Its' time for Venus and Serena to file some lawsuits -
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Its' time for Venus and Serena to file some lawsuits

It will certainly make some writers and reporters think twice about slander and libel.

Constantly raising "match-fixing" speculation without presenting a shred of evidence other than your own feelings is slanderous. The origin of the match-fixing allegations, like most other negative rumors, is sour grapes and envy from players they beat. Rather than pick up on that,t he media has taken the concept and run with it raising the issue at every tournament and in some cases after a couple of points in a match (see Mary Carillo 2001 US Open final).

Check out the evidence to support fixed-matches:

1. Lindsay Davenport once joked that Richard probably decides who wins.

2) Elena Dementieva once said after a loss to Venus that Richard would determine who won the next round between Venus and Serena.

3) Mary Carillo astutely noticed after a change in the momentum of V & S finals match at last years US Open that it was suspicious and supported claims of match fixing, This is the most compelling evidence yet since we all know that momentum changes are very rare in women's matches.

4) Reporters noticed that Venus and Serena played differently against each other than they do against other players. Apparently they didn't show the same "killer instinct." This is also compelling evidence for match-fixing because there is no way their play could be due to the stress of playing their sibling.

5) A highly esteemed publication called "The Enquirer" ran a story where a supposed associate claimed the Sisters matches were fixed. Once again, everyone knows that the Enquirer is a beacon of journalistic integrity intent on seeking the truth over sensationalism...NOT!

There is plenty of evidence and COMMON SENSE to suggest their matches were never fixed.

1)At one point Venus held a 5-1 edge over Serena. What would be the point in pre--determining such a lopsided outcome? More importantly, could you ever picture a fierce competitior like Serena agreeing to lose that many times to Venus?

2) Venus suffered a devastating loss to Hingis at the 1999 US Open semis. This was arguably the lowest point in her career in terms of her esteem. How did little sis cheer her up? Serena beat Venus in their next matchup at the Grand Slam cup. Hmmm why didn't Serena "let" Venus win this one?

3) When you look at how they fight in their matches and constantly claw their way out of deficits to win, it would be totally out of character for either player to purposely lose. Why ignore the obvious fact that both these players hate to lose to come up with a theory that is not supported by their actions or attitude on the court?

4)Venus is 22 years old. Serena is 20. They both no longer live with their parents and frequently travel without them. Where does this notion come from that Richard is pulling the strings on his adult daughters lives? Richard once said Venus was going to retire when she was out six-months with injury. Venus subsequently returned to the tour with a vengence and made a liar out of Daddy. Do people not realize Venus and Serena are ADULTS. How many 22 year-olds do you know would purposely lose a match --not to mention their pride and dignity-- because Daddy told them?

In order to conspire to fix a match you have to be certain that the match will actually take place. Did Richard pay off the rest of the tour to lose to Venus and Serena so they could constantly be in a position to play each other in predetermined matches? Why don't reporters get to the bottom of this potentially huge scandal?

IMO, it's time Venus and Serena stop taking the high road and take some action in a courtroom. The criticism they take- which far exceds the criticism leveled at players who behave worse-- has seemed to make them wary of lashing out. A lawsuit would at least serve notice to others that they will no longer stand by and be slandered so viciously.
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I doubt they care about it as much as you do.
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Nice post.

-one of those "bad" Williams fans that everyone keeps talking about


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if I was them I would keep doing what they do now, keep beating buts on court and let the others have the sour grapes

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How do you, Ryan? Do you have some insider information that the rest of us are not privy to? I know that if I'm doing my job and all I get are complaints, it would bother me. It wouldn't ruin my life, but I would get bothered. Just because they don't say anything about it doesn't mean that they don't wonder why everyone can't leave the negativity and unfounded accusations alone. I'm just glad that no matter what they say, Venus and Serena continue to do what they do best - win. That's they best revenge they can get on their critics.

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Rayny - kudos for an excellent post.

I think the Williams family is waiting for the right moment to drop a huge lawsuit on those who accuse them of match-fixing. It's just a matter of time.
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There's no fix.

Richard is very 'hands off' a bit like Damir Dokic in regards to Jelena Dokic and like Jelena the 2 sisters more or less coach themselves when on tour.

As for the sisters not playing their best tennis against each other, that is true and it's not surprising.

As Justine Henin testified, it's impossible to play your best tennis against an opponent that doesn't allow you to. Both sisters are very powerful and prevent each other from playing their best.

There's no fix for Wimbledon. Venus will probably win it and not because Serena was 'given' the FO title last month. Venus is a 2 time Wimbledon champion and that gives her the edge over her sister but Serena has improved leaps and bounds so of course she has a great chance.

As everyone knows I do like to investigate and uncover deeds of wrong doing and skullduggery but whatever the outcome of Sunday's final and regardless of the quality, there is no fix.

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PAT CASH should be served the first lawsuit. This scruffy drug addict looking ass does not waste any opportunity to accuse Ricahard Williams of fixing the sisters matches on the BBC in England. Same goes for Sue Barker/John Inverdale hosts of BBC's Wimbledon coverage who CONSTANTLY goad studio guests into accusing the Williams's of match fixing . The whole 'match-fixing' slander is over over the British press and is getting completely out of hand.

Venus/Serena or Richard Williams or their lawyers SHOULD DO SOMETHING about all this SOON..
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Maybe they are not suing because it was a cousin or some other relative of theirs who made the allegation in the first instance, at least as to Wimbledon from 2000.

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I don't think this is something that can be proven one way or the other. But I don't believe they match-fix.

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If it were me, I wouldn't sue either - it would be a hard case to win in court (no matter how bogus the accusation is), and it would just give the idiots and excuse to talk about it endlessly.

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Hey Griffin, you must be pleased with amelie's run?!! she played FABULOUS vs. Capriati, i almost fell off my couch watching some of those points!!
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Most people who hear this stuff figure it's just jealousy, with a little bit of the spice of racial bigotry thrown in. These two are princesses. Rich, beautiful, at the top of their sport, with a loving family, and a best friend who undrstands EXACTLY what they go through. They're ruling the tennis world. Just as their (much and unfairly reviled) father predicted.

There's a lot to be jealous of.

Well, when you're in that position, you can't sue people over every jealous word. It simply isn't fair, and it makes you look petty. It would be like knocking your opponent out, then kicking them.

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Some jealous haters will try and belittle what Venus and Serena have accomplished. I suppose the whole wta tour is in on the conspiracy as well, seeing how both Venus and Serena had to pay off the 12 other players they have collectively "beat" to make it to the finals. Ignore the haters, the more you listen to them the more they spread their ignorance.

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I doubt they care about it as much as you do.
I said I doubt they care nikita. They may care a lot, and I never said they didn't. Doubt was the key word that you unwittingly chose to overlook.
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