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The complete text of Mauresmo's remarks about Williams sister

There's seems to be some misinformation regarding the extent of Amelie Mauresmo's remarks regarding the sisters. In the text below from the BBC, which others have quoted from on this board, Mauresmo openly accuses the Williams of match-fixing, a very serious charge. According to this article, there does appear to be grounds for a charge of libel/slander here (as it does for Johnny Mac, and others)...The WTA needs to make a strong public statement against these kind of reckless statements by players on the tour, since in this instance the content of what's being said goes far beyond "sour grapes" or merely being a "sore loser." Accusing people of actual criminality without any corrobarating evidence whatsoever is clearly wrong and inexcusable, and considering the larger context of them could very well be considered libelous in a legal sense. Venus and Serena don't serve this kind of treatment by the tour and the WTA should not tolerate these kinds of remarks from ANYONE without a serious rebuttal. In other words people need to "put up or shut up" in making these allegations. Otherwise, a very poisousness, and potentially dangerous atmosphere is being created by people throwing wildly irresponsible statements around as if their unfounded charges weren't damaging to the integrity of the game itself. This goes beyond merely being "fair" to the sisters. Need I remind anyone that as human beings and citizens that Venus and Serena also have RIGHTS that should be acknowledged and protected? Below is the full text of what Mauressmo said in the BBC article:

Thursday, 4 July, 2002, 19:02 GMT 20:02 UK
Mauresmo dislikes Williams domination

Mauresmo launched a stinging attack

by Caroline Cheese
BBC Sport Online at Wimbledon

Beaten Wimbledon semi-finalist Amelie Mauresmo stirred up controversy in her post-match news conference by re-opening the debate over match-fixing involving the Williams sisters.

Frenchwoman Mauresmo was thrashed 6-2 6-1 by Serena Williams in the second semi after Venus had cruised past Justine Henin in the first.

Serena breezes past Mauresmo

Afterwards, she was asked which sister would prevail in Saturday's final.

"You have to ask them for that," she replied tersely.

To me, it's a little bit sad for women's tennis

Amelie Mauresmo
She then told French television that she believed that matches between the sisters were fixed.

"I think they arrange it - I don't have any proof of this or inside information, but take for example the match at Roland Garros - it could have been arranged," she said.

"As Serena won in Paris, maybe they'll change it and it'll be Venus' turn now."

She also stated that she did not think the domination of the Williams, who are numbers one and two in the world, was good for the women's game.

"I think people are going to get bored of it," she said of the prospect of a third all-Williams final in the last four Grand Slams.

"I'm not counting how many people since yesterday told me: 'We don't want an all-Williams final.'

"To me, it's a little bit sad for women's tennis but maybe it's not the point of view of everybody."

Matches between the Williams sisters have been regularly dogged by controversy and the pair have been criticised for their inability to produce their best tennis against each other.

The Williams themselves claim they find it difficult to play competitively against a sibling, but rumours have also surfaced that their father Richard decides who will win matches between his daughters.
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I do hope that this is somehow a mistake. Amelie has been the center of controversy after coming out as a lesbian and then being accused of being on steroids. At least she states that she has no proof. I like Amelie and hope that she was speaking more out of being upset at her loss and not really caring what happened when she left and not trying to put them down. It's not that we should expect someone who has just been beaten to be all compliments to the one who just blew her off the court.

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Originally posted by jp
Yes, but the problem is: we don't know if she said that or not to the french television. Where are the french posters?

Anyway how can we trust someone who's name is "Caroline Cheese"?
I know that's what I asked. I guess there are no French people posting her lately.
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Amelie made the comments...i really don't blame her...Serena totally whipped her ass out there. Amelie was totallyhumiliated. She truly needs a sports help her cope with future losses.

"They'll never win a grandslam title" LOL!
"They'll never be ranked #1" LOL!
"They'll never win a title on clay" LOL!
"All they do is hit hard" LOL!
"Venus will never win another Tier I title" LOL!
"Venus will never beat another top-5 player" LOL!
"Venus will never win another grand slam title" LOL!
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It's funny that no one complained when Martina and Chris dominated Tennis! If the rest of the Women don't like what's happening then practice more on your SERVES AND NERVES!!!!!!!!

