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Coffe Talk!!! The Williams Sisters, Endorsements, Race... GO!

Tennis player Hingis said the Williams sisters get more endorsements deals because of their race.
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anonymous Aug-28-2001 09:21
Please check out the story at

Muhammed Abbasi Aug-28-2001 11:41
All you need to do is open your eyes, blacks DO get special treatment. Right now Mfume is whining about Adams mark hotel. Its just like all of the black lawsuits against Dennys, just a excuse for a lazy BUM to get a big settlement. We dont even need to mention O.J. Simpson!!!!!!!!!

tim Aug-28-2001 12:17
which one is it going to be: 1. Blacks do note get enough endorsements because they are black or 2. Blacks get endorsements because they are black. Of course the Williams sisters get more endorsements because of their color. Only an idiot would think otherwise. The tennis world already has the white population now it needs the blacks. Quit crying sour grapes when it is only economics.

Deric Aug-28-2001 22:12
Venus and Serena deserve the endorsements they receive. The tennis world was dead untill they came along. I can't wait until Martina plays either Venus or Serena, then she'll realize why they get all the endorsements.

cameron Aug-28-2001 23:39
quit bitchin hingis they deserve the endorsement deal look how hard they work .

Tashara Aug-29-2001 08:37
We all have to admit that the Williams sisters are excellent tennis players. For young, black women such as theirselves doing so well, why shouldn't they get what they deserve. Blacks are long overdue for the acknowledgement that we deserve.

Aboriginal Australian Aug-29-2001 21:12
As a black native of Australia, i fully understand the plight of the negro in the United States even today. However, it is fair to say that as the only negroes at the top of women's tennis, the William's sisters are a brilliant marketing tool for the 'black market' as they are an inspiration to their fellow Afro-Americans. There is nothing wrong with this but it is the reason they recieve such lucrative endorsments. That's my comment now where's the petrol at?

Jerome Warner Aug-30-2001 01:00
Of course its because of her race. If she were a white girl, she would be just another player. But because the media is scared Jesse Jackson might butt in and open his big mouth again at more stuff he isnt involved with, these media endorsement groups feel they have to bow down to every black person or the NAACP will boycott them because that is the only thing they are capable of doing these days.

White perspective Aug-30-2001 06:59
So what if they do? They are Americans. They are reaping the benefits of their hard work. Those girls work hard. No one handed them anything. It's not an issue of race, it's an issue of "marketing". Big business believes having the girls represent them - will benefit them. Thats how it works - no law saying it has to be fair. Hingis is entitled to her opinion of course.

Sheila A. Aug-30-2001 08:49
Martina Hingis, is a spoiled rotten whiney brat. All she does is bitch and complain and call the William sister's disrespectful rude names and makes nasty comments. Let's see which one would I want to endorse my products or company "The bitchy one" or " The empitamy of an Athlete"

Lorraine Aug-30-2001 13:18
Black people sell, that is why they got more endorsements, the sisters stand out in a very white field so others do have to take notice. Blacks also emulate their role models a lot and buy in droves what they wear.

J. Stephen Pollock Aug-30-2001 13:30
I don't think this is a bad thing. They are good african american role models, playing a sport dominated by other races. If you were a company and wanted to tap a different market, what would you do? - make an african american person relate to some caucasion British person or even American. Endorsements are positive. They allow the Williams to represent which ever company decides to sponsor them.

kARENDENISE ADAMS Aug-30-2001 13:44

Sylvester knox Aug-30-2001 14:15
I believe they get more endorsements because they're better players then many other women, not because of their race, because of their talents.

Leslie Andersen Aug-30-2001 14:44
More than whom? They certainly deserve the endorsements--I am sure there are many people resisting more endorsement opportunities for them than they are getting. Hooray for the Williams sisters!! They deserve all the endorsements they can get. Shame on Hingis and anyone else who has a problem with seeing beautiful black women winning on the courts and getting the money! !

Gibson Aug-30-2001 20:29
williams sister endorse because of talent and achievement

ray newman Aug-30-2001 23:42
So let me make sure I've got this right....the William's daddy can say whatever he wants, but a white tennis player has to keep her mouth shut?

Cynthia Aug-31-2001 07:32
It never ceases to amaze me how the hard won good fortune of these young people would be targeted, and then labeled as occuring because of their race. Ms. Hingis, and others of her race, would consider it appropriate - and common place - if the endorsements were flowing in their direction, as they have been in the past. I don't believe that the Williams sisters have been given anything - THEY EARNED IT! There are others on the tennis circuit who bring in the high dollar endorsements without the benefit of actually winning! And, the fact that the current results of your poll would tend to indicate a lack of solidarity on that point concerns me. Thank you.

Alan Mueller Aug-31-2001 14:18
I believe that Ms. Hingis has a point. Rather than seeing this as negative, however, I want to see the broader picture. To me it seems as though this is an opportunity to further promote a heritage in an environment in which that heritage historically has had limited exposure.

Mark Silvester Aug-31-2001 16:49
Are you telling us that Hingus said that and whether we belive it is tur or not, or asking us if she said that?

anonymous Aug-31-2001 17:08
The first comment is the link to the story. I hope that will help clear up any confusion.

gd Aug-31-2001 19:10
As a white conservative male, I believe that the Williams girls have worked extremely hard to be where they are in the tennis world of today -- quite probably more so than other athletes. I hope that they will continue to be a positive role model for many young women of all races.

Prissy B. Sep-01-2001 00:16
You wouldn't's a tennis thang!

Kenneth Robinson Sep-02-2001 10:32
I think that it is pure jealousy. Hingis "hates" the Williams ladies,so she will day anything. I just wish that Hingis would shut and play tennis! Have the Williams sisters said anything yet about this?

ricky Sep-02-2001 13:04
i dont think that the afro american race should be treated any different then any other race white mexican canadian.

anonymous Sep-03-2001 10:39
They're asked for endorsements because of both of their extraordinary talent in tennis and the fact that they're sisters is amazing. It probably helps that they're also strong, attractive and have personalities that are marketable.

Nat Turner Sep-03-2001 11:08
Hingis' jealous comment bears frightening similarity to the reaction of the host country of the 1936 Olympics to the accomplishments of Jesse Owens. Hingis is too sophisticated to use the N-word, but her hateful message is still getting out. For Shame!

Willie Smith Sep-03-2001 14:14
It's unfortunate Hingis made such a statement. Unless she has definited proof, her statement is nothing more than jealousy and unwarranted from such a talented player. I submit that marketers are cognizants of the Williams sisters' appeal to the masses.

Charles Henderson Sep-03-2001 15:13
I believe that fit the profile or the image of a powerfull atlete I think that sells but I think it also because their so good at tennis.

NICKI Sep-03-2001 18:47
they get more endorsements b/c they are sisters and they have a rags to riches story AND they are both so good.

anonymous Sep-03-2001 22:45
Hingis' condescending personality likely plays a role in her diminished popularity. She ain't the greatest-looking chick in the world, and she doesn't have any personality, so she has little to market.

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