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New PS2 Tennis Game - Very Good! (PAL format)

Hi guys

Just a very quick review of the new PS2 Tennis Game "Slam Tennis" which is now available in PAL format (Europe / Australia / Asia).

I only got it yesterday, and didn't get too much time with it as I have visitors at the moment. But we had a game of doubles etc and I had a bit of a go so here's a quick run down:

4 unknown women players
About 8 male players - Henman, Kafelnikov, Moya, Ferrero, Norman, Vinciguerra and a few others..

The graphics are pretty good. Much better than WTA Tennis, maybe not quite as good as Virtua Tennis, but in some aspects the graphics are exceptional. The replays are very good, so are the reactions of the players after points are finished. Some close ups are very realistic.

Also the courts are very interesting. As well as the main four Grand Slam stadiums there are some other venues eg. Goteburg, Tokyo etc. But there are a few fascinating venues eg. Queens in New york which is like on a public court surrounded by grafitti and garbage etc. Looks fantastic! Also, there is like an glass court inside a large disco - and the court changes colour a lot and there is music and comentary that changes each time you play on this glass court. Looks brilliant! These special courts are locked I think, but you can play on them in Arcade mode and there are obviously ways to unlock them and that will be part of the fun.

The Exhibition Mode is very good. Choice of Singles, Doubles, Mixed. We played doubles last night and had lots of fun.

Arcade mode is very good, that's where you face a different opponent each round and where the fancy courts are (usually in the 4th round and beyond).

There is sortof a Championship mode, hard to explain and I don't have much time to spare... but it looks interesting, but nothing like the WTA World Tour (PAL of course) which is the best around.

There are also these mini games which are quite fun - like hitting balls through hoops, serving at beach balls, knocking down pillars etc etc.

Game play very good and realistic. One of the better ones I have played. There are some minor limitations eg. it is not easy to hit a shot from one side of the court to the other. But the rest of it makes up for that eg. you can do every shot - topspin, slice, flat, lob, drop shot, plus you can put sidespin on balls as well if you want. The other good news is you can make errors eg. long, wide and into the net. And this is great as it makes it more realistic. If your opponent hits a very strong shot and you are caught out of position you will often net the shot. Very realistic.

The rallies are great, the gameplay is not too fast that you can't keep up. In fact, you could have lots of very long rallies, but there is an added feature that helps you hit winners and thus ensure the rallies won't go forever. It's like a Special boost. When you are involved in a rally, every shot you hit gives you added power in a Special meter. When the meter is full it flashes red and that means you can hit a special shot eg. super fast drive, topspin lob, deadly drop shot etc. And this will usually result in a winner - but not always. Sometimes your opponent can get to the shot if they are in the right place and time the return well.

Anyway, I like it a lot so far. Definately worth buying - especially if you like playing with friends. And if you just like playing the computer, I think you could have lots of fun with this game.

Here is my summary of the PAL Tennis Games for PS2 that I have:

WTA Tennis is excellent for playing the computer (World Tour is great) and also very good for playing friends - singles & doubles.

Smash Court Tennis is great for playing friends in Doubles. This is the best game for doubles with friends. Singles is pretty good against friends but the gameplay is pretty basic. The World Tour is a bit limited though and the game play is not as varied as WTA Tennis or Slam Tennis.

Slam Tennis - great for playing friends in Singles and Doubles. Also, you can have heaps of fun with the Arcade, mini-games and the 'Tour'.

Centre Court - Hard Hitter: Terrible! Don't bother.

Next Generation Tennis: Reasonable if you don't have anything else to play, but it is pretty poor next to the other games listed above.

I will be looking forward to Virtua Tennis 2 coming out on PS2 later this year. It will be interesting to play it on PS2. I have it on Dreamcast but we don't play it much. The graphics are brilliant but the gameplay makes me feel like the computer does a lot of the work for you. Plus I don't like the Dreamcast controllers. Perhaps this will be better on PS2.

Better get back to work now.. busy, busy, busy....

Anyway, happy moonballing


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Just had another quick game against my flatmate, and I have to say the graphics are very good, and the gameplay is even better than I first thought.

We worked out how you can hit an angled crosscourt shot at last, and this makes the gameplay even better. You use an extra button to create spin and this helps generate more angle. Also, by using topspin you can generate more angle as well.

I think this game is very very good. Especially for those gamers who love playing against their friends.

The only two ways they could really improve is:

1) to create a World Tour (and I won't mention the fantastic World Tour on the PAL version of WTA Tennis - LOL)

2) create more highly ranked players for the game. There are no real women players - just four fake names. And the men are not really at the top of the rankings although Henman and Ferrero are up there...

Otherwise, this is a great game. Perhaps the best of the lot for gameplay realism.

I had a bit more of a look at the 'Championship' mode. It is like a series of 15 different challenges to win each Grand Slam. Quite novel. The challenges vary and get harder at each level. Some are like mini-games, and some challenges are like playing a mini-tournament. For example, one challenge might be trying to burst a certain number of bubbles with lobs - within a specific timeframe. Quite fun. Another challenge might be playing a mini-tournament comprising a Semi and a Final (the final is tougher of course). Another challenge is to win a Tie-breaker against another opponent and having to hit two lob winners, or two groundstroke winners along the way. Just as an example. So that is a bit of an idea about the Championship mode.

I am not sure when this is released in the USA, but it will be worth a try. Definately a must for those who have friends to play against! Well done PS2 for bringing out so many tennis games in recent times - and more on the way!!!!

Happy Moonballing

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Here are some links with info about Slam Tennis - HEAPS of Screen Shots!:
Slam tennis:
Another link for Slam Tennis:

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