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Venus' Interview

Q. On court, your sister said it was a bittersweet victory for her. What are your feelings when you're playing your sister? Just how difficult is it for you to try and shut out the fact that it is Serena on the other side of the net? How much more difficult does that make it?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Really not very different at all because obviously she's one of the best players in the world, so I have to put the full concentration into my game.

Q. You had won with Serena the doubles title here. This is a new step in your career even though you lost today, or you think you are going to try to win on all surfaces? You can try?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, definitely I'll have my opportunities. I'm still a little young, so I think that there will hopefully be chances for me to be through to the finals again.

Q. That probably wasn't one of your better serving days in a Grand Slam final. Did things pretty much fall apart because you couldn't seem to get rhythm on the serve?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, I just think I just wasn't the best player today. Normally I think I had sometimes better appearances in my Grand Slam finals. But it's impossible to win all. So I've got to go for the next one.

Q. Your sister aside, being a sister aside, what makes her a tough opponent as compared to some other top players on tour?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, I just think that with every player that you play normally in the Grand Slam, that they get better, because the better players get to the later rounds. It's just that when you're a top player, you just do everything a little bit better than the next player - you serve better, you move better, you fight better, just those kind of things. Serena does it better than the next player.

Q. Is there anything that's a particular strength of yours that, after you've played her now, may be different from Jennifer Capriati or Lindsay or anything?


Q. Yes.


Q. No particular strength? Was today the start of a new career for you as photographer?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, my mom was in a bad position from behind, so I just did my best. Hopefully they'll come out.

Q. Do you think you were maybe suffering from a little bit of lack of tough competition coming into the final, whereas Serena had that really tough match from Jennifer? She seemed to feel that gave her some extra edge and momentum.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Not really. I think I played well to get to the finals. I think that she was just playing a little better. Kind of hope for the best next time.

Q. How disappointed are you? Are you also happy for your sister and disappointed by your loss? What are your feelings after this match?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, I try not to be sad about my losses, every loss, when I lose, because I don't really want to concentrate on my loss, I want to concentrate on the future. I realize that tennis is just part of my life, it's just my work, and after this I go home and I live my real life, the real reality. And I'm happy for Serena because, you know, she hasn't won a Slam in a while. But then again, I also have to look at the areas where I have to improve in my game, to do better. So there's a lot of ways to look at it. But Serena won, so I can kind of like live through her and say that I won the French, too, because I beat her once, so that means maybe I could have won the French.

Q. You mention your mom. She's always emphasized what she's tried to teach you, that you're a normal human being, no better than anybody else, to remember where you come from. Could you talk about what your mom has given you in that way?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Really just realizing how fortunate I've been just with having a great family, my mom and my sisters. Just things like my mom, my dad always taught us, "When you shake someone's hand, shake it firm, it just shows character." Really, if they hadn't told me, that I just wouldn't know what to do. So I just think they've been there in my life and Serena's life, all my sisters' lives, and really guided to us where we are today. So without them, I wouldn't be here. I don't know what I'd be doing.

Q. She also said that except on the tennis court you always let your little sister get her way. Can you talk about that? Is that true?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah. An example, she stole my toothpaste. I had no toothpaste. I was fighting for my life in the mornings and at night. So I'd have to go all the way to her room, get the toothpaste, put a little on my thumb, go back and brush my teeth. I didn't take the bottle back because I figure, "If I take it back, she won't have any." Just things like that.

Q. What about your studies in French? It's only a little detail for the public or are you going to go on seriously?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I do need to be more serious about it. But next year. Next year I'll do a little better, I hope.

Q. Can you just talk about the match, where you felt it got away from you? You were up a break in the first set.

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, definitely I was down a break, played some tough games to get back, you know, into the match. It's just about taking opportunities. And I don't think I did. And they don't come that often in a Grand Slam or against a player like Serena. So I realize that I was getting a lot of chances that I didn't take. Normally I do a little better. But you have these days.

Q. Can you talk about her return of serve. She got on your second serve pretty well.

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, she did. She did real well with that, especially on some of the more important points. But I think that's just how she plays.

Q. You had the backhand that hit the tape in the 10th game of the first set. If you would have made that shot, you would have had a set point. Can you talk about that moment, if you remember it at all?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I should have added more topspin or done something to get it over. I don't really remember, to be honest. I do remember a couple that hit the tape, and they wouldn't roll over. I just couldn't get that lucky break. You know, I guess I just should have done more to get it over the net.

Q. When you play Serena, do you sometimes think that the public are more conscious of the fact that they're watching two sisters play and feel the awkwardness more than the two of you do on the court?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm really not sure.

Q. But do you not sense maybe an atmosphere in the crowd of not being certain they can see what's going on, but wondering how difficult it is for you competing, being sisters, same family? It's difficult enough when two friends are playing or two people from the same country. But in your case, everything is combined, isn't it, sisters as well?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I just think that they probably don't know which one to root for, I guess everyone has their favorite player. But when it comes to me and Serena, probably people see us as the same.

Q. You obviously lost the match today. You must not feel too good about that. But your mom did say of the two of you, that you were the much better photographer. Does that make you feel good?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I try a little bit of photography. I read some manuals, so I know some of the basic things. But I guess I have to keep improving.

Q. You seemed to be struggling out there a little bit.

VENUS WILLIAMS: I've never used a manual camera. Hers is a manual. You have to wind it and focus it. So actually I got the hang of it real quick, but I had never used that model before.

Q. How much motivation does this loss give you for Wimbledon?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, I can try to win Wimbledon again. The chances, I suppose, are good. But I still won't have the French. But I think I've done well. I think people also have realized that Serena and I, we do play well on all the surfaces. If they put us on the clay, it doesn't mean that we aren't going to show up that day.

Q. What are your plans for next week? Are you leaving right away, going back home?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, go home and fight and practice, I suppose. A few days before the Wimbledon starts; there's not much time for rest. We have to become focused. We've never been in this position before. We've normally lost a little earlier. Normally we have plenty of time to prepare for Wimbledon. Definitely a different experience (laughter).

Q. Serena and you have won six out of the last 10 Grand Slams. Is that good enough? Is it satisfactory?

VENUS WILLIAMS: It's been real nice. I think with everything we do on the tennis court we've done okay. I guess we can't ask for too much more.

I love you Venus.

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