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Father From Hell...(not for dokic fans...)

Why Damir's still the tennis father from hell

CONTROVERSIAL father figure Damir Dokic has been accused of trying to make a sexual slur against tennis champion Martina Navratilova on a website dedicated to his baseline-dwelling daughter Jelena.

On Tuesday Sydney Confidential was interested to note that Jelena-online.com's homepage carried the blunt statement: "This website will no longer be updated."
The article prompted the release of a statement by Jay Prout, main webmaster of the Damir-approved site, who claimed the trouble began when Jelena was denied a centre court appearance during the Eastbourne Championship in June.

Dokic, the daughter, played and lost on an outside court while Navratilova, making a brief but crowd-pulling comeback, played in the main arena.

(i see why at wimbledon martina said that she didnt like dokic's game)

The 19-times Wimbledon champ beat 25-year-old Russian Tatiana Panova, but was bundled out in the next round.

Prout recalled a conversation he had with an angry Dokic Sr who, using son Savo as his translator, demanded an editorial attack on the crusty old tennis club and Navratilova.

"The nature of the intended article was to attack the Eastbourne organisers' decision to give [Martina Navratilova] the centre court on the basis that [she] is a 'dirty old lesbian'," Prout alleges.

Prout, who could seriously claim to be the young tennis star's biggest fan, said all attempts to convince Mr Dokic of the potential fallout failed.

"I gave a detailed argument as to why we shouldn't publish such an article on the grounds that it would result in the worst publicity the Dokics had ever suffered," he explained.

Prout also admitted it was futile to mount a morally-based defence because he knew it "would be unsuccessful".

"In any event I made it clear to them that I would not be writing the article," said Prout, confirming the website won't be updated nor the webhost contract renewed in four months time.

All attempts by Confidential to contact the Dokic family, who turned their backs on Australia, went nowhere.

More intriguing was the effect the official website's woes have had on an unofficial on-line tribute site dedicated to Damir's little girl.

Accompanying Prout's statement is this one from Matt Morelli, the webmaster of dokic.news.com

"Our staff have been informed of this situation and we have shut down," Morelli said.

"We are considering our options and may reopen but this is unlikely."
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Ah, I was wondering when the press would get wind of this. Well done to the Daily Telegraph, only a week or two later than they could have got the story.
Ok, I just want to point out that in no way did Jay try to sell the Dokics out. Quite the opposite in fact. Not only did he try to save the Dokics from this PR disaster, but more importantly, he didn't go to any newspaper / organisation with this story like so many would have after being mistreated the way he was by the Dokics, however, he's not gone out of his way to defend the Dokics or cover up the story. He's given the same statement to everyone who have asked, and has even taken part in a jelena-dokic.com chat with all the members giving them a fuller explanation of the situation regarding Jelena-Online's closure. Typically, he was branded as a liar and an attention seeker by many of the blind and indenial Dokic enthusiasts, and has withstood some outragous claims (for example, someone claimed that Jay closed the site after hitting on Jelena, and failing ).
I hope we don't get a re-run of the situation here with everyone attacking Jay without any reason.

It's such a shame.

Glyn (ex Dokic fan).
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So, finally, the supposed fans of Jelena got what they always wanted - to discredit her family further. I wonder now, that the whole reason behind the WS closure is public, whether the people who claim that the Dokics are homophobic family will disclose their evidence. What is keeping them from divulging this proof now? Surely, they are not now trying to "cover up the story" or trying to "protect Jelena." Oh, please, don't take all of us as foolish sheeps who march where you led us. Give us the proof and let us decide. (Please, notice also that the article posted above doesn't mention this proof and is based on an account of a person who may or may not have other motivation for making those outrageous claims)

What a bunch of hypocrites! They claim they are trying to protect the dokics from PR disaster but they release private conversation held b/n them and dokics to the tabloids. No wonder celebrities are really afraid to approach people who claim to be their fans; because, in a blink of an eye lid, those people will butcher you and auction you to the wolves.
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Nice try Glyn but you can never convince a fanatic even of you do give them irrefutable evidence.They will always find some excuse/denial/etc. That's what makes them a 'fanatic'

Well, eta psi, if that article had been released at Wimbledon time it would have been a PR disaster on a world wide scale especially as it would have been done with Damir's blessing, who knows? maybe he's glad that this article has broken in Australia. I can't see any reason why he should have changed his mind between Wimbledon and now, God knows I tried to change it for him and failed.

