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My Eastbourne Report and Photos

Hello Everyone

I just arrived back from Eastbourne and I thought I'd share my thoughts and photos of the last few days with you.

I apologise in advance for the quality of some of the photos, I've never been that good with a camera, (either in front or behind one) and I didn't want to miss too much of the tennis by taking loads of photos.

Quarterfinal Day

We arrived on Thursday for the quarterfinals. I was disappointed to see that they weren't all going to be on Centre Court, however it was ok in the end and I only missed a bit of the Petrova/Bammer match.

Henin df Vaidisova 62 62

My first ever chance to see Justine live!! I thought it would be closer and that Nicole would be more of a challenge, but she never really got going and it was all over disappointingly quickly.

Despite that I was still excited to see Justine, so much so that I set my camera on a stupid multi picture setting that took 16 photos in one. We were already sat in an awkward place for photos, so all of them for this match were useless. Never mind, the sun was still out, as my still very red face will testify, and there was lots more tennis left in the day.

We left centre court to get a little drinkie at this point. On the way back we noticed that Elena vs Marion had started on court one. My other half isn't a huge fan of tennis, so when he said he'd rather watch Elena D than Nadia, I couldn't really argue as I was just grateful that we were here! Besides, to be honest, I would rather watch Elena D too.

Bartoli df Dementieva 61 60

And it's a good job we did drop in on court one as it was our last chance to watch Elena play, although we did see her and her mum on the practice courts the following day, which judging by this performance, is a good idea! Marion was solid and hit some good winners, but to be honest, she didn't need to do much to get the win. Marion also does this odd hand movement as she's about to serve, but it doesn't seem to effect the finished product as she served pretty well.

I tried to get a photo of 'the hand', as we ended up calling it, and I think I got one on one of the days we watched. We realised how crap our view was on centre court as we watched this match on Number 1. You can sit anywhere on court one so we were almost level with the net and you could really tell how hard they were hitting it, especially Elena.

Because this was over so quickly, we were able to get back for the second half of Nadia's match, after another little drinkie of course.

Petrova df Bammer 67(6) 75 64

It turns out we'd missed half of probably the best match of the day. We got back about half way through the second set, and I think Sybille was ahead. The first thing I remember thinking is how much the crowd were cheering for Sybille. I put it down to her being the underdog, but I definitely felt they didn't really like Nadia either.

During the last set, Nadia had two medical time outs, which people in the row in front of us were questioning whether that was allowed. I must admit, I wasn't sure but then I remembered Mary in the semi of the US Open against Elena D, when she had two in a row for two different injuries. I guess that's what happened here, but I'm sure somebody here will correct me if I'm wrong! I do wonder what Sybille must think now that Nadia retired after the first set of her semi!

Mauresmo df Peer 63 64

Another match I thought would be closer than it was. Shahar did better than Nicole in the first match of the day, but it still wasn't enough against Amelie, who did just enough to get the win. Both of them hit some nice winners though, and there were some competetive rallies, but there was rarely any doubt as to who the winner would be.

There was a huge cheer when Amelie won, something I noticed with all of her matches. She's very popular there, something which slowly got me hyped up enough to cheer for Justine in the final!

We went out to dinner at Zizzi's later and a couple sat at the table next to us. I kept saying I'm sure that's a tennis player, but I wasn't sure who it was so I didn't want to say anything as I thought 'Are you a tennis player and if so, what's your name?' was a bit rude. The next day I saw her on the practice court with the same man. I think it may have been Bryanne Stewart, but I'm still not absolutley sure!

Semi and Final days to follow.
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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

Semi Final day

This was the most disappointing day of tennis. The weather was very changeable, but it didn't rain at all again.

Henin df Bartoli 61 63

Sadly this one was pretty predictable. Marion had her moments, but they were few and far between and the match was all over before I'd finished my first Vodka and lemonade! (I know it was only about 12.30 when it finished, but I was on holiday, don't judge me!!)

We'd actually snuck in a small bottle of vodka so we could save a little money and just bought 7up from the bar there. Unfortunately it's hard to judge how much you're putting in and so, for some reason, I can't remember much of this match! Needless to say, I don't think I missed too much though!

