same family. I was wondering about that.

VENUS WILLIAMS: (Shaking her head no).

Q. I noticed you practiced this morning. What was the last thing your father said to you before you went on the court this morning?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't know. Nothing extremely important, so I guess that's why I don't remember.

Q. Do you think the two of you would be as good as you are, as each of you is, if you didn't have each other growing up, practicing against each other?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I think we would be, yeah, because honestly, no matter what the next person does and no matter what the other result is, it's all about what you can do and how hard you can push yourself and how well -- whatever you can get out of yourself. No matter if Serena played well -- there's been other brothers and sisters who have been on the tour also, and they haven't done what we've done.
I think it's all about that we were dedicated and we had great people to work with us, and that we really believed in what we were doing. I think that, sure.

Q. Have you pushed yourself as hard as you can?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No (smiling). I'm not the hardest worker. I've tried, but I have to definitely get out there and give it a little go.

Q. You've talked in the past about as the older sister you have to be the protector. Do you still feel like that? Have you evolved away from that?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Sure. Serena has a problem, then I definitely -- I take care of it. If she needs something taken care of, I'm the one. If I can't do it, my other sister does it. If she can't do it, we turn it over to our mom, so on and so forth.

Q. Any examples you'd like to share with us of you being the older sister?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I can't think of any examples without giving anything away. If she has a problem, she needs me to talk to someone, I'm more than ready to do it, and I enjoy it (laughing).

Q. Who protects you then?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I have older sisters. If I tell Serena, "Serena, I need to talk about something," then, well, we'll talk about it.

Q. Can you envision a situation where you would maybe -- where it would be beneficial for both of you to be less close?


Q. Pardon me?


Q. Perhaps if one of you thought you needed to, to be able to compete with the other at a certain stage.


Q. Martina, on TV, made a point that she was disappointed yesterday that the crowd was for Amelie instead of you, being an American. There's so much about not wanting to see a Williams-Williams final. Do you still feel that backlash?

VENUS WILLIAMS: All I know is that I don't know. That's fine. I just don't know. I don't know anything as far as what the fans feel. I've never met anyone who's walked up to me and said, "I don't want to see a Williams-Williams final. Lose." I haven't met those people yet.
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The WYA cares little about the players, least of all the WILLIAMS.
Maybe if VENUS had played and reinjured herself and was unable to playe in their championships in L.A., those bastards would be happy.

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The WTA is greedy is is only thinking in terms of ticket sales and what their bonus will be at Christmas. Venus should tell them dont ask her to play any more tournaments she doesnt want to play since they are going to bite the hand that is feeding them.
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Not to be critical....but if she didn't wanna play in the first place, why sign the contract to play? I mean I don't think the WTA forced her hand to pen and paper there. I agree that she probably needs the week off, but the WTA is business. Venus entered and the Brasil Open was a direct financial benefactor of that...ticket sales, etc. Rules are rules, and I'm sure all players are given a set of them. Everyone is held to the same standard.
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she signed to try and help the tour, but now she is exhaulted so do you think she should play in this condition and risk injury or mental damage? And at least they had time to do a proper draw and Venus did not pull a Dokic (withdrawing at the very last second)
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I'll repeat this as you obviously missed it:

Originally posted by Seles
I agree that she probably needs the week off...
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after her fabulous run at the US Open, it's understandable her need for some well deserved rest... but it's also a pity for the Brazilian fans who I am sure would love to see Venus in action...and if I'm not mistaken, I think Bahia State, where the tournament is held, has a large black population, which would make Venus presence the more and more special...
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LMAO at this stuff. Venus committed under normal circumstances, many many weeks ago. She wasn't a last minute draft like Monica invariably is. You commit, you withdraw, you get fined. This is not news to any player.

You have to answer for Santino, Carlo.
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