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Unhappy I Still Ask - What Are The Rules To Posting Around Here!

Again I ask respectfully - what in the 'ell have I missed around here, on this day in the Lord's year - 22 July 2002?

I don't think I am out of line in trying to find out what it was that Dawn Marie did or didn't do to get her thread closed!

Most of you know that I try very hard to stay away from any and all controversy - yet I am a principled individual and believes very strongly in the Principle in all things. If DM didn't curse - or call a player a name - then what in the cotten fields did she do wrong? If it's a feeling of a certain moderator(s) that DM's subject and text were out of line - then said moderator(s) needs to post like Julie does and expalin where and how DM crossed the line, and post the rules to boot. Point blanK!

Let us all know what WILL & WILL NOT be allowed. If said moderator has a bias against Dawn Marie - then said moderator needs to be fired. Point blank!

NO ONE can convince me that a poster cannot tell the truth the way they see it. I know I wouldn't put up w/that! NO ONE can convince me that just because a certain moderator(s) may not like what another poster puts out there - they can abitrarily close a thread/topic. It makes nil/no sense.

I feel we all have the right to know where and how Dawn took a misstep - so we all can avoid the same thing, and /or decide whether or not we'd rather stop posting to this board. If rules are made up on the spot because a moderator may not like a poster or the text that a poster wrote - then 'ell NO! That will not do.

I agree w/Volcana that said - we all will be watching closely to see who else's thread will be closed for the same so-called violation.

I feel we all deserve an explanation as to what was said and done wrong!

Otherwise - may peace be upon you.


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Hope this helps:

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*pops head in* Psssst! Nice sig patrick.

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Gogogirl, if you really want an answer, wouldn't you be better off sending a private message ?
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heehee I forgot you'd like that And thats only from one ep!
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Smile I Do Declare!

Well thanks Sonic the Hedgehog.

But if I remember correctly - some of the rules you posted have been abused, misused and violated ova and ova. Case in point:

Where were the board police when another poster called me a name and I replied in kind?

Where were the board police when certain posters spewed hateful messages against other posters and called them names.

Where was the board police when some posted stated they hated the Williams Sisters - and so on and so forth.

And finally - you still did not outline what it was that Dawn Marie said/did wrong. I didn't get to read her post before it was deleted so praytell what did she post that fell within the rules you posted?

Lastly - thank you STH for you prompt response. I appreciate it. Yet - I am still in the dark as to what DM did/said/posted/felt that was wrong.

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GoGogirl I did nothing wrong, Sheesh all I said is that I want Lindsay and Hingis to come back so they can get beat. Girl, I am over it. Life will go on and more threads will come and go.

Sonic please we all no those rules do not apply to everyone. LOL

So why bother? That page should be NULL and VOID. lol

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Smile Excuse Me!

Kart - I beg to differ.

This situation/subject was alive and public when I first became aware of it. I answered Dawn's post by asking what was up w/her other thread being closed - in my original post. And w/the quickness - I saw that that particular thread was closed/deleted also.

This situation stinks to high heaven to me - so NO - IMO this needs to be out in the open so that we ALL will know the real deal. It was put out here in public - and in public is where it should stay. Knowledge is powerful - and we all need to know where we stand in situations like these. We all need to know the rules and adhere to them. The rules should be for everyone and not just a select few - by the way.

It was deleted in public - and it should be explained in public.

And besides - what does what I want to know about the subject have to do w/you? You don't have to read - and thereby: tune in at all! Sonic The Hedgehog didn't mind putting the rules out here for us all to see - so why should anyone else object?

This situation is not a joke to me - and I am sorry if some feel it is.

I still would like to know the score - so that I won't make the same mistake. I cannot believe that DM's thread was closed because she felt that by w/Lindsay & Martina coming back - it wouldn't make a difference in Venus & Serena winning matches.

We all know that the Sisters are the ones to beat. Who didn't know that? Just like a couple of years ago - Martina &Lindsay were the ones to beat. Venus & Serena finally found a way to beat them. Simple as that!

Come on! Don't tell me threads are being closed for these kind of reasonings? I can't believe that. Who would have thunk it?


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Gogogirl, somebody needs to school yah' I may have to send you a PM.

Just go with the flow because it's OUR CHOICE to "TOLERATE" or leave.

