Most Likely 3rd Round Upset This Weekend? -
View Poll Results: Who's The Most Likey Upset Victim?
Amelie Mauresmo (1) 4 4.94%
Ana Ivanovic (16) 31 38.27%
Dinara Safina (12) 2 2.47%
Maria Sharapova (3) 3 3.70%
Mary Pierce (13) 9 11.11%
Anna Chakvetadze (23) 14 17.28%
Nadia Petrova (5) 18 22.22%
Lindsay Davenport (10) 0 0%
Voters: 81. You may not vote on this poll

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Most Likely 3rd Round Upset This Weekend?

Which of these matches is most likely to end up in an upset?

Amelie Mauresmo (1) v. Mara Santangelo
-Obviously as the #1 player in the world, Amelie goes in as a HUGE favorite, but she DID struggle a bit in her last match, and has lost more games in her past 2 matches than Mara (albeit ONE game). And since their match is slated to play on Armstrong, there won't be as much pressure on Mara, because the crowd is MARGAINALLY smaller than Ashe. Will the flat-hitting Italian emerge, or will the 2-time major winner from France advance to the 4th round?

Serena Williams v. Ana Ivanovic (16)
-I'm going to go with seeding here, and say that Serena is the "underdog" in this match. Although in actuality, they should be considered evenly matched. Anyway, Ana's riding high with her US Open Series title (although it did come at the hands of 2 HIGH profile withdrawls in a tournament, that was already TERRIBLY marred with over a dozen withdrawls). Serena's been hungry to get back to the perch that she so tightly gripped in womens' tennis this time 3 years ago. Serena's been MUCH more impressive in her 2 matches than Ana (losing 11 games compared to 22 by Ana). And she's been progressing as the tournament has progressed. This will be Ana's first match on the LARGEST stage in tennis. Will Serena regain the form and indimidation factor that she let go of July of 2004, or will Ana prove that her US Open Series win was legit and move into the 4th round?

Dinara Safina (12) v. Jarmila Gadjosova
-These two have quietly snuck their way into the third round withouht attracting too much attention which is just fine for the 12th seeded Russian who says Ashe's grandeur is more than a bit daunting. However, on the smaller courts, she has managed to dispose opponents rather easlily, losing an average of 5.5 games per match. Her Slovakian opponent has enjoyed similar succes, losing only one more game than her taller, much more powerful opponent. With this match scheduled on the much more intimate Court 11 Showcourt, should we expect another workman-like victory from the Russian or the Slovakian?

Maria Sharapova (3) v. Elena Likhovtseva (32)
-No player has advanced more easliy to this stage of the tournament than the tall, blonde Russian powerhouse. Sharapova has lost only 4 games in 2 matches, more than Likhovtseva lost in a set and a half in her last match. However Elena's game is well suited to throw off big hitting players, as she has scored a big win in her career over Serena Williams. And while she has lost 11 games more than Sharapova, Elena's game is more suited to grindy matches where she tires her opponent with steady, consistent groundstrokes. Her matches frequetly go 3 sets, and that would be a HUGE test of fitness and mental fortitude for the 2004 Wimbledon Champ. This match opens up the action on Ashe stadium so getting out to a good start is important, before the heat of the day sets in and possibly imposes itself as a factor. So which Russian will join the others in the Round of 16?

Na Li (24) v. Mary Pierce (13)
-The slump vs. the comback. Both have been patchy in their first 2 matches, but the 2005 finalist, has been finding her form quite rapidly, and when on, can hit opponents into the middle of next week. Which is fine, as long as you don't hit to the backhand of the #1 Chinese player in the world. As Na has struggled a bit in both of her 3 set encounters, she has found a way to fight her way into matches, until things start to roll her way more rapidly. Pierce has not has any of her matches go the distance which is good considering her quest to regain 100% fitness, or as close as she can get to it this fortnight. These players seem to play better in the bigger moments, and although Pierce is by more the more accomplished player, Na is definately capable of stepping her game up when it counts, and the Grandstand court is a good a place as any. So will it be the top Chinese player or the 2005 finalist to advance to the next round?