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can we call Ms. mauresmo "Ms. sour-grape" now? I think I will use it from now on.
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Originally posted by macn
It's funny that no one complained when Martina and Chris dominated Tennis!
Yes, they did. As well, they were also called cold and arrogant like the rest. One of the problems is your and others' assumptions that this is the first time any of this stuff came at top players and that it has anything to do with color. Obviously, you all weren't there. Ask someone who was. If it wasn't like this, it would be the first time it wasn't. Think about it.

By the way, where is the complete text the thread promised? That's just a story, not a transcript.

For all the legal expertise offered, you seem to have completely ignored the fact that Amelie stated it was her belief—not that it was a fact. This is not slander by any stretch of the imagination and is protected speech and should be protected speech.

[EDITED by me because I don't know if she said what it posted in the thread topic] but it was not what the first post said it was. I hope you are not a lawyer.

Last edited by Bella; Jul 5th, 2002 at 09:37 PM.
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Amelie says they(venus and serena) are sad for women's tennis while in fact she must have meant that she herself is the sad thing in tennis considering she lost 6:2 6:1 to queen Serena!
I happen to like Amelie and I have rooted for her on many occasions but this was just a big mistake imho
and yeah people can say she has a right to have her opinion, that's true but she could better have kept it to herself and go on court and figure a way out so that next time she will not get kicked of the court! That would have been a better answer!

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I have been trying to cut Amelie some slack on this, but when you read the complete text, there's just no way. I mean, "... take for example the match at Roland Garros - it could have been arranged..." She's using THAT as an example!?!? ANY match CAN be arranged, but ANY SCORE. It LOOKED like Amelie tanked versus Serena, but I don't beleive she did. There's a very large skill and talent gap there. But she COULD have tanked. I'm quite disappointed with Amelie.

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Amelie is telling the truth. Do you want her to be fake and lie, by saying that an all Williams final is wonderful?
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Make it stop! Now Mauresmo will not say anything to the press for at least two years.
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I don't think that anyone minds her saying that she is lnot ooking forward to an all Williams final. She probably doesn't care and why should she? She's not going to be there, so why bother? I'm sure that Jennifer had no interest in what happened after she lost to Amelie. It's what she says along with not wanting an all Williams final that bothers people. Surely this can't be that hard to understand.

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Momo has some nerve. With all the question about her in the press she should know better. Get your ass out there and play better and you will find your self in another grand slam final soon enough...

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Amelie has blew it with me. I don't care how much I liked her before, the minute she made those slanderous statements about my favorite players then that was it. She knows better, she is a grown mature women. Her of all players should know all about the media and how to talk to them under pressure. Amelie, in fact made no damn sense when she said. " Take Roland Garros for example". What? did she see something during the final? What I want to know, is EXACTLY what makes her THINK that they fix the matches? What kind of proof does she have? She says she can't prove anything which leads me to believe that nothing is there to cause for a guilty verdict.

I am sorry, nobody is counter posting anything that disputes what Momo stated. So as of right now, I feel she made those slanderous statements, and I no longer will support her as a fan.

I am really disapointed with Amelie.

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I'm dissapointed in Amelie, too. Especially after the 1999 Australian Open, when Martina Hingis made those foolish comments about Mauresmo. Martina was taken to task for those immature comments. Especially in France. And the crowd rooting against her cost Martina the 1999 French Open title and career grand slam. Which she will now most likely never achieve.

But Amelie should know better than to say a Williams/Williams final isn't good for women's tennis. That was bad enough. But then she went on to intimate that their matches are fixed. Which is stupid to say.

Remember when Elena Dementieva intimated that at the 2001 Indian Wells tournament? Elena was criticised by Dawn Maria and others on the Sanex board for saying that. All these players have had a chance to learn from others mistakes. But have they? No!

I think we all have to remember that these people are tennis player. They a jocks that have lived in their own little worlds since they were under 10 years old. They are not the most educated people. Are they?
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