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Lindsay vs. Jennifer: Who's better?

They're about the same age, both have been #1, both won 3 slams.
When Lindsay reappears, who will be superior?

1997** Sydney** Hard*(O)** SF** Jennifer CAPRIATI** 6-2 4-6 2-6 *
1997** Oklahoma** Hard*(I)** QF** Lindsay DAVENPORT** 6-3 6-4 *
1999** Roland Garros** Clay*(O)** 16** Lindsay DAVENPORT** 6-2 6-3 *
2000** Australian Open** Hard*(O)** SF** Lindsay DAVENPORT** 6-2 7-6(4) *
2000** Scottsdale** Hard*(O)** 16** Lindsay DAVENPORT** 3-6 6-2 6-3 *
2000** Wimbledon** Grass*(O)** 16** Lindsay DAVENPORT** 6-3 6-3 *
2001** Australian Open** Hard*(O)** SF** Jennifer CAPRIATI** 3-6 4-6 *
2001** Scottsdale** Hard*(O)** SF** Lindsay DAVENPORT** 6-4 6-7(2) 6-1 *
2001** Zurich** Hard*(I)** SF** Lindsay DAVENPORT** 6-1 5-7 6-2 *

My opinion:
First of all, she's won 3 different slams, Jen only 2 different ones. Also she's done much better in non-slam tournaments: I think Lindsay has 32 titles in total, Jen 13.
More importantly, she has a winning head to head over many of her important rivals (Hingis, Seles, Capriati) where JEn has a losing head2head against them and LD has beaten Venus numerous times, while Jen none.
But mostly, it's a subjective impression. Lindsay I think can be unbeatable when she's on. Jennifer is very fit and mentally tough and that's helped her with some crucial victories in the last eighteen months. But she never seems unstoppable, game-wise. Lindsay has a far superior serve and much more penetrating groundstrokes. Jen I'd say has the advantage in court coverage, and that might give her the advantage on clay. But I'd say on grass, hard courts, and especially indoors, I see Lindsay winning 90% of their encounters.
(assuming Lindsay comes back playing like her old self.)
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I agree Mishar, though that may change if Jen snags another slam or two and LD doesn't.

What they both have in common is a huge leap after getting into the best physical shape possible. That's a big inspiration IMO
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Lindsay is better I think, because she is able of dominating her opponent more then Jeniffer.
She has a better serve then Capriati and I thing her groundstrokes are more lethal.
But maybe in a Slam Capriati is more motivated and then it would be very difficult to predict.
But if they are in the final of a Tier I tournament then Lindsay would be my clear favourite.
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Mishar I agree that clay is something different, maybe then Capriati is the favourite but not on a fast surface.
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hmm, this is tough.
I think that Lindsay's great serve gives her an edge.
however, Jen's has great movement on the court, both side to side and moving forward.
both have great groundstrokes. Lindsay's are probably better, but only slightly.
yes, Lindsay has more titles, that is true.
Lindsay has overcome her negative mental attitude, but I still think that you have to give Jen the edge for hanging tough till the end.
I think, actually, their future head to heads will be fairly even. i think Jen will win on clay, Linsday on grass, and then the hardcourts might go either way.
of course, this all depends on Lindsay's fitness when she returns.
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I don't see Lindsay winning 90% of their encounters. Probably more like 60-40 to her advantage, due to her superior serve and more consistent groundies. I look forward to a healthy Lindsay returning to the tour and then we will see.
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I think they're about the same. Lindsay has a better serve, but Jen moves better. Lindsay has a better head to head because shes been on the tour longer than the young players, like hingis and venus. A lot of her wins against venus were posted when venus was new on the tour and inexperienced. In 2000 when Jen started to improve and become a top player Venus was also a top player. Jen has the advantage in mental attitude, but its true that Lindsay has performed better in non slam tournaments. So i'd conclude that they both have their relative strengths and weaknesses, but neither is better than the other. However this may change in the future.
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Obviously Lindsey is the better player...clay is the only surface where Jenny Cap has an advantage...Lindsay has a much better serve, a better volley and forehand...Cappy has a better backhand with the return of serve being equal..obviously Jenn moves a lot better but that advantage is minimized by her aweful play at and near the net...Jenn is nothing more than a baseline banger..Lindsay is a true allcourt player like Venus, Serena, Justine and Kim, Lindsay just lacks the footspeed of those great athletes...thats why Lindsay has beaten JennyCap like a drum throughout her career even after Cappy experiments with performance enhancers the great all court players still kick her butt
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Jennifer has made a bigger splash than Lindsay because of her comeback in 2000, and she's accomplished more than Lindsay on clay. That's about it.

Lindsay has won 7 out of the last 8 meetings, including the last 2.
Lindsay has more titles.
Lindsay has performed more consistently on all surfaces except clay (including Slams).

Lindsay's the better player overall, IMO.

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the thing is when it comes to having consistent results on all surfaces it would have to be Jennifer...Lindsay no doubt has the capabilty to intimidate her opponents...something Jenn is lacking so i think its pretty even i mean Steffi used to lose to Monica in early stages but later establishs herself as one of the best
Jenn is able to do it here too...she is not giving up n that earns my admiration
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Lindsay, by far i think.

The only edge Jenny has over Lindsay is court movement. Thus, Jenny would have an edge over Lindsay on Clay where Lindsay's penetrating groundstrokes would be relatively less effective. I believe Lindsay would win 80% of their encounters. Jenny is a very solid player and does not go for many high risk shots unless forced to do so. This would continue to allow Lindsay to take control of most points and the rest would (as it's always been) history.
I do really hope at least Lindsay comes at the level she was playing before her injury. Lindsay seem to get a bit under-rated sometimes. The only players that have prevented Lindays from having more success are the Sisters. Otherwise she is very dominating on almost all the other players (exception might be ElenaD).
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I got brainwashed I think

nah..she's much better then Jennifer, if she's in shape of course. Jen is the better player on clay...Lindsay will never be a claycourter, she just hasn't got the game for it.
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Lindsay is the better player IMO. She does everything slightly than Jenn, except her mobility. She has the far better career. Jenn seems to be only able to turn it up at the slams, but overall Lindsay is the tougher player.

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They may be matched in the number of slams they have, but game wise Lindsay is better. Women's tennis is really dependant on a serve now and Lindsay's is one of the best. Jennifer's toss is awful, and sometimes it just goes wayyyy off. Lindsay's groundstrokes are also a lot more powerful than Jennifers IMO. Jennifer only seems to have the advantage in court coverage, but last season Lindsay slimed down a lot and was moving a lot better.

The thing that makes Lindsay weaker, is her attitude. She gets down on herself to early in a match if she's losing, and sometimes can't come back. But on the plus side she doesn't swear, or abuse umpires, and has a lot of class on the court. That's what really makes her better
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