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1. How about when Venus went to grab a quick drink of water between points at the 2000 Wimby quarterfinal match against Hingis? I thought Chrissy was going to have a fit.

2. How about when Martina went around the net in her infamous match against Steffi in the fianls at the FO 1999? I was cracking up as Martina crossed and went to check the spot.

3. How about when Serena was upset at Wimby last year in trying to explain to the chair Ump that she had to throw-up? It was a tense time - but I had to laugh at her afterwards.

4. How about that match where Davy tried to catch the ball and she kept missing it until, she had to slouch her shoulders when she realized she wasn't going to catch that dog dratted ball?

5. How about when Monica was set to return from the wrong side?

6. And we all remember the infamous bead incident - where Venus yelled out that she didn't intentionally attempt to lose a bead - doggoneit.

I had a couple of more - but I can't remember them at the moment.

Venus Talking

Saturday, June 8, 2002

Shopping trips, design classes, Serena's outfits, home decor, World Cup matches and university degrees. We pick singles runner-up Venus Williams' most quotable quotes this tournament.

I didn't have as many classes in the fall. Normally I had six classes. This to time I only had two, that helped a lot. I had time to practice. I think that will help a lot.
- on why she's playing better earlier on in the year

Actually, it was just doing layouts and presentations, designing clothes on the computer. I like that one much better. Of course, you have to know how to manipulate patterns. But, yeah, I'm lazy. I like to click on the computer and get it done like that (smiling). I suppose I won't be a couturier.
- on which design course she likes better

I would. I love it. I love the socks. I've seen the socks. I've seen the top.
- on whether she would wear sister Serena's colourful Cameroon tennis outfit

No. Not really into shopping anymore. I really quit since the US Open. I don't need it. I've got a new passion. Home décor. I don't need any more clothes. I really wouldn't have anywhere to put them.
- on whether she's made any shopping trips in Paris yet

I have a problem with cutlery. There's so many kinds out there. This will go on the breakfast table. This will be for my sitting room. Before you know it, you've got into a world of trouble. I've since been able to cut back. I realize I don't need all those forks and spoons.
- on her new passion

I think we pretty much finished doing our house a few years ago. This year I noticed we didn't really have any plates. We had some plates but not really nice ones. I could upgrade, so I did. I had fun doing it.
- on whether her and Serena split the decorating of their house

I've been enjoying my practices. Sometimes I'm a little lazy as of late because after so many years of practice, it can get a little boring at times.
- on what gives her most joy in tennis

So it was nice to be there and actually see students, people that I want to be like - as opposed to maybe people that would like to be like me, but I wanted to be like them.
- on her visit to Howard University, where she received an honorary degree

I speak to a lot of people. I think surely I'd be a struggling college student, fighting for the next Cup of Noodles. At least I can fight for the next fillet mignon here.
- on her opinion that she'd be a struggling college student if it weren't for her father

I've tried everything, but not everything has worked out the way I'd like. I'm sure one day I'll speak hopefully a few languages.
- on whether she's learnt any languages

The other day I went to the Roland Garros shops, I had two guards helping me so I could pick a couple souvenirs. That was nice... The other day I forgot my pass. I had to show my passport so the guy would believe that it was me.
- on tournament security

Oh, Lord. We went to school. I got that tendonitis, I couldn't type anymore. We were always at least two weeks beyond the printing date (laughter)... It was fun while it lasted. I don't know. We should hire someone to type for us.
- on the demise of her and Serena's regular tennis newsletter

I've always admired your work because in writing class I had to work so hard. I always thought I did pretty good. But the teachers always found something wrong with my essays.
- on whether she sympathises with journalists

I always try to at least think that I'm smarter and better. If I'm not, find out why I'm not.
- her tactics on clay

Well, I watch mostly the tennis. I don't really think I understand the rules of soccer, so that makes it more difficult to watch.
- on whether she has an interest in World Cup soccer

It's definitely fashion forward.
- Serena's dress

What happens is that the lunch lines are not as long, locker rooms not as busy, the massage schedule opens up, things like that. The practice court schedule, get in a little easier. This is the privilege of sticking around, really fighting to this last part of the week.
- on the benefits of making it past the first week of a Slam

More than anything, I get even more serious and focused. I become a different person. So I can kind of feel that happening now. I just try to lay low.
- how getting to the last four in a Slam affects her mentally

Actually, no, you can't talk to her that much because she's so serious and hardly ever leaves her hotel room, only to eat. If she can, she'll have her food brought to her. She just reads books, concentrates. You can't get her to smile that much. That's Venus.
- On 'French Venus', who surfaced for the first time here this year in the semis

Not really because I do a lot of studying when I'm off the court. I have like work to do.
- on whether she's done any sightseeing in Paris

Interior design is something that I could possibly do more of now because with fashion design, it's such a competitive business. Interior design is also, but at least I could open my own firm at home and watch over it.
- life after tennis?

No. Come on. They do have the replicas for sale there. I guess they're plastic. I'm not sure what they are.
- on whether she posed with Venus De Milo at the Louvre

Actually, I come from a family of jokers. My dad, me, Serena, my brother, we just joke all day.
- fun in the family

Yeah, for sure. I think more than anything, though, it just means that we've reached the best of our profession, which is what we always have achieved to do, is to be the best at what we do because we take pride in what we do. Actually, I'd like to stay No1, but I'd like to see Serena No1 also. I'm not giving it up, but I'm sure she'll get there.
- on the nice part of being No1 and No2

Not really relief. I don't feel there was any stress. I mean, we live a great life, have great opportunities that most people don't have. So when I get out there and play my matches, most times I try to enjoy it because of that.
- on whether she's relieved that her father's prediction has come true

Sure, I thought he was right because I believe in my dad, and my mom.
- on whether she believed her father's prediction when he made it

I wanted to do better here because I was starting to think that I had maybe a jinx at this tournament.

