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The Rivalry That's Being Ignored

The commentators, reportors & the fans are all missing what's going on between Venus & Serena. This is the rivalry everyone should be looking at. Instead, everyone is trying to make them into one person. The last time I looked, they were 2 different persons.
The question should be, can Venus take out Serena? Why is it the Williams against the rest of the tour?
The #1 & #2 players have always been rivals. Why change it now? I happen to like Venus a lot. Serena, I only support her because she's Venus sister, & Venus loves & feel protective of Serena. I feel she's starting to let go.
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Wait for the (probable) all Williams final and you'll see the rivalry. Not before.

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Roseie - You have made a very good point, I must say.
Under normal conditions the potential matchup of the no. 1 and 2 players would be pushed quite a bit, but in the case of the WILLIAMS, they are being presented as one entity that all of the draw must contend with as a whole.

such is life, I guess.

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Venus and Serena don't actually treat it like a rivalry. They virtually never talk about wanting to beat each other.

Of course, the fact that I'm a Venus fan and I don't think she can beat Serena from the baseline. I don't think Serena CAN be beaten from the baseline. And Venus, like most of the rest of the top ten, won't leave the baseline except for a kill, or out of desperation.

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TeeRex I find it very disturbing. I have never seen anything like this. Every time I read or listen to reports on women tennis. I get the feeling everyone wants them out of there.
I went back & read some of the reports when Davinport & Hingis were on top. Noting like what's being writen now
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I don't think it is being ignored so much as it is new territory. No where in sports have siblings contended with one another at such a high level, and in tennis it is especially difficult because it is a one on one endeavor. As far as them being presented as one package, they often presented themselves that way, especially early on. I think they are beginning to express their individual selves more now. Also, in the past, the 1 and 2 players did not arrange their schedules so that they only met at GS and occasional tier I tourneys. I don't even remember how many times Evert/Navratilova clashed at all levels. Classic tennis rivalries usually contain elements of different playing styles (Chrissie and Martina), which the Williams don't have, opposing personalities (which the Williams do have), sometimes animosity between the players (which they certainly don't have), sometimes different nationalities (John MacEnroe and Bjorn Borg had many of these elements) Usually the fans would tend to gravitate towards one player or another based on some of these elements, but the Williams sisters are often both liked by their fans, so it is harder to get emotion into the match (for the fans, who often don't really care which sister wins).

Also, right now both of the Williams sisters are ahead of the tour in many areas, that it really seems like the tour against them.

I also get the sense that Venus is starting to move into a different role. Don't forget, she hates losing, even to her sister. I don't really envy them, they are walking a very public road which no one has really walked before. So far, they have done a remarkable job. I hope they can continue to work thru each difficulty as it comes as well as they already have.
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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 7/7/02 ]
No contrasts, no rivalries

Steve Hummer

What a muddled game tennis is these days.

Here at the end of its most hallowed fortnight, the sport finds itself woefully short on compelling story lines. There is little women's tennis anymore outside the front door of a single household. OK, it is an interesting sidelight that the top two players in the world could readily donate kidneys to each other, but after awhile, even that rarity is going to grow tired.

And with Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi in retreat, the men's half of the draw is as faceless as a bad boy band. Plenty of steak, no sizzle.

Even good, loyal ALTA-playing people are finding themselves disengaged from the pro game. If they want to watch a family trade forehands, they can drive over to the subdivision courts any weekend.

Tennis finds itself in one of those cyclical troughs now, a down time for producing real, memorable matchups, not just a nice exhibition. Beyond the volleys, what makes tennis watchable are the colors and contrasts of its rivals.

It just helps to have some rooting interest on one side or the other of the net. Do you throw support behind the prim baseliner (Evert) or the go-for-broke power player (Navratilova)? The stoic (Borg) or the bubbling cauldron (McEnroe)? The sprawler (Becker) or the tactician (Edberg)? The jerk (McEnroe) or the jerkier (Connors)?

The search for a passionate rivalry goes sadly wanting these days. The next generation of men has yet to distinguish itself. Meanwhile, you should be able to teach your kids to share as generously as Venus and Serena Williams are sharing the spoils of the women's game. All the toys get spread around willingly, equally.

It is the job of rivals to bring out the best in each other. On the court, the Williams sisters often seem to bring out the worst. All the bold and beautiful tennis they display early in the tournament turns tentative when aimed at each other. It is impossible to summon your competitive best while worrying about the opponent's feelings.

Getting one close set out of the sisters, observers were delighted with the Wimbledon final Saturday. That was considered a great step forward. But it is difficult to imagine a real edge to any of their matches because it's obvious they love each other just too darn much.

Nobody knows quite what to make of this situation. It's so unprecedented. One sporting sibling is always superior to the other; that's nature's way. Suddenly, it's like Henry and Tommy Aaron both chasing the all-time home run title at the same time.

The question is asked the Williams sisters with increasing frequency: Are you good for tennis? As if they are supposed to answer, "No. I think we should be split up and forced into separate nunneries."

The two are so clearly better than anyone else that there will be many more meetings like Saturday's. Little sister Serena has all grown up, earning the No. 1 world ranking, her first Wimbledon singles title and her very own German stalker. She definitely has overcome all traces of Venus envy.

So, who do you pick, Venus or Serena?

Guess I'm more of a Serena person. From a distance, she seems to be the stronger-minded of the two, the one of a little more depth.

Why not throw support behind the one who says, "I can tell the difference between me and Venus on the court. I'm more emotional, I pump my fists more, I scream a little more."

And: "I'm the first to cry, especially in the movies."

Granted, those are pretty flimsy grounds for choosing sides, but these are difficult times for tennis, what with rivalries blurred all the way to the genetic level

I found this article which sums up the situation well
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Great article, But I disagree I think Venus is the strong minded one, on the court and in life. Serena's serve is just better, then Vee's, but Venus is very strong minded.

Venus is the one who studies, and helps Serena out with her papers. Venus is the more responsible one. I think Venus is more atuned with the world, and it's different cultures. I think Venus is the one who reflects on past tennis stats, and thinks about deep things. Now I think Serena is strong minded and smart as a whip, but she is a bit more into going out and having fun, partying. She can also let her emotions get in her way on the court.

I think Venus is a bit more resolved then Serena. One can be strong minded without doing fist pumps and screams.

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Well maybe because they're sisters and they love each other and don't want to beat each other, it's not as good a rivalry in people's eyes.

Usually, the rivals want to beat the crap out of each other. N.B: Evert-Navratilova; Seles-Graf; Hingis-Davenport.

They may act civil around each other but they certainly did not look out for each other.

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Where do people get the idea that Venus & Serena does not want to beat each other when they play.Do you see Serena face when she plays Venus. She cried when she lost to Venus at Wim in 2000.
Venus looked really sad when she lost this year at Wim. I think she's learned a lesson from Serena to take control of her career. What this writer has shown me is tha he does not like the Williams at the top. Saying that Serena has more depth than Venus. What does he mean? Depth in what? Why try to put down one sister. I find it sad that as a professional writer he could not find a different slant for such a great & unusual story. Now this article has no depth/
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I agree with Sophie's first post... I think it is because this is new territory and so it is hard to consider their matches a rivalry. Also, their close bonds doesn't make it easy to portray them as rivals.

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Nobody cares if serena or venus wins, if you aren't a fan of both of them...
An outsider won't even know the difference!


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EZ - I hope that you are not representative of most tennis fans and the world in general.

Tee Rexx
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