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Jankovic blogs from NY (update 5th september)


It was 7am and believe me it was very hard to get up this morning! I have my rituals and I like to stick to them from the moment I get up. Today was a big day for me and for everyone else around me! I had a warm up before my match and I felt very good and highly motivated. It was nice to practice on Ashe stadium but I was anxious to get on the court with all the fans surounding me!

Normally you would probably think that before the match I am locked up in my locker room, concentrating on the game but that's not the case with me. I was sitting in the player's lounge, having fun playing basketball and mini golf. I always like to relax with the people who are arround me every day.

It was time to get serious, 10:30am. I went to the locker room, got dressed, put tons of hairspray in my hair, I literally glued it! haha! I went out, gave high fives to my team and ran on court! What can I say? I was over in one hour and it took me by surprise as much as it took you probably! I wasn't aware of the accomplishment. I was confused when the comentator interviewed me and I was so happy that there were some tears of joy!

I was overwhelmed with the compliments I got from media and all the people at the site. It feels good and it just gives me more drive and motivation to continue this road! At the end of this whole adventure, I gave so many interviews and among one of those was a request to do a karaoke performance! I decided not to do it that moment because I was both physically and mentally drained that I had to postpone it for tomorrow! I still haven't chosen a song that I will sing, but let's keep it as a secret until you see it on tv! I am a little embarrassed to do this but I can't let my fans down! haha!

My doubles match is rescheduled for tomorrow due to the rain. I got a nice massage and went back home. We had a nice Mexican meal this evening and right after I finish writing this I am going into the jacuzzi to recuperate my muscles and enjoy the bubbles... haha

I am not playing semis until Friday, but I am playing doubles tomorrow. My friend, professional football player Freddie Mitchell is coming to watch me play along with N Sync singer Lance Bass.

I hope you will enjoy the nice show!

All the best!

Love JJ

September 3, 7:01pm
I started the day around 8:30am, that's the time I usually get up. I cannot start the day without a quality breakfast: eggs, pancakes and lots of fruit!!! Since I was only scheduled to play doubles, my boyfriend and I went for a jog in the forest on Long Island. Whenever I get a chance I like to go into the nature, and today was a perfect day since it was finally sunny outside! When I got back, I had a short nap before I needed to get ready and head to the tournament venue.

I practiced twice before my doubles match, with my hitting partner and my doubles partner. There were a lot of fans watching practices not just mine but all of us! Among some of them, there was one guy who frequently follows my matches and that's how I got to meet him. After chatting with him after my practice, he randomly asked me to give him my racquet, even if it is broken. I had one in my hand and I signed it and gave it to him! For me it was enough that I made someone happy!

Bethanie and I won our match in 2 sets! One of the reasons I enjoy playing doubles is because it's entertaining and fun! B. Mattek is my good friend, she is a really cool girl to be around with. Especially we have a blast prior to the match when we try to be creative and different! We have a passion for fashion, so we always debate on how we are going to look on the court, we like matching our outfits!

This evening, after I left the tennis site, my mother, boyfriend, some friends and I had dinner in an excellent Japanese restaurant. I love sushi, that's one of my favorite dishes! When we got home my mother served us with a homemade tiramisu, and to be honest I had more than one piece... hahaha! Tomorrow is a big day and I need to rest well! After finishing this blog, I am going to my bed to read my book for a little bit before I crash down.

I love you all and hope to see you tomorrow!


September 1, 11:08pm
This morning, I was up and ready very early since I had two matches scheduled for the day. First I had to play the third round match against Vaidisova, and later that afternoon I had a doubles match together with my great and fun partner Bethanie Mattek. I managed to win both matches, and I am sitting now very satisfied but exausted writing to you all. I have done many things today, but to be honest with you, I am not going to analyze my matches, it's up to you to think about it since I am physically and mentally out of tennis mode now.

I am sure what interests you the most are things behind scenes. After finishing my match, I needed to give many interviews. In all that crowd, two journalists in particular started arguing and literary fighting over who is going to get my story first. It took forever to finish that, but I always have respect for them and we tried to make it entertaining...

I could not wait to leave the tennis club and come home. When we finally arrived, several of us started the BBQ in the garden before the rain started. Today you maybe saw me in the white dress with orange stripe, but you should have seen me in the apron by the fire and all the smoke going into my face. I had a lot of fun cooking some Serbian specialties, but the best part was tasting it. The meat was not bloody and raw, we all survived (as you can tell).

The best part comes before bed time. What I enjoy the most is laughing with my mother and boyfriend. My mother started imitating me how I play when I am either in good or bad mood during the match. It was hilarious!

This is it for today folks, I guess you will hear from me again in couple of days. Until then, I wish you to enjoy this long weekend, and I hope to see you on Sunday cheering for the "golden JJ"!


