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Smile To The Fans That Don't Like The PPs

For the tennis fans that don't like the Power Players - you certainly have that right. But please pray tell - what form of tennis would you prefer?

Monica didn't have finesse when she was racking up her titles, and Steffi was not know for having an abundant amount of power. Steffi was known more as an all court player than Monica. No one complained when Monica was kicking arse all ova the courts.

For instance - what is the Best constructed point? And what is the goal of players when beginning a rally? Are they out there trying to see which one of them will hit the ball out - so in addition, their main goal is to keep that little yellow ball in play? At what point should they try to go for a winner if they are not just waiting around, pounding the ball, just a hoping the other makes an error?

My God - if this were the case - then neither player would have any winners. They would win points only on forced and unforced errors. Now I don't know about anyone else - but this would be boring tennis. It comes a time when I would get tired of seeing two players (male or female) hit the ball for a 50 stroke rally. I'd be like - can someone hit a winner (or by this point a error) for goodness sakes.

IMO - the main points of tennis is to win the game, two sets and the match. In order to win the game - one would have to win 4 straight points or ever how many points it took to win the game. And then we would have - point - game - set - and match. The ultimate goal of any player is to win the points for crying out loud. Shouldn't a player want to win a point any way they can? I know if I were in the WTA - I would love to have a great first and second serve. A great serve is just another way to win points. By any means necessary and legal, is the way to go for anybody trying to win a game.

Pitiful are the players that think to himself or herself - "I am going to just keep the ball in play for as long as it takes until my opponent either hits a winner or error." What kind of player is that - that would have this philosophy? They certainly would not be a very determined and confident player - because they have no inclination to try to win their points any way they can. They would only rely on the two aforementioned ways.

The bottom line is the bottom score. That is and has always been what matters in any sport. Should they just throw baseball out the window because some teams win w/little or zilch offense? The pitcher pitched a picture perfect performance and allowed the other team a couple of hits and no runs - so what - does the winning team do - forfeit the game, because their players produced no offense? Makes no sense.

And for the ones that think Venus gave no effort to win the final - may need to think again. Here go some people - "Well Venus didn't lift her level of play, and she only hit 1 winner." Well - did Mary lift hers when she played Serena? And if not why? Could it be that Serena had a little something - something to do w/it? And what about at the OZ 2001 - when Venus lost to Martina at what love and love or whatever. How many winners did Venus hit that day?

My friend told me yesterday that he thought Jennifer was probably referring to the fact that Venus faked her wrist injury at the IO when she gave her post match interview at the FO. He said - yeah - Jen felt that Venus wanted Serena to win the IO so she could catch up with her (Venus) in the rankings, and this is why Cappy cried foul. They both planned it that Serena would win at the IO and the French. What!!!!!!!!????

Now if that were true and she did think that, then how did she know Serena would make the finals at the IO and the FO. And why didn't she try to stop her? In other words, why didn't she make the finals at the IO in order to stop Serena from gaining points?

What about these press monkeys that are now proclaiming that the sport would suffer if the Sisters keep making the finals because they play a lackluster final. Don't make me screammmmmmmmmmm! How petty and unintelligent to make such remarks. Let the sport suffer if it would - because the Sisters paw and claw their way to the finals, and end up playing each other. Why pay money to see the final in person? Why watch it on TV if it happens? The only ones that seem to be suffering are the folks that say these things. Their ignorant sides are showing up.

Never mind the fact that the Sisters are actually giving much to the sport. Never mind that they worked just as hard as anyone else to reach the finals. Never mind that they paid their dues to get where they are. Never mind that they beat anyone in their path in order to get there. Never mind that they rack in the money and the TV ratings. What these clown writers are suggesting it seems to me is that the tennis fans some how need to put their heads together and BOYCOTT the next all Williams final. Well thank God TPTB know the real deal and know that if thousands of fans stop watching the Sisters' finals - thousands more would tune in to watch.

It has been documented that the Sisters are the main ones to bring out the new viewers of tennis matches. Anna, Martina, Lindsay, Venus, Serena and Jennifer's matches rack up the most ratings. And we all will neva know if the ratings for last year's prime-time tennis final at the US Open would have pulled in just as much or more ratings if someone other than the Sisters would have played. The Sisters add to the sport and don't take away from it - IMO.

There is no man or woman alive that can change what is meant to be on this earth. History and Theirstory will be told whether some like it or hate it.


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You're absolutely right...

You're absolutely right and I concur completely. And, those that are complaining that the Sisters dominating would be "boring" didn't seem to mind Hingis' '97 run, where she beat everyone and won every tournament except French Open! They weren't too bored then. And, what about during the Graf/Seles domination era??? Where they bored then, as well??? I think not. They're selective in their boredom.

I, also, hope Hingis and Lindsay return ready to compete. And that Cappy, JuJu and Kim continue rival the Sisters, so that their dominance doesn't seem hollow. The depth in womens tennis today is unprecedented. Therefore, the victories are all the more glorious.

So, here's to an interesting season of grass and hardcourt tennis.
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I like to watch clever shots, basically. That is not necessarily incompatible with power players (eg certain games played by Venus in the last couple of years), but the less powerful girls must develop their other skills better and earlier, so, for me, a Hingis or Henin style of game is more interesting.

Also, there is no rule that you have to support the player you think will win. Probably those of us from smaller countires are more familiar with this concept as we often turn out to support our country folk even if they have no real chance! I have no problem acknowledging that right now Venus, Serena and Jennifer are the top players, or that their style often beats the style I prefer. It's just my preference.
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Well, I never liked Monica or Steffi so, I also don't like Capriati, Davenport or Mary.

As I said before I like finesse, touch, orthodox tennis, what for me is aesthetic.

The main point is to win the game, yes, but for the players, not the fans, if result was the only thing that matters then we could just look at the result on the internet, but we want to watch the matches, and I like to watch something I enjoy watching, I couldn't care less if Venus or Serena's style are effective (they are), I simply don't enjoy watching them and they can win 1000 GSs and it will still be the same.

Also, you are confusing finesse players with counterpunchers, there is a big difference and I don't like counterpunchers, as an extreme example, Novotna was a finesse player, but she hardly was a counterpuncher was she?

Of course I want my favourites to win, but if the prize is to play like the Williams, or Lindsay I prefer them to lose, or, I would look for other favourites.

I have no idea if Venus gives effort or not as I didn't see the match.

I have no comments on the rest, it's not something that bothers me.
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Ten years from now, there'll be a plyer with Martina's 'finesse', and Venus's 'power'.

Margaret Court didn't ruin tennis with her power game.
Martina Navratilova didn't ruin tennis with her power game.
Steffi Graf didn't ruin tennis with her power game.
Monica Seles didn't ruin tennis with her power game.
Lindsay Davenport didn't ruin tennis with her power game.

A better athlete who is just as good a tennis player ALWAYS comes along.

Proud to be an American
Not blind. Not uninformed. We are party to atrocities. But the response of the world after 9/11 is worth noting. Even our most dire enemies offered aid. We should all be so lucky.
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I never said that power ruined tennis.

It's ruining it for me
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