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Carillo's Graf comparison...

does everyone agree with her?

"Justine Henin is the only current player I can compare to Steffi Graf...she is DEDICATED, FIT and MENTALLY STRONG ENOUGH...

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Re: Carillo's Graf comparison...

i would agree, although justines career hasn't played out yet. like roger and steffi, its apparent justine has set a standard for herself, of being the best. everything else is second. justine actually has a more complete game then steffi, although justine is a smaller athlete. justine vs steffi on clay, now that would be the match of the century.
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Re: Carillo's Graf comparison...

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Re: Carillo's Graf comparison...

Yes sometimes if you look at Henin's commitment and passion to the game, I can see her winning many many grandslams. I don't mind, I like Henin, she was my choice after Martina left in 2002, but now that Martina is back hehe she's second again lol, but yeah I think she is a great champion already, but well Graf is always in another league.

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Re: Carillo's Graf comparison...

Originally Posted by #1SteffiGraf#1 View Post
does everyone agree with her?

"Justine Henin is the only current player I can compare to Steffi Graf...she is DEDICATED, FIT and MENTALLY STRONG ENOUGH...
Didn't she (Carillo) say something more like this: "Justine is the closest the [women's] sport has to Steffi Graf in professionalism and focus."

I can agree with that.

Strategically, they are not all that similar.

Though Steffi could hit all the shots, she was so dominating on her serve and forehand that she rarely had to do much else.

Justine has done much to improve her serve and particularly her forehand so that in some ways she can play like Steffi more, commanding the court, that is, with her forehand.

Still, for various reasons, Justine is never going to be able to do what Steffi was able to do with her serve/forehand. Consequently, Henin's game has developed so she can win points with other parts of her game.

Fundamentally, both are comparable in how much they create shots with their racquet face. Both have/had that special talent to fold the face of the racquet into the ball.

Steffi Graf was part of a youth tennis group that was studied from age 12 and then followed, and the scientists called her "the perfect talent" even then. In addition to her many tennis-specific skills, her aerobic capacity was on par with the best distance runners in Europe. --- David Epstein, The Sports Gene
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Re: Carillo's Graf comparison...

I agree that unlike my two favorite current players(WS) but very much LIKE my favorite player of all time (Chrissie Evert), Justine invest all that she has and is into maximizing her ability as a tennis player.

She's especially amazing for a small stature woman playing against much bigger and seemingly stronger opponents. But, looks are deceiving, and Justine proves time and again (especially this week), that she can hit with the best of them.

She was smart to take that short break after her marriage broke up, as it would have been impossible to invest her all at that time. But she's all about the tennis now, and its paying off for her.

Good for Justine.

p.s. Even though I hinted that the WS don't invest their all, I must amend my statement by writing that Venus has stepped up to the plate in recent months, and it putting out amazing effort. Although I still wish that she had played more tournaments this summer (not just WTT).

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Re: Carillo's Graf comparison...

I compared Justine to Steffi in 2001...but from a position of personal bias. After Steffi retired I had no one to root for in the WTA. ...until one day in 2001 as I was watching Wimbledon(and only half paying attention ) I noticed this slight young gal who could bullseye shots seemingly to anywhere on court she wanted them to go. I couldn't believe it! I'm almost positive that it was her 3rd round match against Kristie Boogert(which Justine almost lost), but from that moment on I was hooked.

Anyway, it's a fistful of years and many losses to the Williams sisters later, but with every passing tournament, and the ever-increasing frequency with which Justine is compared to the best female player who ever lived I feel more vindicated by the minute. It's a beautiful thing...kinda like Justine's backhand.


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Re: Carillo's Graf comparison...

The comparison that I would make between Graf and Henin is their movement. I never thought I'd ever see a player who was anywhere near as graceful a mover as Graf but, then, came Justine Henin. Justine looks like she's skating on clay sometimes, her movement is that fluid. Graf was like that too.

I can see the personality comparison too - I don't think it's a co-incidence that Justine is the only current player that Steffi is friends with.
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Re: Carillo's Graf comparison...

I 100% agree. Her main competitors lack one or more of the three components mentioned.

The Sisters have been accused of having too many outside interests, but should be respected for taking such a huge decision to juggle tennis with other activities.

They have also been unlucky with frequent injuries, and have long absences from the tour.

Sharapova is dedicated and mentally tough but also injury-prone. The other players are ok, but its hard to compare them with Graf.

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Re: Carillo's Graf comparison...

Justine is has a completely different style of of play compared to Steffi.

I don't like Justine too much (but thx for winning yesterday anyway), but since seeing her play live in Berlin, I gotta admit that she is the best tennis player ever. Maybe not the greatest, but the best. Even better than Steffi. Though she hasn't achieved as much yet.

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Re: Carillo's Graf comparison...

Henin is comparable to Graf in that they are both winning machines. You never hear about anything they do if it doesn't involve tennis. They were born, taught, and play to win.

Sharapova is comparable to Seles. They are both enigmatic eastern euros enjoying the spoils of america, breaking onto the scene very early on, and play with a relentless dedication to every point. They're both pretty stubborn in their tennis too (very unlikely to change up their game). They believe in themselves.
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