As Glyn has said (and so have I in that chat that Glyn mentions and on the www.jelena-dokic.com message board) I have backed down from my threats to write the intended article and release it to the press along with all my tapes.

However I also stated that if anyone did ask I would tell them about that phone call and nothing else (and just as well because that article is mild, it only concerns Damir).

So far only the BBC and the Daily Telegraph in Oz have asked. I am not going to try and publicise what has happened (and it would be so easy, I only have to pick up the telephone) , but equally I am not going to lie for the Dokics.


Here's a bit of evidence regarding that phone call:


and there's plenty more of where that came from on my tape machine including the rant

"All the people like in England and in America and countries like that, you're scared to put something like this out in the newspapers, you're scared of politics and like the bigger people and over here, I mean, all of you people talk about democracy and over here we have democracy because we're allowed to say anything we want and they can't do anything to you"

so in view of that statement by Damir I don't really see how Damir or his supporters are in any position to complain about what has been printed in the media or what has been said on the message boards.

This is what he wants.

It's democracy Damir Dokic style

Official website of Jelena Dokic(CLOSED) We came, we saw, we conquered and we left

Now re-opened ! well, kind of
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Plus he's got a beard. I fear them.
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Jay and Co., I think I should apologize since you guys seem to have an evidence/proof for your claim with regards to jelena's/her dad's comment and I might have judged you unfairly. But, you should understand that I know you less than I do Jelena and, therefore, shouldn't take anything you said at face value with out evidences. Anyways, as I have said you have shown the evidence now and I must give you the benifit of the doubt although I am not sure/convinced that is Jelena's voice on the phone conversation.

Anyhow, I think my second point stands in that damaging private conversation shouldn't be divulged with out the consent of all parties. But, why would I care? It's Jelena who trusted you guys and, if she misjudged you, then she should pay the price for trusting people too much, I guess. May be this will be a good learning experice for her?
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I thought it was her bro on the phone?
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oh, is it? That sounded like a girl voice to me. As I said, I don't know her much and don't even know how she sound when speaking.
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Jay - I jsut want to offer my congratulations...

You've handles yourself with more class than i would have in the same situation..

[moderator Edit]

Of even more significance, there's this little gap in Graf's resume the size of the hole in the ozone layer: It's called Monica Seles. Was Graf the best female player of all time? She wasn't even the best in the heart of her career.
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That sounded like a ladies voice to me too! So who was that exactly?
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Jay- This was a tough situation and I think you handled it as best you could.

I am not conceited, I am just convinced
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eti psi

I had their consent to divulge that 'damaging private conversation'.

and yes, it's Savo's voice on that sound file.

If you look at the Telegraph article it clearly says that Savo was the translator.

This was normal procedue whenever I spoke with Belgrade. Damir would get Savo to translate for him. If Savo wasn't there then Damir would talk to me direct but often I would have to repeat myself or rephrase a question.

Savo is only 11 years old but he is a remarkable 'kid'. He has a black belt in karate and he is a very important member of Team Dokic. Not only did he act as translater between myself and Damir, but he also used to attend meetings between Damir and the American lawyers for the same purpose. In fact, out of the entire Dokic family I would say that Savo has the best understanding of what is happening and what is likely to happen in regards to the legal situation.

Also, Savo was the only one who showed any interest in contibuting to the fan side of the website.

Official website of Jelena Dokic(CLOSED) We came, we saw, we conquered and we left

Now re-opened ! well, kind of
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Hey Jay....I see you're still having to defend yourself. Why is it so hard for people to believe Damir said these things? Most of the world is not homosexual and definitely not tolerant. This is why the need for the Gospel phrases...."preference" and alternative".

Unfortunately, they have not convinced Damir!

Anyway; you Jay have handled yourself with dignity! Thanks.
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this is so interesting. I had no idea there were people on this board who actually ran official players websites, and were in direct contact with players/their families. I'm sorry it ended so badly for you, Jay. I wonder if you are still a fan of Jelena's after all that's happened. is she still your fav?

It's too soon to aim for peace. Aim for better conflict management.

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its old news...i also heard some homophobic comments regarding Liljana....theyve now been branded as racist, homophobic, headline hungry and what not!

all this negative attention Damir brings to the family is gonna have a destructive effect on Jelena's tennis which is sad, i wouldnt want to see any player face soo much interference..

btw Jay 'if he says that to any reporter he is gonna get crucified'...hes been there done that, its damir politics, he loves it cos its the only way hell ever make the front page!

Good luck to the Aussie and Balkan girls!
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