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I feel like crying

The Williams sisters are just too good. I know it isn't their fault but I am so mad that Serena can just breeze through a match with a quality player like she is. Or that when Venus is playing like crap she can still beat a player who has been on fire. I mean honestly I think that I would be surprised if anyone could take a set off of them if they were playing like they normally do. I mean it isn't a wonder that Johnny Mac and Jim Courior can get away with calling women's tennis boring. Dani couldn't play much better, but Serena just runs every freaking ball down and hits the daylight out of it. Alot of people say "go to the gym go to the gym" But most people just don't have the natural ability to compete. Jennifer could realistically improve her serve, and Martina could get smart and change 90% of her game, but other than that I just don't think that the rest of the tour can do anything to challenge them. The WORST part is that they play awefully against eachother. I could take it if they were rivals or something, but it isn't fair to tennis to bang away at the ball and kill quality opponents love and two and then make 1000 errors playing your sister. I mean I just hope that someone comes along next year and is able to kill both of them every week. It isn't even that I don't like them, just I get sick of them being the ones to win all the slams. I might even be able to be fans if they were able to loose matches when they weren't playing to their ability, and have a few close matches when they were playing to their ability. Williams fans, please don't get mad at me but I just am tired of them being so much more talented than everyone else.

Romney/Ryan 2012
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Honey it won't last forever...everything will come to an end, no point getting your knickers in a twist.
There was a point when monica, martina nav., steffi and evert were just too good but it came to an end, it's sad your faves aren't competeing but you have to admire the talent....i mean did you see that smash of danaeila's that serena got back,!
You have to admire her athleticism and determination to get that shot back, every other player wouldn't have even bothered looking at it, let alone running it down.
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Long Live Serena & Venus: The best players in the WTA!! Thank you mboyle for admitting the obvious. YOU might be bored (though the strange subconscious subtext of your admiring comments about their games belies that--LOL) but I'm excited beyond words (and contrary to popular belief, so are many others)! I sincerely hope V & S continue to mow down the rest of the field for as long as possible (AND to play better against each other)...
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Maybe they're just feeling a bit burnt out when they play eachother because it's usually near the end of a tournament...but it would be great to see them playing eachother at their best
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Guys I don't dislike the Williams girls. Its just that I have come to the conclusion that for the next couple of years there will be few high quality competitive matches in women's tennis. If the Williams girls could just play well against eachother or if Jennifer or Lindsay could put up some serious competition, I would be elated. I really think that their talent is amazing, but if I were one of the other players, I don't even think I would try if I had to play. I mean I would just look at the draw, and be happy if I got to as far as I could without meeting a sister. That is how frustrating it must be for them. Justine can beat them on clay, but on all other surfaces they really are unbeatable unless they play at less than about a quarter of their ability. That is just plain crazy scarry. And to informitive, I am not bored, just depressed that they can dominate the rest of the field, but play like number 1000 against eachother.

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yes, its a sad time for anyone who is not a williams fan, and even to some williams fan, come on, they gotta want some competition. sad sad sad time, bring on 2003!

hunger, desire, fire..........
stength, power, precision.........
talent, court sense, smartness........
no i am not talking about a racket or a squirrel, i am talking about the former and future number 1..............
martina hingis!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck Justine Henin Hardenne, Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova, Mary Pierce, and any of my other favorites that I might have forgotten about at this moment.
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Oh well mboyle. Too bad, go take up swimming buddy. It won't last forever. Monica, Steffi, Martina etc. have all dominated before the Williams. I don't think the power is what makes them so good, it's the mental part. Alot of the players on the tour break down mentally IMO. Chanda proved this, because she doesn't really have all the weapons like Venus and Serena but she competes with them. She took out Serena in LA and came close with Venus here. With Lindsay, Jen, etc. the sisters get them nervous IMO.

Also, myboyle I didn't hear all this from you when Jen was about to win her third slam at the U.S. Open after her run at AO, and the French. It seems you are crying over nothing really.
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that's why i said they should learn finesse to make it more exciting.
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THEY HAVE FINESSE. THAT IS THE SCARRY PART. And I wasn't a member of this board last year. And Jenn won a whopping three titles last year. Venus has lost to a non Williams player twice this year. TWICE!!!!! (and one of them she was injured) I know it won't last forever. I just hope it won't last long.

Romney/Ryan 2012
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martinailuv should learn SOMETHING about tennis before he/she posts...
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When she is playing her best tennis, Serena Williams is the best women's player I've ever seen! All the other greats in women's tennis had weaknesses, Serena doesn't have one. Unless you count injuries.

What makes the Williams sisters so great is that they play great defense, to go along with their great offense! And that's a great combination to have!

Happiness is like a cat. If you try to coax it or call it, it will avoid you. It will never come. But if you pay no attention to it and go about your business, you'll find it rubbing up against your legs and jumping into your lap. - William Bennett

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What are you talking about?
There was a competitive match earlier today.
Serena has lost to Schnyder Rubin Henin
Venus has lost to Seles Testud Clijsters.
And they've played a lot of competitive matches against the abovementioned as well as others.

They're the best right now. Enjoy watching them play. Serena particularly is a delight to watch. They won't win every match easily and any victory over them is twice as meaningful because they are playing so well.
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they still haven't won this GS, don't be so pessimistic. Today's match between Venus and Chanda, was amazing and really exciting, even though 90 % of the people wanted to see Chanda winning, Venus was just too strong.
I understand you, I would also feel very disappointed if Lindsay's match between Serena would be that short, considering that Daniela had been playing some wonderful tennis.
Don't worry, I have the feeling that someone will take them out in this GS.
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Good Lord, all of this carrying on for nothing. MBoyle, your post really does not make any sense. You complain that the Williams sisters are dominating, then you say it is because they are more talented than everyone else. What are the sisters suppose to do? Lose a few matches because fans are bitching that the rest of the field cannot catch up to them? Feel sorry for other players who are not on their level? If you were one of your faves dominating, would you even have this problem?

Yes, the Willies are dominating right now. Why not enjoy it? They are spectacular athletes and determined and focused competitors. Both sisters want to win and display their best tennis for their fans. The rating shoot through the roof every time one of them or both of them are in the final and as a result, tennis is getting more exposure than ever. Their Wimbledon final was their best played match yet and proves that they are getting better at competing against each other. The sisters bring out the best in their competition and have taken tennis to an even higher level something all of their competitors, however grudingly for some, admit to and admire. Mishar is dead on when he/she says that beating the sisters really shows that you are one of the best in the world because they are that good.

Instead of complaining MBoyle, give the sisters some credit for making tennis exciting to watch.
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apoet29 your post is is right on point as usual!
Thank you for your clarity, intelligence, and candor on this board. Far too many other people here simply don't want to think or acknowledge reality...
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