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Martina Navratilova

will be a guest on CNN's Connie Chung Tonight on Cnn

Love Trumps Hate
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Yeah, it has something to do with some anti-American comments she made after 9-11 or at least that's what I heard. I dont know what she said, but she will soon find out the hard way to think before she speaks.
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Ten dollars says whatever she said was either misquoted or misinterpreted.

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Looking forward to watching a squirm her way out of this.
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It was comments she made last month in "Die Zeit" and not after 9/11. And they weren't anti-American comments, mainly anti-Republican...
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Originally posted by Zummi
And they weren't anti-American comments, mainly anti-Republican...
From what we hear up here, that's the same thing.
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Originally posted by disposablehero

From what we hear up here, that's the same thing.
well its not

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Martina is lovely and I'm not listening to any criticism

But I think I heard that what she said had something to do particular US politicians trying to stifle free speech regarding their actions while criticising other nations for doing the same thing. From down here in Aus, that looks like a position which very much supports true American values.
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Anyone see it? Basically Martina has an agenda...her lifestyle being one of them; and she wants to be able to convince people to take up her causes. That's pretty American... however, she never really addressed a few of the tough questions that was asked her like, "I left one supressive regime for another". Connie repeated, "were you quoted correctly here?" To which Martina stammered, squirmed and danced around the proverbial bush!

Whatever you say Martina... you were a great, great player. Leave it at that!
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sorry, I didn't watch this show since I don't like CNN. But, can anyone elaborate what was the 'anti-american' comment she made? Is it just "I left one supressive regime for another"? If that is it, it's pathetic. But, if more, someone else describe it or provide a link. thanks.
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That was the quote that got all the right-wingers all worked up.

I watched the interview and I didn't see where Martina "stammered, squirmed and danced around the proverbial bush". Connie asked her if she was or was not misquoted. This is what Martina said, and I'm quoting her "EXACTLY":

Martina: I don't think I said it exactly in that context. I certainly didn't mean that I'm here in a Communist country and that I can't be what I want to be. However, when it comes to personal freedom, as a lesbian, I am getting more squished here than I would be in Europe or...

Connie: Czechoslovakia?

Martina: Well, Czechoslovakia, in a Communist country... hello, they send you to the assylum.

Connie: There you go...

Martina: This is a whole different story.
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Martina is, along with Billie Jean King and Arthur Ashe, one of the most intelligent and thoughtful public sports figures of the past several decades. She speaks her mind. She is forthright and brutally honest. She does not censor herself, yielding to sponsors or public opinion. Basically, she is a smart cookie who doesn't give a rat's ass what people think.

From her comments about Magic Johnson in 1991 to this recent controversy, I applaud Martina for speaking her mind. And what a lovely mind it is!

Okay, what's up with Connie Chung? She has gone downhill since chasing Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan all over the globe in 1994. I thought her interview skills were horrible and I think Martina should have simply interviewed herself. This was the first time I watched her show and unless someone on the board alerts me that another tennis player will be making an appearance, this will be the last. Connie spent about 30 mins talking to some Orange Co. policemen and then closed with a quote from the missing girl...'I am as strong as Hercules'...blah blah. It was embarrassing.
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"Well Martina, if you don't like America, why don't you go back to Czechoslovakia?"

...Ahh.. a classic American and Republican remark. (Might I add that Czechoslovakia seized to exist a decade ago)

It is so sad to see Connie Chung (who I have long respected prior to this interview with Navratilova) stoop to this low level of media sensationalization. Martina's well justified remarks (and yes even the one about the regimes) were idiotically perceived as "anti-American" and "anti-patriotic".

You know, as soon as I realized that Americans somehow elected George W. Bush (yet another Bush, oh god) as president of the U.S. (might I add Gore wouldn't have been much better, but atleast more tolerant), I knew a travesty had occurred. For after 9/11 and even before 9/11, Bush's republican policies were deemed to be ignorant, idiotic and full of a complete disregard for any non-economic concerns. The free speech of the average citizen been squashed in this ultra-right-wing REGIME. (might I add that I am conservative) For fear of being labelled "anti-patriotic", particularly after 9/11, Americans have been forced to keep their mouths shut. Bush has selfishly used this tragedy as a weapon against the American people, using it to deter criticism of his "controversial" policies, as he has falsely convinced the media that anti-Bush remarks are Anti-American and Anti-patriotic remarks.

As a Canadian, I am sad to see America in such a sad state of affairs under this silly and prejudicial administration, as I know my country (Canada) will continue to be bombarded and heavily influenced negatively by the American "world power". (ie. Alaska pipeline, softwood lumber) It is mind-boggling to ssee how Bush has managed to bring about a manipulative and false sense of American patriotism that restricts freedom of speech and ignores VALID world concerns. I feel deeply sympathetic towards the the families of those who died in 9/11, but this tragedy does not justify Bush's horrible policies. For it was quite evident they would come into effect prior to 9/11. I CONGRATULATE Martina on taking a stand in trying to offer some suggestions to improve her adopted homeland of America. I encourage more Americans to take a similar stance regardless of background, religion or race (Czech-born, who cares, does that mean her opinion is worth less?) For the world and Americans must stop giving into the growing trend of hypocrisy, stupidity and disregard for other cultures and conflicting concerns, which exists in American policies and government, most particularly under the Bush administration. I hope this ridiculous sensationalization by the media of Anti-bush remarks will stop immediately. Again, THANKYOU Martina for your brave and insightful remarks.

To Connie Chung and CNN:

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Maritna is just spoiled and being a baby. Because she's unhappy and not getting what she wants, she has to make a big deal about it. Sorry Martina but that's life.

I also love how all the Canadians have to get involved and say stuff about Bush and his policies. He's done more for the US then any president has in years.
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I did not watch the show but she is American (i.e one of us unless dissent now autmatically means one is unAmerican) and she has the right to say whatever she wants without fear of retribution. It's in the Bill of Rights. Also, last time I checked the Republicans were not all that concerned about the welfare of women or the gay community.

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