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ESPN plans to show hours of live (?) French Open coverge over the weekend, which makes me wonder, who is your LEAST favorite tennis announcer, your FAVORITE??

THe least favorite has to go to Mary Jo Fernandez. She may have been a decent tennis player, but on the air she sounds like she's got marbles in her mouth, never completes her sentences, and HATES the Williams sisters.

My fave is Bill MacAtee, always insightful and professional. How about you???
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Here in the UK, the BBC TV coverage seems to be full of male chauvenist commentators who have so little regard for women's tennis, its ridiculous! I also wish they'd get rid of John Barrett - he's so stuffy & dull, which is doing nothing to help bring in younger viewers...
I always turn the sound down & listen to the radio coverage which is much better!
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I love the Fernandez-Godsick/Shriver partnership!
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IMO, least favorites are Pam Shriver, Mary Jo Fernandez, John McEnroe, Patrick McEnroe, and Cliff Drysdale.

My favorites are Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova but can't remember if they were announcers during RG.

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Best: Navratilova. Insightful. Good eye for talent.

Worst: Drysdale and P.McEnroe when they're in the midst of an epiph-Andy. Let's see him do something more significant before proclaiming him the second coming of Rod Laver. It'll take a bit more than one slam Quality Finish (with draw so friendly that I could have reached the quarters ) to convince me. (Hmm, Chanda's had 3 QF's, and even a SF. By their stand(y)ards, she should be enshrined at Newport. )
Whatever happened to letting players develop and achieve things before weighing them down with expectations?
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Both of the McEnroe's, but especially John!!!! They are so sexist and jealous of the women's game. They actually get happy when a top seed in the women's draw looses, so they can steal the coverage for the men.

I also don't really care for Mary Jo

The best have to be Martina Navratilova and Zina Garrison (the one annoucer who actually likes Venus & Serena)
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Pam is the best Just for the comedy value

I actually think Virginia Wade is good - some people may think she's a little old fashioned but she has a tremendous knowledge of the game.

And I'm totally biased, but when Arantxa did the commentary for the Australian Open in 99, I thought she was excellent

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I agree with you re Zina...don't care for Nav, though congrats to her on her doubles win in Madrid!
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Biased commentators? :gasp:

Since when?
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Drysdale, Mcenroe, Mcenroe(yes, both)

I like Pam, M.J.F., Mary C., & Martina N.

Obviously they played on the women;s tour & show respect.
Have you noticed that when a Mcenroe or a Drysdal commentate they always talk about the men??!!!!!!!
This final, Serena against Justine, just a week ago, Drysdale was saying, 'and coming up Safin & Federer, ...................................'
& he kept talking about them etc......
Mcenroe is just a bitch as well.

& what about the commercials???????????????????
they are 25 minutes long and the two games together are 2 minutes.
The match ends up as a ratio to commerials 1:908523890635
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virginia wade is good. she knows a lot, as someone else said, and keeps up with all the gossip behind the scenes. she's rarely biased though she did like Steffi.

also peter fleming is a good commentator and analyst.

sue barker is a really biased presenter. the gushing over tim is awful, and she seems to gush about every star like agassi......

jo durie is also good, not biased, if a bit bland
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Wink Biased tennis announcers

Mary Carillo is my pic as the best announcer but I don't think she does RG...she certainly is fair and IMHO not biased. Pam, IS!
I thought Tracy Austin did a good job at the American Open....Martina is pretty knowlegeable too...but the McEnroe's are so biased for the American players they are sickening!! Give us anybody but them!! Chrissy too is a flag waver!!

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my faves are:

Pam Shriver, Cliff Drysdale (the man is soooo clueless sometimes it's just plain funny), Tracy Austin, Martina Navratilova and Mary Carillo.

Least faves:

M.J.F= she is so pro Capriati, man you watch a match between her and Serena, Serena hits a bunch of incredible forehand winners and she doesn't compliment, but as soon as jennifer hits one, ohh the praising begins......she's not that bad but when she covers jennifer its really annoying.

John Mcenroe: just plain bad......

Maluviai Washington (or however u spell it): SO ANOOOOYING!!!! he will not shut up, I swear if you see him cover a roddick match, he just goes on and on and on and on, its like SHUT UP!!!!.

Chris Evert: Williams hater.
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Least favourites:
Pam Shriver: she doesn't pay attention to what is going on in the court, she just relates what he bias says, too biased towards American players, and annoying voice tone.

Tracy Austin: you hear her once and you heard it all, she always says exactly the same.

Patrick McEnroe: he has so little substance on all he says that I can't even criticize it :rollingeyes

Cliff Drysdale: see above

Pat Cash: undoubtedly, the most disgusting pig to ever commentate a tennis match. He obviously hates women, and his voice is soooo annoying.

Bud Collins: do I need to explain?


John McEnroe: I know he is controversial, but he does know the game and he often offers good insight on the technical aspects of it.

Mary Carrillo: she is funny and unbiased, not too technical but very perceptive of the players strenghts and weaknesses.

Virginia Wade: I guess what I like about her is that she barely says anything
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Favorite, John McEnroe Least fave, Cliff Drysdale, he's kinda boring

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