Mauresmo df Petrova 64 ret

I consoled my slightly drunken self with the fact that this match would be more competetive, and it was, for the set they played! When Petrova called for the trainer at the end of it, I thought to myself, well at least this might stretch the match to the middle of the afternoon. Imagine my frustration when I saw them shaking hands. Before they'd even announced officially what had happened, the players were off the court.

That left just doubles or the final of the Strawberry Tea Cup on court one, yes really! When I saw Molik was playing the STC final, I persuaded the other half to go watch it. We were both a little tipsy by now so it didn't take much persuasion.

Alicia won and she kissed the grass like she'd just won Wimbledon. It was a lovely moment and she then shared her trophy full of strawberries with the ball girls. This was probably the best bit of the day.

As the other half refuses to watch doubles, we left the tennis relatively early which gave us a chance to explore Eastbourne. I'm not going to say anything for fear of offending anyone who lives there, but suffice to say we are going to stay in Brighton should we go back to the tennis next year!
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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

The Final

Henin df Mauresmo 75 67(4) 76(2)

Wow, what a match and what an atmosphere. The sun was shining, the winners were scorching and I shouted myself hoarse screaming come on Justine!

Both of them played brilliantly, with the odd lapse in concentration each. It really was so close and it could have gone either way so easily. We could see the ball girls getting ready to come on for the award presentation, and they came through the gate ready several times and were then called back again before the final curtain came down, it was quite comical.

I'd already wound myself up a little over the week to actually cheer Justine on. Partly it was just because I knew the crowd were going to be slightly pro Amelie, and partly because I heard the woman in front of me complain about people shouting, even though it was between points. I wanted to shout at her 'It's still a sport you know, you can support your player between the points!' But instead I slowly got louder and louder with my support for Justine, until I was shouting as loud as anybody else there, I got myself into such a frenzy! With my red, sunburnt face I must have been quite a sight. The man in front looked straight at me at one point, but said nothing.

There was quite a funny moment when someone in the south stand shouted 'Come on Justine, it's your tournament!', and then, a few points later when Amelie was ahead a break in the third, someone else shouted 'Come on Amelie, it's your tournament now!'

Overall the crowd were pretty much for Amelie, with a few lone Justine fans making up for it. There was polite applause though for both of them, and I made sure I applauded Amelie's shots, just to be fair. The guy next to me was French and he was obviously on Amelies side cos occasionally he'd mutter 'Allez Amelie'. I wanted him to get louder so we could have a laugh, but I don't think he was up for it.

The only time the crowd showed more affection than when they were supporting Amelie was when Sue Barker was on the court. I would have joined in the love fest, but I was still annoyed at her because she had done some voiceover recording right behind me during the first few games of the match. It's a good job she won the French Open or we would have been having words!

Anyway, I had 3 of the best hours of my life watching this final, if I was sat near you and you didn't like the shouting, I apologise. And if I'm there next year, I apologise in advance because I shall do it over again.
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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

very nice report and pics!
thx for sharing!
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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos


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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

Great reports

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My Stuttgart 2009 pics & vids !!! [thread]
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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

Thanks Petersmiler for your report. Have a great time next year too.
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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

Big thanks for all the reports and pics

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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

Thanks for the reports and pics

Justine Henin
Hello luck! We're waiting for you, thanks!

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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

Originally Posted by Pengwin View Post

The stupid thing is, I wasn't even drunk during the final and that was when I was the loudest!
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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

@ the crowd being more pro-Momo.

19. In the period from January to April 2006 Dr. Skalny sent very detailed messages to Ms Sharapova [...]: “Mildronate 1-2 X 10, repeat in 2 wks (before training or competition)”; “1 hr before competition, 2 pills of Mildronate”; “During games of special importance, you can increase your Mildronate dose to 3-4 pills (1 hr before the match). However, it is necessary to consult me on all these matters (please call)”; “30 minutes prior to a training session: Mildronat – 1 Capsule. 30-45 minutes prior to a tournament Mildronat 2 capsules”.
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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

great reports! do it again next year!


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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

Thanks a lot, cool report!
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Re: My Eastbourne Report and Photos

Great report and pics! Thanks mate!

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