Victoria Azarenka vs. Anna Chakvetadze (23)
-Two years ago she produced one of the tournaments SHOCKERS as she defeated reigning French Open Champ Anastasia Myskina, well 2 years later, she has again outlased her compatiot, but not at her own hands. Anna has since become one of the better player in the world, and her top 25 ranking proves that. Now she comes in as the favorite against a Belarussian player who has enjoyed a giant-killing run of sorts, beating (ironically) Myskina and Jamea Jackson, both quite handily for a lower-ranked player. In fact, both have lost just 11 games through 2 matches (although Victoria's victories have come against higher quality opponents). They are slated for a Court 11 opener, so with that in mind, which youngster will make it to the round of 16?

Tatiana Golvin (27) vs. Nadia Petrova (5)
-Along with the Ana/Serena encounter, this one has GREAT potential to be another great match. Nadia has found her top 5 form, after going through a 3-month dry spell in which she won as many matches as Anna Kournikova this year (hint: 0! ). It was only a matter of time before she found her form, and what a GREAT time to find it! Tati has seen some great results early this year, but since then has cooled, and has been solid if not spectacular. And while Nadia has enjoyed dominating scorelines over less than stellar opponents, Golovin has solidered along facing tougher opposition. Opening act on Armstrong is going to take a LOT of concentration. Which lady is going to pull through?

Katarina Srebotnik (22) v. Lindsay Davenport (10)
-Well, they did the warm-up, and that was essentially it. Earnesto interrupted the match, and they never came back on. Lindsay has lost a measly 5 games through the tournament, and has won the only double bagel of the tourney, the first in 4 years, which suggests that she's coming up with her best stuff as the tournament progresses. Katarina had some difficulty in her last match, and if she wants to pull of an upset in front of the Louis Armstrong crowd, she's gonna need one of the best matches of her life to do it. Fortunately with a final appearance in Cincinnati earlier this summer, we know she's capable of producing it. Whether it happens tomorrow or not is the question. So will it be Lindsay or Katarina in the last 16?

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I think Petrova, Pierce and Ivanovic are all prone to be upset.

I voted Ivanovic, because if she loses a set to Dushevina, God knows what will happen against Serena.


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Ana,she's a great player but played Serena will be too hard.

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I voted Ana, although I feel the way Serena is playing (losing serve only ONCE and facing ONE break point, where as Ana's been broken 5 times, and faced 10 times as many break points as Serena). Honestly on movement and strokes, the BEST assesment I could give Ana, without ACTUALLY seeing seeing her play, is that they are about even, but I would STILL give a slight edge to Serena. That said, serving to me, seems like the decider, and Serena is serving like she was in late 2001 before she hit that hot streak and became #1. Ana's serving PERCENTAGES are not as good as Serena, and she's served as many aces as Serena, excpect she had a match go to 3 sets, Serena's never even faced a set point. So I mean, based on the MOST current form, I think the wildcard will take out the 16th seed if all things remain the way they have been thusfar.

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....not to mention that Serena's been playing MUCH cleaner tennis...which in the past was her problem in tournaments...she's NOTORIOUS for getting better along the way which if that holds true is a bit for the rest of the field.

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Pierce, Petrova and Ivanovic would be the most sensibe options. Chakvetadze also. But I think Pierce and Petrova will both pull through, while the latter will crash out.

My vote will go to Anna Chakvetadze.
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even if serena was#105 i think the upset would be ana beating serena
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Azarenka is Belarrusian

Rest in Peace Bally!
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I ranked them in order of likelyhood of the upset

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Serena will fall under pressure- crowd and she are hungry for victory while Ana said million of times she's just adjusting to new coach and goes match by match. Crowd and Americans already see Serena as US Open Champion- but didn't the same thing happend with Momo this and last year at RG! Ivanovic will stay calm and Serena will fall under pressure and Ana's monster returns...


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Originally Posted by MaretBellyButton
Azarenka is Belarrusian
she is

she [Nadia] won as many matches as Anna Kournikova this year
too funny!

I'm going with Nadia and Czaky. Byeee!

Ana Ivanović.
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hehe lol...fixed it! thanks Maretbellybutton

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Well I think either Ivanovic or Petrova.

Ana hasn't been playing very well in this tournament so far, and Petrova seems to be back on track but she hasn't faced a seed in NY.

Chakvetadze, too... but less likely imo.
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Lindsay shouldn't go from a double bagle to loss in the space of two matches but I think this match is more about Lindsay's health than how she's playing right now. If the arm holds up she should win but the match still has to be played. I just hope its played on Saturday so Lindsay will have a rest day as it will be three matches in three or four days if she keep winning.
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Ivanovic, Mary Pierce.

Maria Sharapova
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