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The world according to Serena

Saturday, June 8, 2002

2002 Roland Garros women's champion Serena Williams had a lot to say this tournament, and not only on the subject of tennis. The popular American gave us an insight into her radical fashion sense, her rivalry with her sister, what it means to be No2 and those extra curricular activities. Here's a selection of her most colourful quotes.

No, she didn't really have any remarks at all. She said it was really nice, it was really cute. I think she wishes she had a team she could support in the World Cup.
- on sister Venus' reaction to her radical Cameroon football team-inspired tennis outfit

I did meet several of them at the Olympics and we swapped pins. I couldn't tell you which one I met because I was just really into pin collecting. I was an avid, neurotic pin collector.
- on the Cameroon football team

Definitely sometime last year, I think maybe around Canada, I was playing a particular match. I think I was down a set and I was very angry with myself. Just my whole career has turned around since then.
- on her new-found confidence

I'm more serious about my matches. I take every match as the finals of a Grand Slam because no matter who you play, people want to beat you, I think. Who wouldn't want to go out there and beat a Williams?
- on her new approach to matches

I would still have to say holding up the trophy after a championship.
- her favorite thing about tennis these days

It's a competition, and everybody is in here doing the best they can. Yeah, I could. I'm sure she could picture herself being better than me also. But, hey, it's a battle till the end.
- on whether she can picture herself being better than her older sister

I love it here in Paris. I always have. You know, it's more history here than we have in America, because America is so young. So there's so many things that one could do while one's here. Unfortunately I've never been able to do too much of the tourist type stuff yet.
- what Paris means to her

St. Louis Rams, hands down. Say no more.
- the team colors she would wear

As long as we're on the court, we're extremely competitive. We go out there and fight and fight and compete. But once it leaves the court, that's it. I mean, we don't even talk about tennis off the court - never. We don't. It's just not our lives like that. It hasn't completely enveloped us.
- on her competition with Venus

The 'Tennis Recap' has had financial troubles (smiling). They didn't have enough financial backing, so we're looking for investors.
- on the tennis newsletter that her and Venus compile

I haven't faced it yet, I'm sorry.
- the toughest shot she's faced on the tour

This guy's forehand was so devastating, I believed he beat me up, and I was crying. I became afraid.
- describing the toughest forehand she's encountered to date - youngster Paul-Henri Mathieu, at Bollettieri's tennis academy

No, I've been wearing gold shoes all year. I love the shoes, I kind of missed it. I love wearing those… I'm a spangly-type person. Spangly, dangly, you know (smiling).
- on her gold tennis shoes and diamonds in her hair

I don't understand why it would be bizarre... If you're looking at it mathematically, it makes a lot of sense.
- responding to Jennifer Capriati's comments that it would be bizarre if she were to make the final and lose the No1 ranking

It's a bit hot today. I know you guys miss it. But keep your fingers crossed. I'm thinking about retiring the outfit.
- on why she didn't wear the green and gold Cameroon tennis outfit against Husarova

I can't think about that right now. I'm just focused on my tennis. Either way, I think sooner other later it could happen.
- on realizing father Richard's dream of becoming No2 behind Venus

I don't get scared, no. It's definitely not an emotion that I feel on the tennis court.
- after losing the first set to Zvonareva

It's coming. It's knocking on the door. I just have to let it in. It's not there yet. I definitely didn't serve well today. I actually haven't served well yet this year. I'm still waiting on that to come.
- on whether she knows that her game is going to come around every match

These people were ahead of me. I knew I could beat them. I think that really just made me upset. I said, "Serena, things have got to change."
- on her newfound consistency

No, I don't sing. I rap. I'm just kidding (laughter). What's up?... I've done a lot of stuff. I'm just trying to branch out and do a little more.
- referring to the MTV diaries she did

I've had the worst crowds against me, so this is nothing. It could never, ever get worse. I couldn't imagine things being worse.
- on how she would deal with a pro-Mary Pierce crowd

I'm a performer. If I was doing a concert, I would go places where they would enjoy to watch and see me perform. If they are not liking it, I don't want to put any pressure on anyone to see me. So I just like to go places that people enjoy watching me, simple as that.
- on why she didn't played Indian Wells this year, after being booed last year

I'm definitely feeling a bit older, wiser, a bit more experienced. I've always felt very comfortable on the clay. Now I just feel like a claycourter.
- explaining her success on clay

I don't necessarily want to be No2 in my career. I would like to be better than that.
- her tennis goals

But my dad has always - you know, he knows our ability, and he worked with us since we were three and four years old, so he knows what we're capable of. He's a great guy.
- on her father's prediction that his daughters would one day be No1 and No2

She just said that if it falls off again, it would be a point penalty, so I took it off.
- what the chair umpire said to her after her tiara fell off in the match against Capriati

I don't know because I am not the other players in the locker room. Unfortunately, I can't read minds, although at times I wish I could.
- on whether she thought some players were wishing her and Venus didn't become No1 and No2

I've grown into more of my own person. I've realized that tennis isn't the end of everything. I think at this time I used to believe that if I didn't win, the whole world would go down.
- how she's changed as a person

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Very cool collection from the roland garros site.
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