The Sisters Served Faster Than Three Mens Quarterfinalist -
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Thumbs up The Sisters Served Faster Than Three Mens Quarterfinalist

Remember the stat they put up yesterday stating that Venus & Serena had served a faster serve than three of the men that made the QF.

This was a very telling stat IMO - because Venus didn't try to hit in the 120 range very often. Her fasted serve was 119 - and Serena's was 117. I think the men they listed had - 115, 114 & 113 - if I am not mistaken.

I know it is not something to throw a party ova - but it is an interesting stat. I suppose the men would have been able to return those fast serves better than the women - but who knows for sure.

Btw - why in God's country would Mr. Williams tell his daughters who will win? This idea takes away from the very idea that he raised two honest daughters. If Venus and Serena are as wise and honest as they appear - then where did they get their integrity, honesty and sincerety from if not their parents?

I cannot believe their father raised them to be dishonest. I have a friend that taught her children to lie when they were younger. Mainly in the vain that if someone called and she didn't want to talk to that person(s) - the children would tell whomever that their mother was asleep or not at home. I have never told my daughter to lie for me - and I doubt the Sisters' parents have either.

And for God's sakes whose turn is it now? Does not the moolah end up in the same family? Doesn't the entire family win when they both reach the finals? Are some folks saying that Pops' plan was for them to trade off on who wins when they meet - and to play different tourneys so they wouldn't meet? It makes no sense. And ya know why? Mr. Williams is not God. He has no crystal ball. He did not know for sure that his daughters would achieve so much - yet he had hope, faith and belief that they would. But - he had NO first hand knowledge or guarantee they would both live up to their potential and his belief in their potential.

All he did was Conceive - Believe and they Achieved. If nothing else this man needs to be commended for teaching, coaching, directing and sharing his belief in them that they could achieve. He taught them to believe in themselves, Faith and a bunch of more stuff.



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You GO GogoGirl

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Silly me for being misled into thinking that this was a thread about stats.
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Smile Silly Indeed

Hey Rebecca - you said it - silly you.

And btw - where is your flippancy coming from? What have I done to you by my adding something I didn't want to forget, and how did it injure you?

Instead of you commending Mr. Williams - you want to say something smart. Bitter is as bitter does I suppose.

Oh well - I stand by my original post - and I am still soooooooo ova the moon with joy and happiness.

Nice try - but punt again.

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There's certainly more overlap between the men's and women's serve speeds these days.

The top-serving men would still blow all the women out of the water. But the top women certainly overlap a good number of the men at Wimbledon.

The mixed doubles used to be all about the men's serve, which they were supposed to ease-up on when serving to the ladies.
Little sign of that now, when some of the women players hold serve more solidly than the men.

Pity the sisters gave up mixed doubles. It would have been interesting to see how the guys coped with Vee and Serena's serves nowadays.


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Thumbs up So so sad

I have tears flowing down my face as I type this. This is so so sad. It is just not fair. I mean this is so boring. How dare those mean, uninteresting female players dare try to serve like that. Soon they really will be demanding and expecting equal pay.

Someone has to put a stop to this. Who do they think they are? Champions perhaps? Methinks I smell something very fishy and underhanded going on with those womens racquets. Or perhaps it's the tennis balls. I'm sure poor, old Richard is the brains behind this scheme too.

Just stop it now Richard. It's just not fair and this is getting to be a bit much and down right scary. It's one conspiracy after another. What other hairbrained idea do you have up your sleave? Methinks its lifting the 2003 Australian Open trophy.

Just so unfair and sad
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It's Still Good

Hey xan. I wondered where you'd been. When I first started posting on this board - I noticed that you seemed the type that tried to steer clear of any contoversy, and you tried to be very fair in your posts. Thanks for posting to my thread.

There are several posters I appreciated when I first joined here - and I still appreciate them today. We have to admit that Aura of Daniela is such a gracious poster too. Also where is Williams Rulez? He/she also is a very positive poster, and Josh.

Let me just say that I too go out of my way not to bash other posters or their faves. I will continue to post articles though that some may not appreciate - because the players we keep up w/are in the news. If a poster is not appreciative of an article posted - please try to take it in its context and take it up w/the writer of said article. God only knows that I have read and posted articles negative to my faves. We all have to be strong enough to take the good news and writings w/the bad.

xan - I agree - I loved it when the Sisters played mixed doubles years ago. And you are right that mayhaps the Sisters' serves would give some of the men on the tour problems - but I'd venture to guess not too many.

And btw - should I add something here that may not be related to thread title? I think I will anyway. IMO - Venus & Serena had the utmost respect for Justine & Momo. They both knew that these ladies would be a handful - and there is no way they took the two for granted. Remember Justine was up on Venus a set and a break or two in the spring when she lost that match - so Venus knew Justine could take it to her. What if Justine would have had that kind of lead on Venus yesterday? I'm not sure Venus would have been able to come back, though I would have never counted her out.

Why can't folks just see that usually J plays V tough - and M plays S tough - to include two tiebreaks in the third. It is just that on yesterday (7/4/02) - the Sisters were on fire and too hot to handle. Otherwise - Venus and Serena knew they had to bring their complete A+ game to beat those wonderful competitors.

Again - I still like Justine & Momo, and I've let their remarks go - because IMO - they were coming from a scycological (sp?) place wherein resided the hopes of many people, and so the pressure was heavy. Many folks more or less put pressure on them to upset an all Williams final. After Momo's showing aginst Jen - I'm sure she felt she had a legit shot to win her match - because the previous two matches between her and Serena were decided by a couple of points here and there and due to tiebreaks.

Subsequently - IMO - Venus & Serena will hold no ill feelings toward the two. They are wise enough to know the pressure the two were under, so it's still all good.

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Hi Gogogirl!

I usually read you posts... and I enjoy them a lot. But I usually don't respond cause they are very complete, and I've got nothing to add on...

Keep up the great work!

Lindsay Jelena Maria

Mary : Monica : Svetlana : Sania : Jennifer : Amelie
Roddick : Grosjean : David : Djokovic
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gogogirl - I thought the thread was about stats, and not more of the match fixing stuff.

Hence, my comment.

If you want to be over the moon with joy, than good for you.

I assure you that I was not trying to pee on your parade, merely commenting that the title of the thread was misleading.
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A serve is not everything in a game of tennis, just because someone can hit faster than another player doesn't mean jack. I doubt that the williams sisters could even win more that 2 or 3 games from each of these players, despite haveing a "supposedly" better serve.

By the way this is not to make fun of the sisters but just to point out that it is not that bigger deal.
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as yoshie707 points out, a fast serve is not necessarily a good serve. all men's quarterfinalist serve way better than the williams sisters (naturally).



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The thing about the Williams Sisters is that their serves are both fast and Good.

Momo serves nearly as fast, but not so consistent when it gets tight..

Elena Baltacha serves as fast, but without the same serve %age or placement.

Serve is not the only thing in tennis, by far. Brenda Schultz served as hard as the Williamses, (she had an even better second serve) but didn't get up nearly as high in the rankings, because the rest of her game was not as good.

I still think a lot of the mid-ranked men would have trouble coping with the Williams sisters' serving though.

PS Hi Gogo girl! I'm still here, trying to keep out of the spats!


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