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Have some respect for Jennifer

So many people on this board enjoy bagging Jennifer Capriati, and ignore the incredible past. For someone to come from being one of the most (maybe the most) exploited and hyped up teens in tennis in 1990-1991, with unbelievable results to back it up, and being up to no.6 at that age, and then having the troubles of normal adolescence and completely flaking out to winning 3 Grand Slams and no.1 in the world. Not only did she once again find the form that had her in the top 10 a decade earlier but she improved it! Jennifer Capriati's is a truly inspirational story and people over analyse or misinterprete comments to make her out to be horrible, lets appreciate the champion she is aswell!!

JENNIFER CAPRIATI-my now & passionate love and idol..GO JENN! I LOVE U!!!
GABRIELA SABATINI-my first & undying love and idol..miss you & love u Gaby!!!


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I'll second that!!!!

Go Jenny!!!! Keep fighting!!

"I mean, it's something that's always been a part of me. And especially the last few years of my life, I've really had to fight on and off the court. So I just, I don't know, on the tennis court I look at it as a battle I know maybe I'm in control of and where I have the best chance and I can really, you know, dictate what I do out there and what I feel. So, the rest, I think it's just something you just have or you don't have. I mean, I'm certainly not the only one. I mean, there's a lot of great fighters out there, so..."
Jennifer Capriati
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In professional sports, people don't have a hard time labelling male athletes as dumb jocks.
Maybe it's a sign of true equality that we can label females as dumb jocks too.
If Tiger Woods (who I am not a fans of) has to address women's issues in his sport, is it really that outrageous that JCap be held to the same standard?
If McEnroe, etc. are going to get hit with code violations for behaving like JCap then why shouldn't she. I don't think she's ever been charged and you can hear her on TV.
Finally if JCap doesn't need to care about a law that effects women's sports because it doesn't affect her directly then why should any men? Especially those in congress?

If your fave's coach isn't Richard Williams, that's just her first problem...

I was there when the ALL BLACKS won the World Cup in 2011!!!

"I don't know that I changed all that much. They just found somebody worse." - Aging tennis bad boy Jimmy Connors, referring to John McEnroe, in 1984.

There can never be too many "Sister Slams!"
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I did have respect for her but she lost that a long time ago. I am sorry, But I cheered her on when she won her first and second slam, but I don't like her "personality" anymore. When she talked about Monica's grunting, and the BJK thingy. I knew as a fan of tennis that that was it for me. She turned me off, as a player that I wanted to root for. I no longer have respect for her, but I still like her fighting on court spirit. I like her tennis. I respect her game. It's just now, I want her to get beat whenever or whovever she plays. When before I would cheer her on.

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When Capriati won the Austrailian last year, I was definitly in her corner, and happily cheered for her. However her attitude on the court leaves a little to be desired for me. I think its great that she is intense and all, but she just gets a little petty when she starts cursing, and getting upset about things in the crowd. Also, whether or not she went to college, I would think that she would no what Title IX is. Its been on the news so much lately, how could anyone miss it.

That being said. I would like to deny the myth that all Williams Fans Hate Capriati, b/c I don't. I think she has done alot to come from the adversity she faced, although it was some what self-inflicted, to Win 3 Grand Slams. That is no small feat, despite what many say. So my point is that , while I don't like her as a person, I think she is a good tennis player, whose game I respect. Hopefully she can return to the form she had early last year and make this Open as exciting as it can be. I would love to see a Venus/Capriati rematch!!
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She may say or do things that you don't agree with. Who doesn't. She lives her own life - does her own things - say what she wants. And it's she that has to live with the ramifications of her actions. I love watching her play tennis and her grit on the court. I don't like her bagging Monica's grunting, but hey Seles won the match and that's what mattered to me the most at that time. As far as her swearing on court; yeah it's probably not the best but how many times have you watched baseball or football, etc and you hear someone swear. I'm not saying it's ok - but she's not alone. And like none of us have ever uttered a bad word. I respect her tennis, and I enjoy her playing. She's got a great talent that we should (as tennis fans) appreciate.
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I have no respect for Jennifer...the troubles of her childhood were not normal...sure all kids have troubles...but they don't all resort to drugs and shoplifting...

As for her career as a tennis player...it's hard for me to respect her steriod induced improvement in 2001...go back to the 2000 Open...she was a fat slob, 2nd round loser...suddenly she shows up in Australia 5 months later 40 lbs lighter with bulging muscles...i wasn't born yesterday...as an avid fitness fanatic it is very easy to recognize chemically induced fitness transformations...

Finally, all the oncourt foolishness, the silly sour grapes comments during interviews, the Fed Cup fiasco...lets be real...JENNIFER HAS EARNED HER DIS-RESPECT...If you are so concerned about how people feel about Jennifer...then e-mail Jenn and suggest she GET IT TOGETHER!!!
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I have to agree with pretty much everyone in here. It's hard to respect Jennifer since her actions do not really warrant it! Sure she came back from drugs and all but does that really warrant respect? To come back from drugs and all she had to first get into them and I have a hard time applauding somebody for that... and her behavior now doesn't warrant respect either. If it was only isolated incidents with her it might not be so bad but every second match she starts cursing at umpires, line judges etc... and I think most of it is uncalled for!

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i was OK with her until she cussed out BJK. when she apologises to BJK and to the tennis fraternity for that, i will start respecting her again.

We are what we pretend to be... - Kurt Vonnegut
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she got everything on a golden plate, I have no reasons to bash her language and that stuf but sorry that fairytail thing annoyed me a lot and will always annoy me. I always wonder had she left the tour in 93 when she would have been number 1 or had won a grand slam? I serious doubt it!
Good for her that she got her life back on track again but to say she is a hero? no not for me at least!

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I liked her as a 14-16-year-old, but when she came back, I thought she was too pouty and didn't really pay too much attention to her. She won my respect back after her Grand Slam success, but that's about it. I don't jump up and down over her, but I wouldn't slag her off either, and I wouldn't hesitate to defend her if I think she;s being treated unfairly.

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I have complete and utter respect for Jennifer. She's came through all that trouble and is now a 3-time Grand Slam Champion and has been World Number 1 in the world.
She shows passion on court and gets a bit angry when things go wrong but what the hell. It shows her passion to the game!

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It won't really matter if we respect Jennifer until Jennifer respects herself.
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Don't have complete and utter respect for Jenn but don't hate her.
She plays great tennis and is definitely a fighter. She is no doubt a plus for the WTA

Respect is earned, not given
Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself
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