Capriati may be the first. -
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Question Capriati may be the first.

Capriati may be the only player to go two seasons with only three titles and all of the titles were slams.

Could be a very interesting streak if she wins no more titles this year and grabs the Oz title in '03'.

Tee Rexx
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I know...she is so good about winning the ones that matter, isn't she! To me...I'd rather win 1 slam than a kajillion Tier2s, 3s, and 4s.
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Me too...

And Tee Rexx, sorry to burst your bubble, but she won a Tier 1 in 2001...

Lindsay Jelena Maria

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Hi there, ´Rexx, nice to meet an un-banned Tell me your secrets...

I wouldn´t mind her not winning any tournaments until she threepeats the Aussie Open
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I'm so current, I'm tomorrow.
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1) 1990-10-22 San Juan
2) 1991-07-29 San Diego, California
3) 1991-08-05 Toronto
4) 1992-07-27 The Olympics at Barcelona
5) 1992-08-24 San Diego, California
6) 1993-01-11 Sydney
7) 1999-05-17 Strasbourg
8) 1999-11-01 Quebec
9) 2000-09-25 Luxembourg
10) 2001-01-15 Australian Open at Melbourne
11) 2001-04-16 Charleston, South Carolina
12) 2001-05-28 Roland Garros at Paris
13) 2002-01-14 Australian Open at Melbourne
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well her grandlsam, she has, i do think she somewhat had a cakewalk draw. my personal opinion is that you have to beat a williams sister inorder to really have achieved winning the slam. some people think that is crazy. But really Jennifer's only deserving slam to me was 2001 French, where she beat Serena. Even though Serena was playin on the clay for the first time, and took jennifer to 3 sloppy sets. Anyway. But that is just what i think. And really the only reason why i think that is because i feel that if she had met a williams that had either played on the clay before the French, or was at the Aussie open and played her. I think she would have lost. I say that because in all her other slams recently when she has ran into a williams she has lost. don't talk about what i said. cuz i really don't care. and most likely won't reply. this is my "opinoin." you can tell me what you think of it. but don't tell me anything about my self. cuz i think i know who i am!
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so cappy didn't deserve australia because venus and serena in 2001 and venus in 2002 didn't make it as far to meet her? LOL

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That is absolute *******

Jen beat Seles, Davenport and Hingis to win the Aussie Open 2001 after losing her last five matches to each (or thereabouts!!!). That is an ACHIEVEMENT! If Venus went and lost 1-6 1-6 to Hingis and didn't meet her in the final, then it's not Jen's fault.

This argument is so boring - if Davenport, Hingis and Seles don't make winning a Slam worthwhile then probably all of Venus' aren't worth anything either.

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Jennifer Capriati : 3 Grand Slams, Olympic Gold and World No.1

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look who venus beat at wimbledon last year tauziat, davenport, then henin. at the french jen beat serea, hingis, and clijsters. Jen had a much more difficult draw than venus.
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Nice to hear you say Capriati 4 a change TeeRexx.........Learn't your lesson i see(though the harder way )
VenusSerena are the most "logical " person on this board (as you have proved here and the other threads you have posted in )
Way to go
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I can not believe what sore losers some of you are. And some (not all) of you die hard Williams fans think the tennis world revolves around the almighty Serena and Venus. You are absolutely right about one thing though, a new rule should be added: If the winner of a slam doesn't defeat a Williams in route to a title it should be null, and not count as a slam win!!!! Absolutely the most ridicules think I have ever heard! As if it is somehow Jenny's fauly that Venus couldn't handle Hingis or Seles (two very respectable players by the way) in Australia, or that she choked in the first round at the French... Like I said SORE LOSER!!!!!!!!

And btw nicely said R.Dis and Mark Newman. Some people are quite delusional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Jenny!!!! Keep fighting!!

"I mean, it's something that's always been a part of me. And especially the last few years of my life, I've really had to fight on and off the court. So I just, I don't know, on the tennis court I look at it as a battle I know maybe I'm in control of and where I have the best chance and I can really, you know, dictate what I do out there and what I feel. So, the rest, I think it's just something you just have or you don't have. I mean, I'm certainly not the only one. I mean, there's a lot of great fighters out there, so..."
Jennifer Capriati
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I don't know why people want to cheapen grand slam wins. Jen has THREE. that's not luck, that's not easy draws, that's not a FLUKe, that is a great champion playing great tennis when she needs too.
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but did the champion play great players on the way to her win? like i said, that was my opinoin, it doesn't change when people like "achamber " try and come in here and tell me about what i am and blah blah blah. i already told you that was my opinion and that is what i think. i base this all on results. Martina won 5 slams. She is not the martina of 97-99. She can't beat the powe players. I am basing this all on Jen and the Williams. Venus was injured at Aussie 2001 against Seles. Were you at the match like i was? Were you at the match were Venus lost to Testud like i was? Well then you will have to just keep on doing like everyone else is and "state" that you don't think she was injured, and blah blah. She was injured at both of those matches. Wasn't even running up to par. And wasn't going for her shots like she normally does. But that is beides the point. Its my opinion, its how i feel. And you telling me what i am and how i am and the "sore looser" BS, doesn't mean shit to me. It has gone though one ear and out the other. just like anyones next post towards me will. much luv
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as a williams fan i would like to say that i think that she deserved all 3 of them...this may be off topic but i thought venus deserved the POY because she won the last 2 slams which are arguably the most prestigious, won the "5th slam", won two other tournaments, won tournaments on 3 different surfaces, beat the other likely candidate (cappy) 2 or 3 times that my opinion cappys comeback story helped her get the award along with her achievements that year...

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VenusSerena is entitled to her opinion even if you or I disagree. Funny how some people harp about having their opinon but then turn around and bite someone elses head off for having one.

Personally I think Jen deserved all of her Slam wins and like mark said its not her fault it other players couldn't make it through the draw. It doesn't matter if they were injured, sick, or just got their butts whooped because a loss is a loss and a win is a win. Also Venus didn't retire in those matches so no matter what she thought she could still win it. she didn't. oh well there will be other slams, other tournaments.

also i think it stinks that so many people take what venusSerena said, eventhough she said it was her own person opinion, and then blast all williams fans. Im tired of that. Its simple minded and boring and repetitive. Get a new tune to sing, okay, because I'm bored.


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