August 30th, 6:00am
This morning when I woke up, I felt a bit tired after last night's match but I wanted to do all my practices early in the morning so that I get some time off in the afternoon! I was very lucky today since I literally finished my practice when it started raining. I was supposed to practice again but instead I went to the gym and had a little workout - that's when I called it off for the day tennis-wise. Soon after, I had an interesting interview with ATP player Taylor Dent. He is a very nice guy and he showed a lot of talent in this profession. As I said before I just wanted to relax in the afternoon, so I visited a SPA and I felt really recovered after a couple of treatments; I had a full body massage and a facial. I had some commitments in Manhattan, I stopped by several shops since the weather cleared up for a little bit. It was time to go back home and have a nice dinner, socialize with the people I spend the most time with! After the dinner I went to watch a Serbian comedy, there is no better way to finish this rainy day with a big smile! I am lucky I am not playing tomorrow so I get to practice as long as it doesn't rain again.

I hope to see you at the Open!


August 28th, 9:16am
This morning when I woke up, the weather was very cloudy and rainy and for that reason I stayed at home a little bit longer, resting and sleeping! When I finally got up - which was about 9 o'clock - I had a pretty wholesome and big breakfast, that's something that, as an athlete, I cannot start the day without. After I ate, I packed my tennis equipment and I headed to the tennis site, Flushing Meadows with my mother and boyfriend.

When we got there, there was no change in the weather conditions so we had to kill our time by socializing with other people and playing cards. At some point of time I was very bored so I went to the gym and had a little workout, I ran on the treadmill and did some exercises with the medicine ball. Even though I look fit, I don't visit that place very frequently (haha)!

A bit afterwards, I took the car and drove to New Rochelle, indoor club, where I met with Ai Sugiyama and practiced for an hour! Even though we played inside, it was better than not hitting a ball all day. After I streched, showered and had a nice relaxing massage an enjoyable perk of being an athlete. I felt really good after, I almost fell asleep! Soon after my boyfriend and I headed to Cheesecake factory for a late lunch. I always enjoy going to this restaurant because I have a sweet tooth, I love the cheesecakes!!!

Now it was time to go home and get ready for the last thing on my list, the party organized by Prince, my sponsor. I headed with my mother to the Hudson hotel in Manhattan, where we joined by Princes management team, numerous other players (including Vince Spadea who performed a rap song for me) from the tour and other VIP guests for this rooftop party. At one point in time they welcomed and introduced me on stage as ''the golden girl, JJ, Jelena Jankovic! It was a lot of fun, I had a great evening and think that Prince did a great job putting this together.

Since we missed our official car to go back to our house, we had to order a taxi. I am staying all the way out in Long Island and it's quite a long drive from the Hudson. Finding the highway was easy, but when we got off the highway the driver didn't know the way and he didnt have the right directions so we got lost! It was very difficult because it was really dark outside, we couldn't see the road signs really well! I kept calling my friend to ask for directions, but eventially I lost my reception on my mobile phone and couldn't call anymore! I had a feeling I will never get home!

Finally we found our house. I was really glad to be at home at last. I had a long dayyyy. As I am finishing this blog I am heading to my bed, the Open starts tomorrow and I am looking forward to playing my first round tomorrow.


Jankovic suffers from severe Chinese syndrome! Only God can help her!

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thanks golden JJ

Rena- a tennis great! 22 at striking distance.
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Cool! Jelena sounds like a lot of fun!

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Gotta love JJ!

Ana Ivanović.
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Love her!
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I love her more and more each day

Daniela Hantuchova.

Casey Dellacqua, Jelena Jankovic, Anna-Lena Groenefeld,
Jelena Dokic, Mirjana Lucic, Sara Tomic, Sloane Stephens
Melanie Oudin, Kiki Bertens, Kaia Kanepi, Alison Riske
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Originally Posted by Dule
The best part comes before bed time. What I enjoy the most is laughing with my mother and boyfriend.

x a million.

Gisela Dulko. Forever.

Also I like Rena.
Proud hater of Sharapova.
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Originally Posted by Stewie Griffin

x a million.

(sorry )
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Great read

Jelena rockz.


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I love her!!
Jelena Come on
UO go go go
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Damn, can Jeca rock any more?

"I wish I were as aggressive and serious as those floors too!!" - GOAT Cynthia Zimmerman
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She's just great - what a brilliant personality she has! She's a breath of fresh air on tour!

RIP Elena Baltacha, thank you for dedicating your life to a sport we all love. You'll be missed but never forgotten.
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Damn she is so funny and refresingly honest Just love her, glad to be a new fan of hers

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Thank you for all these moments over the last years! Supported you until your final point!
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