Only after the last tree has been cut down
Only after the last river has been poisoned
Only after the last fish has been caught
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. "Cree Native American Prophecy"
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I do find it find it kind of mean and a bit ignorant to post "I can't wait for ____ (insert name), who by the way has been injured for 6 months, to come back so they can get their ass kicked by my fave player (s)" threads, but I'm not sure they warrant being closed. Although I kind of understand because really what is the point in saying I hope ____ loses I dunno... I guess I'm just not a big fan of uncalled for player bashing!

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret. - Ambrose Bierce

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Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it. - Doug Larson

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle
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Just My .02 worth.

IMO the moderators and administrators are trying to prevent this message board from degenerating into a free-for-all hate board. It's true that they don't catch every offensive post. God doesn't moderate here.

Maybe some people( not me BTW ) reported the post to the moderators and it was closed because that thread could easily slide into another war between Hingis/Davenport vs. Williams supporters.

If there's one thing I learned from this board and others, it's not what you say, but how you say it.
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Life Goes On - Indeed - But!

God bless you angele87. But you see - I didn't get a chance to read DM's original post - so you have a better insight on the subject than me. So that is why - I was trying to get educated about what went down.

I got some good news today - so I have had three cups of wine this evening - you see. I am in the mood to communicate tonight.

Any old ways - I hear you a87 & u 2 Dawn Marie.

VBN - you are a very nice & even hearted poster - though some may not agree w/me.

Brian Stewart - I agree that the article w/Chanda's name thrown in the mix - made little sense. What was up w/that? Is Chanda playing this tourney? I haven't had the chance to pop by the Bank of the West forum as of yet.

QUEENLINDSAY - I'd like you more if you didn't hate the Sisters so much. You don't have to like them - and you have the right to root for Lindsay - cause I like her too - but lighten up on V&S - they haven't done anything to you or your fave.

Folks - I've had enough wine - dotcha think?

Keep hype - I mean hope alive.

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Euhm, exactly what do you think we do Gogogirl? That our life is dedicated to voluntarily stay attached to this site 24/7. Just so that when sth happens we can jump on it and wooohoooo problem solved.

Ive said it many times over that we do what we can, but again and just for oyu, there are probably 5-6 active mods/admins here at the moment and last i heard there were about 5000 posts per day, it is to all intents and purposes impossible to see and act on everything.

May i take the opportunity here and turn things around and ask why you didnt report those posts that you beleived violated the Member agreement (MA)? That is exactly why we have a report feature, becasue we accept that irrespectvie of what certain members think, we are not superhuman. Until you start reporting, oyu have no right whatsoever to criticise things that are left. By not reporting you make a statement saying that for whatever reason you personally dont mind the post being there.

May i also ask where your other threads are commending admin decisions???? Or are you only about criticising us whenever that chance arises??? Irrespective of what certain members may think we are extremely leniant here, and if threads are locked, posters warned, suspended or even banned, then its sth we've considered extremely seriously.

FYI the original dawn thread is closed but not deleted if you want to view it you still can. I didnt make the decision, and yes Dawn is entitled to her opinion, but ive just seen the thread and quite frankly id have edited it or closed it myself. The thread was also reported, certain members who shall remain nameless have, you see, fathomed out what that little bit in the bottom right hand corner of a post is for.

FYI i believe the thread wasnt as you say closed because Dawn felt the williams sisters would be unaffected, but (i suspect) becasue of the following

Originally posted by Dawn Marie
I want them both to get beat up, so bad. To also shut those idiots up who think Lindsay and Hingis are the next coming in tennis.

This is the way I truely feel about them coming back. i want them healthy and playing but I also want to see them get the crap beat out of them as well.
If you believe that is fair to a message board of all tennis fans then so be it - personally i think its inflammatory and inciteful. Once again, I accept Dawn Marie has her opinion, but there are better ways of voicing that opinion. Dawn Marie knows the rules and you can believe we're (i'm) biased or dictatorial or whatever - the rules wont change because of that, and again quite frankly im sick of arguing my point to those who genuinely believe that and use it against me at every given opportunity.

For the record yes id have done the same if it was a lindsay or martina fan posting the same offensiveness about the williams's. And if the tables were turned, there would have been uproar, but of a different kind than this!!

When people learn how to post on a message board, without the need to bait and insult others, and in accordance with the MA (An agreement which you have all accpeted btw) then the world or at least WTAworld will be a happier place. There is as much of an onus on members, infact NO, there is more of an onus on members to post within the rules than there is for us to moderate the boards.

Incidentally, and you may disagree with me as much as you did with kart, but this thread is also being closed. Kart was right, this is sth you do by PM.

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