USA CRAPworks is a disgrace -
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USA CRAPworks is a disgrace

I had forgotten how bad they are. ESPN, CBS, NBC are glorious compared to that crappy network

yesterday they stick to the Chang match, they showed most of it, how many women's matches during the day? NONE. Give me a fucking break, Chang is not a contender at all, I don't oppose to them showing some of it, but is Chang more important than Justine, Jelena?

Today, they were showing Ferrero vs Wayne Arthurs and Kuerten vs whoever. They wouldn't cut the men's match to go to the Capriati's match and they cut that match to show more men's matches.

to make it worse, you have to hear Jim Courier mumbling or Tracy Austin repeating for the 10000000th time how great Davenport's come back is. With her, you just change the names and you have your comment,she says the same over and over again.

And the angles, who is the retarder moron that manage the cameras?, does he have a f.... clue? I don't think so.

USA Networks is the worse network by a very long way, every time they broadcast I keeps sending e-mails that they of course ignore.

I sent a message to the US Open, asking them to push the network to show more women's coverage and to now give them the coverage again, maybe if enough people complain (to the US Open, not to that pathetic piece of shit of network) they will do something.

ESPN, TNT, ABC, CBS, we love you !

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I'm gonna fire off a letter to them tonight. after that bullshit last night (cutting away from Rena vs. Corina to show some stupid ass clip from a tv show, plus next to no women's coverage today etc.) they are going to here from me.

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I think USA is getting the message. Courier and Austin just had a little conversation about the early rounds of the womens matches being too easy-to many bagels (as in Venus and Capriati's matches). They agreed that things will probably heat up in the second week for the womens game and they'll be showing more matches. Also, they discussed going back to 16 seeds for the womens draw, so the matches could be more competitive (and closer) in the earlier rounds as the mens matches have been. They have a point seeing how Capriati just won easily over a girl ranked in the 400's.

Right now, the commentator is asking Capriati about changing to 16 seeds.
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I don't remember the USA channel being this bad before. They must have hired program directors from ESPN.

The powers that be over there probably think that viewers just want to see Americans( preferably male ) play regardless of their chances of winning.

I know there are some ATP fans who loved the Safin match today.
I could understand that the last deciding set near the end was exciting, but I don't feel it was necessary for 4 1/2 hours to focus so long on a 1st round match, especially when other popular players like Clijsters, or Rubin have a match in progress.

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In Britain we are lucky. We get to choose what match we see from 4 different screens.
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Originally posted by Consistency
I don't remember the USA channel being this bad before.
I don't either.

It's bad enough that they have those stupid interviews with "stars" (or, more precisely, actors who appear on USA Network programs).

Jim Courier seems to ramble on more and more on USA than he did on TNT and Tracy Austin even seems worse than she has in past years.

Give me TNT's incessant ads for "Door to Door" or "Mists of Avalon" any day! Give me Pam Shriver dissing Martina Hingis or Patrick McEnroe kissing Roddick's @ss! Darnit, I'll even put up with Chris Evert! (at least I can mute her and still see interesting tennis!)

I browse once in a while.
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Chang is one of my favorite players, so I didn't mind seeing him. But they really need to show more women's matches.
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Email them, write them, call them and let them know we are not going to put up with this! $#%%@#$!&

Beat'em down Ms Williams, beat'em down!

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I prefer watching a competive men's match to a 2 set bagel match. I mean come on, did you see the Keifer-Safin match? It was amazing.
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I agree with selesfan I love Jennifer and all, but thank god they showed Guga and Ferrero in between...Who wants to see a 6-0,6-0 or a 6-1,6-2 match???? At least the Safin match was worth the ticket price.
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I couldn’t disagree more.
In my opinion it’s not USA but ESPN that has the worst tennis coverage on the planet for all the same reasons.
They place the camera so high you need a pair of binoculars to watch it on TV.
USA has a camera right behind the players so you can see every little detail.
ESPN will advertise a feature match, for example Agassi vs. whoever and then pick up the action in middle of the last set.
I agree that neither one of them knows jack about tennis coverage or what the fans really want to see but if I had to choose it would have to be USA hands down.
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LMAO @ Cynicole.. I can't believe you remember the ads for Door to Door and the Avalon thing on TNT.

I'm actually enjoying the coverage.. but on mute. I prefer TNT big time! Chang, GUGA, Juan Carlos are my fav's so I didn't mind watching it.. Although I'm quite disturbed that Juan Carlos is a blonde now! YIKES... It was really bad when New York Met's catcher Mike Piazza did it...
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Perfect example...this night match going on is awesome tennis...not a typical WTA bagel; replete with tons of UE's and double faults. I mean...come on...Henin won easy and how many double faults did she have? Venus, double bagel! You can't have it both ways...if you guys(and gals) believe the WTA is more popular than the ATP because of the Stars always being there at the end... then you have to defer to the excitng early round ATP matches at the beginning! I prefer women's tennis in many ways, but could the women's draw ever produce a match like Keifer/Safin in the first round? NEVER! And how about this second round...GUGA and Marat...are you kidding me...that easily could be a final! Leave USA alone...they can't please all the selfish people in the world, let alone the ones on this board! 10 hours of live coverage everyday and you're still complaining...

I am an embarrassed, ugly American!
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I just sent an email off to USA Network because I wasn't pleased with their coverage Jen's match. The email address is:


Soon we will have the Tennis Channel in December and maybe they will have enough insight to know that some fans just like to see more of their favorite players, regardless of score.

And I wouldn't have minded them jumping to another match (it was a double bagel afterall - just wanted to say that) so much if there HAD been a competitive men's (or women's) match going at the same time but they pre-empted it for the beginning games (both in the second set) of two matches involving 3 unseeded players. (Oh, and guess how much airtime those matches are now getting with Roddick on? Following thru is not one of their strong points.)

The part that made me so angry was they spent ALL DAY advertising the Capriati and Roddick matches and they show, what? Nine minutes of hers? ARGH!!

Come on December!!
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That movie clip had me laughing HYSTERICALLY outloud! I was like "wtf"?

Hey, I taped the Venus match before I went to work, can somebody tell me if they showed her on TV? Or was she not shown due to a men's match?

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